Grainful Frozen Entrees – Chef Crafted Heat Ready Meal Recipes?


Eating healthy can be difficult with busy work schedules or family commitments, Grainful is offering healthy frozen meals that taste great and offer high levels of protein and fiber to keep consumers full longer. These meals are made using steel cut oats that are complete proteins giving meals a risotto like consistency.

The chef behind Grainful uses spices and flavors inspired by popular meals around the world to make sure nutrition does not mean compromised flavor. Please read below to learn more about Grainful Frozen Entrees.

Grainful Company Details

Founded by Chef Jeannine Sacco and President Jan Pajerski in Ithaca, New York, Grainful offers consumers healthy alternatives when it comes to savory dinner meals.

By using the highest quality steel cut oats these frozen dinners combine a wide array of spices to improve each meal's nutritional value without sacrificing flavor or taste.

What makes these frozen entrees different is that by utilizing steel cut oats they are able to retain much higher nutritional value than overly processed grains like rice. Steel cut oats are minimally processed and offer a complete protein.

Grainful products are made from non-GMO ingredients and contain no artificial flavors. Each frozen dinner is free of preservatives which is rare in convenience meal. They are a tasty source of both protein and fiber with low calories.

All Grainful meals are gluten free and many are suitable for vegans and vegetarians friendly. Full company details and products descriptions are available on the Grainful company website at

Grainful Product Options

Eight different flavors are available each made without using preservatives and from real, organic ingredients.

-Porcini Mushroom Chicken: A risotto style meal that combines porcini mushrooms with oregano and basil along with white chicken breast for a tasty and satisfying quick meal.

-Tuscan Bean and Kale: Garbanzo beans are combined with kidney beans and Italian spices to deliver a nutritious version of the classic comfort food. This variety is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

-Unstuffed Pepper: Ground turkey and steel cut oats are blended with red and green peppers delivering a spicy yet sweet dinner that is ready to enjoy in minutes after removing it from the freezer.

-Vegetarian Chili: Everyone loves a hot bowl of chili, by using steel cut oats this meal offers a nice texture chili that even has melted cheddar cheese mixed in.

-Chana Masala: Grainful founder, Chef Sacco, uses inspiration from Ithaca restaurants to inspire her meal creations and this Indian masala option is one of those inspirations. Garbanzo beans are blended with oats and spices to create a savory meal that consumers will crave.

-Jambalaya: Each meal offers eleven grams of protein plus five grams of fiber is this spicy Louisiana inspired meal loaded with Andouille sausage chunks.

-Ranchero Chicken: People who love Mexican flavors will appreciate the flavors available in this meal.

-Thai Curry: Suitable for both vegans and vegetarians this coconut milk based curry offers the tropical flavors of Asia a preservative free frozen entrée.

These frozen meals are a great option to keep at work to ensure healthy lunch options or for busy weeknight meals. The elderly often struggle to eat healthy due to the work required for both shopping and cooking; these meals offer a new meal time choice.

Grainful Frozen Entrees Pricing

Each flavor variety is sold in a five pack set for $41.63 per set through the Grainful website.

Amazon is probably the most convenient way to purchase these meals.

Four packs are available in each flavor for $41.63 and ships for free. Consumers can save some money by purchasing a mixed flavor option. These four packs offer a mix of either meat based entrees or vegetarian entrees and cost $32.50 per four pack. Shipping is also free.

Five packs are also available for $41.63 each regardless of flavor chosen. Five packs are not available with mixed flavors.

Should You Eat Grainful Frozen Entrees?

Consumers who are looking for some tasty alternatives to calorie laden frozen meals will appreciate these oat based varieties that taste great without artificial flavors or preservatives.

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