Healthy Meals Direct – High Protein Low Fat Food Delivery?


Healthy Meals Direct is a meal delivery system that serves residents living within the New York City area.

This company offers delicious meals that are low calorie and help support weight loss. Losing weight is challenging, and Healthy Meals Direct can help people stay on track towards their fat loss goals.

What is Healthy Meals Direct?

Healthy Meals Direct uses high quality ingredients including chicken, ground turkey, fish, lean ground beef, and grass fed Angus beef.

Carbohydrate options include baked Yukon gold potatoes, baked sweet potato fries, brown rice, jasmine rice, long grain enriched white rice, whole wheat pasta, and whole grain breads and wraps.

Users can choose for over one hundred meal options and simply place their order through the company’s website by Monday night for pickup or delivery the following Sunday.

Healthy Meals Direct makes it easy for people to eat healthy no matter how busy they are. Choosing to receive meals through Healthy Meals Direct can also saves users time and money.

All meals are packaged in microwave safe containers that can also be frozen. Consumers can choose to have their meals delivered to their home or workplace. Healthy Meals Direct also offers product pickup.

If consumers choose to pick up their meals they will need to pick up between 9am-3pm on Sundays.

Healthy Meals Direct Weight Loss Package Details

A full Healthy Meals Direct offers weight loss packages specifically designed for the weight loss needs of men and women.

-Women’s Weight Loss Package:

Each meal averages four hundred calories and should be eaten at a certain time.

The first meal is consumed at 7am and meal two is consumed four hours later at eleven. Meal three is consumed at 3pm and meal four is eaten at 7pm. This schedule and potions can be adjusted if needed.

This eating plan helps users keep their caloric intake to 1200 calories per day and gives users 120 grams of protein to help them feel full longer. This meal plan keeps fat intake to just twenty five grams per day.

-Men’s Weight Loss Package:

The men’s plan is pretty much the same except with a few additional calories. Men simply eat their meals at the same times (7am, 11am, 3pm, and 7pm). The men’s plan gives users 1600 calories per day and keeps fat consumption to 35 grams per day.

Company Details

Healthy Meals Direct is based in Ronkonkoma, New York and serves people living and working in Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, and Brooklyn.

Healthy Meals Direct Pricing

Starting to benefit from Healthy Meals Direct is easy. Users simply create a login profile and choose how they want to receive their meals. Once their profile is complete, users can start choosing their meal plans.

This company offers a lot of flexibility to their consumers so people can try out a new meal variety every week simply by changing their options. The more meals a customer orders the less they cost per meal. Since they freeze well, consumers can save money by pre-ordering a larger quantity and not ordering every week.

Consumers can choose to order from ten to thirty five meals weekly.

-Ten Meal Package: $70.00 (each meal costs $7.00)

-Fifteen Meal Package: $95.00 (each meal costs $6.33)

-Twenty One Meal Package: $120.00 (each meal costs $5.70)

-Twenty Eight Meal Package: $155.00 (each meal costs $5.54)

-Thirty Five Meal Package: $190.00 (each meal costs $5.43)

These prices do not include the additional surcharge on premium items.

Delivery Costs:

Customers who choose to have their meals delivered in the Suffolk/Nassau are will pay a $10.00 delivery surcharge. Deliveries within Queens will cost $15.00 and Brooklyn deliveries will cost $25.00 which includes a three dollar packaging fee.

Should You Try Healthy Meals Direct?

Healthy Meals Direct is a great option for New York City residents who are trying to lose weight. This company makes it easy to ensure people know how many calories they are consuming and help them lose weight through diet change. More details and ordering specifics are available on the Healthy Meals Direct website at

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