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Eye Vitality Plus Review – Right For You?

Medicine and technology have moved forward in leaps and bounds in the past several years. In fact, more advances in technology and medicine are being made every single day, making this the age of information. All this progress has made it possible for doctors and scientists to do amazing things, from 3D printing organs and limbs to separating conjoined twins. However, despite all this progress, one area in the medical field has stayed quite stagnant.

The eyes are the most sensitive organs in the body. Despite being so sensitive, the eyes are also the most developed organs in the body, seeing and processing information throughout the day. Without this process, without eyesight, the overall quality of life steeply declines.

Unfortunately, the eyes are susceptible to several issues, from damage to degenerative diseases. While medicine can help improve sight to a certain degree, when eyesight begins to deteriorate, there is very little that can be done.

Eye Vitality Plus offers a simple way to maintain eye health. This natural supplement gives users everything they need to protect their eyesight and even improve their vision. Eye Vitality Plus is an easy to use and affordable way to prevent the loss of eyesight so people can live the full, fearless lives they want.

What is Eye Vitality Plus?

Eye Vitality Plus is a supplement that provides uses with specific nutrients and compounds that their eyes need to stay healthy. These ingredients include meso-zeaxanthin, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Each of these compounds help restore the macular pigment in the eye.

By providing eyes with these vital compounds, Eye Vitality Plus is able to protect the eyes from damage. And, if damage has already been done to the eyes, Eye Vitality Plus can help reverse these problems. Eye Vitality Plus can sharpen the vision, including night vision, minimize glares and brightness, and even decrease the risk of macular degeneration.

Eye Vitality Plus is an inexpensive, but effective, way for users to give their eyes everything they need to stay healthy, so they can keep their eyesight and their quality of life.

What Causes Eye Damage?

To have a better understanding of how Eye Vitality Plus works, a more complete explanation of how eyesight breaks down over time is needed.

As people age, the carotenoids in their macular pigment begin to decrease. Carotenoids are pigments that the vision needs to see specific colors. When these pigments begin to decrease, there are a host of problems waiting to happen. The biggest of these issues is that the damage free radicals cause on the cells in the eyes become more damaging.

Free radicals are molecules that are generated when light passes into the rods and cones in the eye through the retina. When this light is converted into impulses that can be read by the brain, free radicals are created. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about the creation of free radicals. When people are younger, their carotenoids are able to fight these free radicals. Unfortunately, as the carotenoid levels decreases, the damage caused by free radicals increases.

As the carotenoid levels in the eyes decrease, they are unable to neutralize the free radicals before they can damage the eyes. These molecules are then able to cause oxidation in the cells of the eyes, similar to how rust forms on metal. The process of this oxidation begins to change how people see. A blue light that is dangerous to the retina breaches the eye, killing cells in the retina. This results in permanent eye damage.

The only way to prevent this serious damage from occurring in the eyes is to strength the macular pigment, by providing it with the carotenoids it needs to neutralize free radicals and blue light. This is what Eye Vitality Plus does.

How Eye Vitality Plus Works

Eye Vitality Plus aids eyesight by providing it with three vital carotenoids. These pigments play a vital role in protecting the eyes, specifically the retina, from damage that cannot be reversed. By giving the body a natural and concentrated boost of these three carotenoids, Eye Vitality Plus is able to protect eyesight, even reversing some of the damage done in the past.

Not only does Eye Vitality Plus provide carotenoids, it provides three of the strongest options available. These carotenoids are even more powerful when combined together, making them the perfect option for those who want to protect their eyes from deterioration.

Eye Vitality Plus and Carotenoids

As mentioned above, there are three main carotenoids found in Eye Vitality Plus: Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and meso-zeaxanthin. Each one has its own amazing and powerful benefits, but when combined, those benefits are multiplied. By combining all three of these carotenoids, Eye Vitality Plus can assure its users that they’re getting the best eyesight supplement available.

Below is a quick breakdown of the three carotenoids and their roles in Eye Vitality Plus.


Belonging to a class of carotenoids call xanthophylls, lutein is often found in vegetables and fruit that are orange, yellow, or a deep, dark green. What makes lutein interesting is that xanthophylls are known as natural sunscreens. This indicates that lutein can protect the eyes from damage caused by too much direct light, whether sunlight or unnatural light.

In addition to protecting the eyes from light, lutein is also able to keep the macular from deteriorating, making it thicker. When the macular is thicker, eyesight becomes sharper, with the glare and brightness associated with degenerative eye diseases going away.


Another carotenoid that is associated with color, specifically the bright red and gold found in corn, saffron, and paprika, zeaxanthin works in a similar manner as lutein. For one, zeaxanthin also protects the eyes from the sun. The carotenoid is able to do this by absorbing the harmful UV and blue light rays that enter the eyes, light that would typically cause damage to the retina.

In addition to helping protect the eyes from light damage, zeaxanthin is also able to prevent the forming of cataracts on the eyes. And, those who are getting a little older will love that their eye supplement doesn’t just protect their eyes, it also increases the hydration and firmness of skin.


A vital carotenoid in protection eyesight, meso-zeaxanthin is also very hard to find in a natural diet. This is why it’s important to take meso-zeaxanthin in some form of supplement.

Despite being hard to find, meso-zeaxanthin is extremely important to healthy eyesight. The carotenoid has been found to protect the macula, keeping it thick so that eyesight remains sharp and focused, without the glare related to degenerative diseases.

Not only does meso-zeaxanthin help protect the macula, it is also a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are extremely important for the body, but specifically for the eyes. Because antioxidants are able to remove toxins and contaminants from the body, having more in the macular pigment helps the eyes dispose of free radicals.

Purchasing Eye Vitality Plus

While Eye Vitality Plus offers a host of benefits for eye health, its biggest boon is that it doesn’t require customers to purchase it outright. The people behind Eye Vitality Plus want customers to try the product before they commit to it long-term. This is why Eye Vitality Plus offers a 30 day free trial. If, in this time, users do not notice an improvement with their eyesight, they can call or email Eye Vitality Plus. All they need to do is send the unused portion of the supplement back.

If, however, users find that Eye Vitality Plus really does improve eyesight, especially in the evenings and at night, then they can keep the supplement. After the 30 day trial ends, their credit cards will be charged $39.95 for the product.

To take advantage of the free 30 day trial of Eye Vitality Plus, customers only need to pay the $7.95 shipping and handling cost. The product usually ships out the next day and arrives within a week.

Again, if customers aren’t satisfied, they can contact Eye Vitality Plus, return the product, and they won’t be charged anything else. This makes trying a trial of Eye Vitality Plus completely risk-free.

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