Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese – High Quality Cheddar Products?


Cheese is an ubiquitous snack that goes well with crackers, wine, or pretty much any snack food that you can think of. In the hunt for new and inventive brands to choose from, the cheese and dairy industry has responded with a flood of different types of cheeses – but some companies have stood the test of time, which is thanks to their enviable reputations in the marketplace.

One brand in particular that has earned their rightful place as one of the oldest producers of cheese and dairy products in the state of Wisconsin is Hennings, or otherwise known as Henning’s Cheese.

Henning's Wisconsin Cheese Company Profile

Henning's Wisconsin Cheese is a family business, and was started back in 1914. Hennings creates specialized blocks of cheese what is reportedly the finest cheddar, as well as the mammoth 12,000 pound cheese wheel, which is quite a spectacle.

Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese is owned by a fourth generation of family members, with their headquarters based in Kiel Wisconsin. In addition to the company’s factory, punters can also view their cheese store and museum that is open to the public.

Hennings is reported to have won many national cheese-related awards and contests over the past several years, including:

  • Mild Cheddar – 2015 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest – Gold
  • Pico de Queso Cheddar – 2015 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest – Silver
  • Mild Cheddar (bandaged) – 2014 World Championship Cheese Contest – Gold
  • Chipotle Cheddar – 2014 World Championship Cheese Contest – Silver
  • Mango Fire Heritage Cheddar – 2014 World Championship Cheese Contest – Bronze

As can be seen from the above list, the Hennings is quite the established brand in the industry of cheese and dairy products.

In addition to the awards Hennings has won over the years, the company also provides a wealth of free information on how one can get the most out of their cheeses, as well as how do it yourself enthusiasts can make their own cheese creations.

What Cheese Products Are Sold by Henning's Wisconsin Cheese?

As could be reasonably expected, Hennings specializes in a variety of different cheeses, with each having their own unique tastes, textures, sizes, and forms.

The items below should not be considered to be an exhaustive list, as the company is continually developing new products.

  • Cheese Curds
  • Mozza Whips
  • String Cheese
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • Colby
  • Garlic & Dill Cheddar
  • Colby Jack
  • Medium Cheddar
  • Pepper Jack
  • Tomato Basil Cheddar
  • And their Fruit Flavored Cheddar Varieties(!)

Henning's Wisconsin Cheese Mammoth Wheels

Although the company’s ‘standard’ offering of cheese are impressive in taste and selection, what the company is arguably famous for is their Mammoth Wheels.

It should be noted that Henning’s Mammoth Wheels are for wholesale distribution only, which means that members of the public are not permitted to purchase them without a commercial relationship with Hennings.

  • Each Mammoth Wheel is larger is typically larger than 75 pounds, although the company can also produce smaller wheels that weigh 12 pounds
  • The largest wheel size that one can order is 12,000 pounds
  • The most common use for the Mammoth Wheel by Henning is for novelty, promotion, or display purposes
  • Hennings does not a minimum order value, but refrigerated trucks do have a maximum 1200 carry freight, which could substantially increase the wheel’s cost
  • All wheels are waxed before they are shipped
  • Cheddar mammoths and flavors can be made to any size
  • Lead-time is a minimum 3 weeks for smaller wheels, and longer for bigger orders.
  • Finally, it is claimed that Henning’s cheese wheels use no additives and are gluten free and kosher-friendly

(Source: http://www.henningscheese.com/mammoth_wheels.html)

Henning's Wisconsin Cheese Review Summary

Henning's Wisconsin Cheese as a company has existed for more than 100 years. Their famous Mammoth Wheels make appearances in many storefronts and showrooms around the country, and the business reportedly services more than 1,000 regular customers throughout the United States.

There is no lack of information that can be discovered about the company via its website, and there are multiple contact options for getting in touch with Hennings.

If one is unsure about the reputability of Hennings, one can read through the various reviews and testimonials of the company that can be seen on their homepage. Additionally, third-party feedback can be seen on sites such as the Better Business Bureau and other independent outlets.

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