Florajen3 is a supplement that focuses on creating a safe balance for feminine health to defend the body against infections and the overgrowth of bacteria. The treatment is easy to take, and requires no major change to the user’s diet.

What is Florajen3?

There are plenty of ways that today’s consumers that focus on the needs of their digestive system, but the food that consumers eat will make a significant impact on the rest of the body.

Every vitamin and mineral support a different function in the body, big and small, and one of the more sensitive areas to this chance is the vaginal canal. To prevent yeast infections and other bacterial threats, consumers may want to consider Florajen3.

Florajen3 offers three different probiotic cultures, which work together to keep the body healthy without threatening this delicate balance. While this treatment primarily targets the flora in the urethra and nearby areas, consumers will find that is offers impressive support to the GI tract and the immune system. Most consumers take the treatment daily to get the desired results, and there are locations all over the world that offer it at third-party retailers.

Going to the gynecologist can get expensive over time, even with the right insurance. There are many things that can change the female anatomy, and it is not safe to constantly be at the doctor for a prescription to solve different infections.

Women need to take an active role in preventing disease, and the first step they need to make is to use a supplement or remedy to stop toxic bacteria from making an impact on vaginal flora. That is what Florajen3 is for.

How It Works

To understand exactly what Florajen3 offers, consumers need to understand the way a probiotic formula works. Probiotics are food-based cultures, which are already existent in the body of consumer that are healthy.

However, this balance is often disrupted using medication, along with multitude of other issues. Probiotics exist as a way to help the body accept nutrition and improve the functioning of the immune system with a layer of protection from irritants.

While protecting the body, probiotics actively defend the gut from pathogens, which release toxins into the intestines. These toxins threaten the health of the intestines, and can cause the immune system to weaken and cause diarrhea. When consumers take a probiotic supplement, they can help correct the balance in the gut and reduce the effect of toxins.

Florajen3 is meant to help consumers to balance out the vaginal flora. By producing certain toxins, the vaginal tract experiences a lower pH than what is healthy, which can cause an overgrowth of yeast and toxic bacteria, resulting in an infection. The use of this supplement helps women to support the touchy balance in this intimate area to prevent an array of healthy problems.

Using Florajen3

The best part about using Florajen3 is that consumers will not have to alter much of their schedule to fit it in. The user should take a single capsule a day, though medical professionals may suggest a different dosage.

If the user presently needs to take a medication, they should use the probiotic treatment about two hours before or after the medication. Probiotics process differently in the body, and combining it with medication would render one of them useless.

Buying Florajen3

Right now, consumers cannot buy any Florajen product from the company directly. Instead, consumers need to check the website to find the location nearest to them that distributes their remedies. Consumers can find this search engine at http://www.florajen.com/dealer-locator.shtml.

Contacting the Creators

Even though the website has a lot of information, consumers may be more comfortable with speaking to someone directly. The customer service team is available by phone, fax, or email.


Florajen3 should be in the medicine cabinet of every woman, regardless of her age. Everything from an unhealthy diet to the wrong laundry detergent can irritate the enzymes and healthy bacteria surviving in the vaginal flora, which leads to plenty of different irritations. Most consumers take part in their Well Woman exams regularly, but it is important to keep up the health of this area between visits still.

If you want to improve immunity, balance out your gut, and prevent yeast infections, Florajen3 may be the best match.


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