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For many people, office lunches are an uneventful, unexciting, and unpleasant experience. Lunch hour becomes even worse when users need to head out to grab lunch when they didn’t bring food from home or when the home-cooked meals are not tasteful.

Rather than had another poor lunch experience, the alternative solution is to try a meal service that especially focuses on providing fantastic lunches to office workers.

With that, this review would like to introduce Fooda. This office lunch service may be just what individuals need to never experience an unpleasant lunch again. While the service is only available in few areas, which users can view on the brand’s website, the service area is poised to grow, making Fooda more widely available.

What is Fooda?

Fooda is a new type of office food service that enables companies to host top-rated restaurants in their lobby or company breakroom. The service makes it easier for office workers to enjoy a warm and quality lunch, without having to worry about logistics like deliveries, leaving the office space, and so much more.

Further, this popup program is available in many areas so that many offices have the support that they need to keep their office workers in positive morale.

A Daily Rotation of Restaurants

There are many positive qualities to the Fooda experience, one of the best being that it provides office spaces with a daily rotation of restaurants so that the experience never gets old or boring.

The new restaurants are ones that are presented by Fooda and that office employees get to choose from so that they truly do get to enjoy their lunch experience. Further, when providing a potential daily rotation of restaurants, the company works hard

to ensure that the menus are curated and taste tested to ensure that the best lunch offerings are available for all users. With that, those who use this service will finish lunch feeling happier and ready to continue work feeling comfortable and productive.

How Does Fooda Work?

Before choosing a service, it is important to consider how it works. This way, users can determine whether or not the service is right for them. In this case, Fooda’s service provides employees with a popup menu.

The popup menu features restaurants that Fooda partners with and believes are a great option for those looking for delicious food options. The variety ensures that everyone feels like there is something for them to enjoy from.

Once the menu is available, office employees can pre-determine what they feel like eating before even visiting their popup station in their place of employment. To ensure optimal convenience and comfort, the service works with the company to determine the best place of setup and the schedule that suits employees.

The restaurant is set up in the morning and lunch is served for two hours. Afterwards, Fooda cleans up and heads out. In providing its food service option, the brand dedicates itself to ensuring the experience is high-quality, hassle-free and supportive.

With such an option available, office spaces and employees can be satisfied at lunch time on a daily basis.

The Benefits of Fooda

There are many benefits to be had when one adds Fooda to their office experience. Here are the main advantages of this service so that users know what to expect.

Affordable Prices

For many employees, lunch can be expensive, not to mention the added cost of driving and missing a substantial amount of work. The good news is that offices that implement Fooda into their office space make lunches more affordable for their employees.

Every meal ranges from $8 to $10, which is the original retail price. Unlike other services, this one does not mark up its prices.

Recruit and Retain the Best Talent

Second, offices that use these types of services are able to recruit and retain the best talent. Most offices that have this type of services are more attractive to employees. Further, at the end of the day, healthy and satisfied employees are happy employees.

A Positive Office Culture

Third, this type of food service fosters a positive work environment. Employees who enjoy lunch together become closer, generate positive relationships, and are able to work together as well. As the brand explains, shared mealtime experiences mean a great deal to employees and its service is one of the ways to achieve them.

Higher Productivity

Finally, this type of service is a great solution for those who are hoping for more productive employees. With the fresh and made to order meals, employees can grab lunch and stay on schedule when it comes to their work day. Best of all, employees don’t need to worry about having to leave the office for what they need.

Clearly, there are many benefits to be had when one adds Fooda to their office space. This type of food service is fully managed by Fooda so those in the office need not worry about a thing.

Furthermore, the restaurants provided by Fooda have achieved at least 3.5 stars on Yelp and a grade A health rating. These mechanisms ensure that the lunch options provided through Fooda are ones that can be fully enjoyed from.

Positive Feedback

Another reason to choose this food service is that it has received a significant amount of positive feedback from users. Those who are interested in viewing what the brand’s customers have to say can view the testimonials through the brand’s website.

To provide some perspective, a few of the main qualities users appreciate about this service include not having to worry about lunch, being able to relax with fellow co-workers, and a reduction in the office’s operating budget.

Fooda Summary

Overall, those who are interested in choosing a new food service for their office may want to consider trying Fooda. This food service is a prime option for office spaces that are looking to enhance employee morale, satisfaction, and reduce stress.

To get started and to learn more about this service, just visit the brand’s website today.

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