Halmari Tea – Healthy Garden Fresh Herbal Tea Ingredients?


In today's world of information, it is common knowledge that tea is good for you. But why? People don't just drink tea for the caffeine pick me up anymore!

There are hundreds of health benefits that make drinking tea the right choice. Here are 3 reasons why YOU should be drinking tea if you aren't already:

1. Keeping Healthy

Tea contains antioxidants which work to eliminate the free radicals your body creates from aging, reacting to pollutants, and eating unhealthy foods. Free Radicals hurt the body by causing cell damage.

This can lead to blood clotting, atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries), and even cancer. While keeping blood clotting and atherosclerosis at bay, tea also helps your heart by keeping your LDL cholesterol (that's the good kind!) at a healthy level and functioning correctly, lessening chances for a heart attack.

In addition to free radical fighting antioxidants, tea also contains antigens that boost our immune system.

By boosting our immune system, it is easier for our bodies to fight off the common cold and even the flu! Therefore, not only does drinking tea help clean up our bodies, it also helps to keep them clean and healthy.

2. Weight Loss/Maintenance

Looking to shed a couple extra pounds? Drinking tea can help to contribute to weight loss in so many ways!

First of all, it is calorie free. You get a great flavored drink with none of the guilt! Plus, you can use the calories you saved by drinking tea instead of juice or soda for something yummy later on.

Not only is it calorie free, but some teas (especially green tea) are known to boost metabolism. That means your body will be burning more calories than it normally would, and you don’t even have to get out of your chair.

Even though you're burning more calories than normal by just sitting around, chances are you're going to want to move.

While the caffeine helps boost your overall energy, another compound called “theophylline” gives an extra energy boost to your heart and lungs, putting you in the perfect state to get your exercise on.

Last but not least, tea can help you lose weight by taking care of your digestive system. Without getting into too much detail, it will help keep you “regular”.

This means that you will have less build up and toxins left in your digestive tract, which are just adding extra weight and making you feel bloated.

3. De-Stress and Focus

There's just something relaxing about sitting back with a nice hot cup of tea that can de-stress and get you into the right mind set.

By de-stressing with a cup of tea (around 4 cups a day), you can decrease the levels of cortisol in your body. Decreasing cortisol levels slows down the aging process and decreases the amount of fat stored around the belly (Oh look! More weight loss!).

Remember how we talked about tea giving your heart and lungs a nice energy boost? This allows for better blood and oxygen flow to the brain.

By giving the brain a steady flow of what it needs, it becomes easier for the brain to work the way it is supposed to, improving cognitive function and reaction time. The caffeine found in tea is also known to help encourage focus and concentration.

There are so many more reasons to drink tea! But by now, you're probably thinking, “I gotta get me some tea!” My suggestion? Get yourself some Halmari Tea.

Halmari Tea

Halmari is an international tea provider focused on providing “the ultimate tea experience”. They have worked hard over the last 100 years to become ranked amongst the top 9 tea estates in the world. That means you could be drinking some of the best tea IN THE WORLD right now.

The best part? You can buy it on their website and it ships internationally. Not only that, but their prices are amazing! Their website even breaks it down for you and shows you how much you are paying per cup you drink.

Their blends range from $0.06 per cup to $0.32 per cup. Move over local coffee shop! Those prices can save you big money compared to buying tea at the local coffee chain every day.

Still not convinced that buying tea online is the best idea? In an effort to create that “ultimate tea experience”, Halmari Tea ensures nothing but the best for their customers. All of the teas sold from their website are made and stored during the peak season.

No matter what time of year your order more tea, they pull your order from the tea they stored fresh at the estate. Then they choose the best packaging to ensure that the tea arrives fresh to your door step.

Halmari's customer service is nothing short of amazing. For customers who spend $75 they provide free samples of any (or all!) of the teas that aren't in your cart. They provide 4 cups worth of any of the free samples you select.

That should be more than enough for you and your friends to decide which one to buy next! In addition to rewarding customers with free samples, their contact policies are awesome. You will always speak to a person.

No robots or automated e-mail responses. The Vice-President of the company even provides his direct e-mail, so you know the company is taking what its customers have to say seriously.

Halmari's delivery and attention to detail contribute to “the ultimate tea experience”. Even with international shipping, most of their international orders only take about a week to be delivered. They even provide FedEx tracking for your order.

Halmari Tea Review Summary

In summary, drinking tea is a fantastic way to keep healthy, lose weight, and get focused. Halmari teas are the way to go if you want to jump into the world of tea, or if you already drink tea and want to explore new options.

Halmari teas provide all of the health benefits you're looking for, with amazing quality (Top 9 in the world!) and great prices delivered quickly right to your door.

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