Goldthread Herbal Tonics – Nourishing & Expertly Blended Drinks?


For anyone who believes diets are efficient, this is the reason why one is either not in optimal shape, or is having trouble with weight management. Many people resort to diets to achieve maximum and long term positive health, but the reality is: it is ineffective. What is the point of not being able to eat something one enjoys or eating something that is displeasing?

GoldThread wants to ensure that consumers don’t always turn to processed foods or aren’t starving themselves completely.

Their goal is to ensure that consumers understand the different uses of plants and herbs and how to incorporate them in one’s overall lifestyle. This review will look closely at Gold Thread and their use of plants and herbs incorporated in their tonics.

What Is GoldThread?

GoldThread started off as an Apothecary & Herb Farm specializing in natural health practices and wellness techniques. Having grown over 100 species of herbs and spices, GoldThread is well aware of the importance of one’s overall health through the use of natural sources. Today, Gold Thread has a unique line of plant-based beverages that favor in terms of taste and the benefits one can reap from drinking it.

How Are The Tonics Brewed?

For consumers who fear of added sugars and other chemical and harmful substances, GoldThreads is nothing near any source of processed items, as they put great emphasis on solely natural ingredients. Each tonic is created by brewing herbs with water and using small quantities of natural sweeteners to ensure that there is a well balance between environment sources and taste factor.

Goldthread Herbal Tonics Benefits

The following is a list of benefits one is certain to feel and experience drinking GoldThread Tonics:

  • Increased levels of energy
  • Enhanced levels of relaxation
  • Contains a rich source of vitamins and minerals the body requires
  • Stimulates nerve currents that feed life force into every cell
  • Improves every function of the body

This is definitely worthwhile compared to pops and juices because Goldthread Herbal Tonics are low in calorie, low in sugar and low in chemicals and unwanted substances that enhance a products shelf life.

After having come this far into knowing Gold Threads and their respective line of products, let’s take a look at how they’ve incorporated natural plants and herbs into the 9 different flavored tonics they currently offer.

Different Flavors Of Goldthread Herbal Tonics

Goldthread Herbal Tonics come in 9 different flavors, but what makes this brand of products different is the name of each flavored product. The name provides consumers with a tip as to what purpose each drink serves in terms of one’s overall wellbeing. These flavors are:


Most of the ingredients found in this drink have been inspired by Ayurvedic practices and ensures consumers have better digestion, increased level of energy and desirable taste. It is best to consume this drink in the morning, that way one’s digestive system will be activated. In addition, this drink has the ability to reduce gas and bloating and improves inflammatory conditions.


This flavor was inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. This drink provides the body with nutrients, ensures reduced levels of stress, increases unwanted toxins in the body, improves strong bones, hair, nails, teeth and skin and it is a great detox.


This traditional Chinese medicine inspired drink has the ability to increase one’s stamina, cognitive functions and energy levels. This is an ideal pre workout drink for anyone looking for a kick in strength, endurance, hydration, recovery and overall performance.


This herbal tonic, which uses some of the perks of following the Chinese practices helps to protect consumers. It ensures improved immunity, protects one from colds, flus, and allergies and has the ability to heal one from such symptoms.


This drink will literally leave consumers’ content and smiling, especially after a heavy meal. Some of the benefits of consuming this drink are: enhanced digestion, relieves gas, cramps, irregular appetites, and releases stress from the belly. Ultimately, this drink helps consumers’ starting from their mind, to every aspect of one’s inner and physical body.

Honey Rose

This drink was influenced by South African practices, which is not always acknowledged by many. The ingredients found in this drink help to detoxify and boost one’s immune system. Consumers can finally ditch the caffeine in the morning and drink Honey Rose to have a longer lasting level of energy.


This Ayurvedic inspired drink works on one’s cognitive abilities. This means that anyone experiencing lack of energy, mental focus, and clarity will feel the contrary after having consumed this drink. In the long term, consumers will feel a sense of lightness, joy and overall wellness.

Hawaiian Ginger

The use of ingredients found in this tonic drink is a combination of Ayurvedic and Chinese practices. The use of Hawaiian Ginger along with other natural herbs and plants helps to ensure that consumers are awaken the body’s processes and to awaken one’s mind to get through the day.


As the name implies, this will leave consumers feeling a sense of delight, as the ingredients in this drink are mainly of well-known flowers in Southern France.

Purchasing Goldthread Herbal Tonics

Currently, the GoldThread Herbal Tonics are available in 12ounces of either a 6-pack purchase or a 12-pack purchase and the current going price is approximately $35.94 and $71.88 respectively.

This is definitely not something consumers’ may be used to, but the prices are reasonably set and do in fact represent quality ingredients and the purposes they serve. Some of natural sources found in each respective drink are Hawaiian ginger, hibiscus, lemon verbena, and elderberry, Tulsi, nettle leaves and many other herbs popular to ancient medical practices.

Goldthread Herbal Tonics Review Summary

Overall, GoldThread Herbal Tonics brings consumers’ back to traditional means that ensure wellness of the mind, body and soul.

While prices may not be encouraging, consumers’ are certain to be pleased by the taste and aftermath of having consumed such effective drinks. For more information on the key ingredients used and the locations currently offering these drinks, go to:

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