Golden Door Farms Essential Sweet Maple Salt

Golden Door Farms Essential Sweet Maple Salt is a seasoning that gives a balance of ingredients to introduce a flavor that keeps a certain sweetness, while adding in salt to create a new taste. This flavoring can be added to any meal to completely change the way that consumers enjoy their breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What Is Golden Door Farms Essential Sweet Maple Salt?

When it comes to cooking, everyone wants to do something to set their skill set apart from others, and the best way to do that is by choosing a flavoring that everyone does not use yet. Most people find it exciting to combine different ingredients from their spice cupboard to enhance the nature taste of different vegetables and meats, while still creating something new and exciting.

However, with premade seasonings, consumers can get more consistency in their flavors, which makes them easy to recreate night after night. For a completely different treat for the senses, try out the Essential Sweet Maple Salt.

The creators of Golden Door Farms Essential Sweet Maple Salt say that its flavor is best described as “artisan flair,” since it offers the syrupy flavor of maple with the undertone of salt that most people do not expect.

The flavoring is good for a wide variety of meals, including salmons, ribs, vegetables, and even dessert. This flavor will not work for everything, so home cooks will need to take the time to see what could use a little edge in each meal.

The reason that consumers can get such a unique flavor from this flavor is because the remedy only needs a few substances. The first ingredient is maple sugar, which is derive from real maple syrup.

Next, the company adds vanilla salt, which is a combination of ground vanilla beans and sea salt, offering that balance between salty and sweet. To round out the taste, the company tops it off with organic black pepper.

Pricing For Golden Door Farms Essential Sweet Maple Salt

For $15.00, consumers can get a small jar of the Golden Door Farms Essential Sweet Maple Salt, which holds 45 grams. These purchases are only available individually and not with a subscription. Additionally, the only way to buy these products is from the website directly.

Contacting The Creators Of Golden Door Farms Essential Sweet Maple Salt

The only downside about the Golden Door Farms Essential Sweet Maple Salt is that consumers will not have access to much information about the flavoring on the website.

The customer service team will have to give other details as needed. There is a form on the website for consumers to reach out to the team, though anyone can call the company at 888-998-3755 instead as well.

Golden Door Farms Essential Sweet Maple Salt Review Summary

There is nothing on the market that is quite like Essential Sweet Maple Salt. Peanut butter and other nut butters come close to this type of balance, but they cannot exactly be mixed into every single meal.

The jar of the maple salt helps consumers to disperse it into different types of dishes to expand the palate of any consumer, taking away from the classic and boringly predictable suppers each night.

If you want to taste something revolutionary, start with a little bit of the Golden Door Farms Essential Sweet Maple Salt.


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