EstroRhythm – It Works! Natural Menopausal Symptoms Relief?


Menopause occurs at some stage in the life of every woman, generally between the ages of 45 and 55. Caused by hormonal changes that end the menstrual cycle, menopause is associated with a wide range of symptoms and body changes, not all of which are welcome.

The hormonal changes that induce menopause can last many years, and as such the negative symptoms that many women experience can be frustrating and uncomfortable.

The symptoms of menopause include irregular menstrual cycles, sleep disturbances, and hot flashes. The hot flashes that are linked to menopause are one of the most uncomfortable aspects of the change, with the entire body becoming suffused with a sensation of heat that can leave skin dry, red, irritated, and blotchy.

Some of the other symptoms that are associated with menopause include incontinence, or an inability to maintain control over urination vaginal dryness, extreme mood changes, and metabolic changes.

The metabolic changes that ensue from menopause can cause significant weight gain as well as cause the body to retain more water, creating a puffy appearance.

There are several pharmaceutical options available that are intended to provide relief from the symptoms of menopause, with the most popular treatment taking the form of hormone replacement therapy.

Also known as HRT, hormone replacement therapy is able to alleviate some of the more severe symptoms of menopause, but is known to cause a wide range of dangerous side effects.

Chemical treatments such as HRT have been demonstrated to cause bloating, nausea, exacerbate the mood changes associated with menopause, induce severe headaches, and even cause vaginal bleeding. Fortunately, there are many completely natural solutions available that are supported by clinical science that don’t cause any negative side effects.

Traditional medicine systems have been using herbal and botanical extracts to alleviate the symptoms of menopause for thousands of years, and only recently has modern medical science begun to catch up to these powerful, effective natural solutions.

The natural health movement has made these options highly available, with women now able to choose from hundreds of different natural menopause formulas.

One of the most popular menopausal support formulas available on the market today is EstroRhythm. Offering a simple, daily use treatment that harnesses the proven benefits of a broad spectrum of completely natural ingredients, EstroRhythm is safe, effective, and completely chemical-free.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the EstroRhythm formula and find out what makes it so effective to help you decide whether it’s the right menopausal support formula for your needs.

What Is EstroRhythm?

EstroRhythm is a new menopausal support formula from It Works!, one of the most popular natural health solution providers online.

The EstroRhythm formula has been composed by an international team of dietitians, nutritionists, endocrinologists, and health experts to combine the most powerful and effective natural menopausal support ingredients available into one simple solution.

EstroRhythm is the first precision daily formula of its kind, and is able to relieve the symptoms of menopause quickly and efficiently.

Instead of offering a single supplement solution, the EstroRhythm formula consists of both a daily supplement as well as a pre-measured daily balancing topical solution that work together with the body to balance hormone levels and create total-body wellness.

EstroRhythm can be used by premenopausal, menopausal, and postmenopausal women, and is intended to function as a completely natural side effect free alternative to dangerous synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

EstroRhythm Formula

The EstroRhythm formula contains five potent menopausal support ingredients that have been used in traditional medicine systems from around the world for thousands of years.

The first ingredient in the EstroRhythm formula, wild yam root extract, has been demonstrated in a 2001 clinical trial to contain high levels of saponins, which balance the hormone production of the body[1].

The second ingredient in the EstroRhythm formula is kudzu root, which is also known as Pueraria mirifica. Kudzu root is grown at high altitudes in Thailand, and has been proven to provide the body with a large amount of phytoestrogens, which are organic compounds that mimic the effects of estrogen.

The phytoestrogens provided by kudzu root function as a natural alternative to HRT.

EstroRhythm also contains an extract of the black cohosh root, which was demonstrated in a 2013 clinical investigation to improve the sexual, physical, mental, and vasomotor health of women suffering from extreme menopause symptoms in just four weeks of supplementation[2].

The fourth ingredient in the EstroRhythm formula, Chasteberry, has been used as a natural menopause treatment in Europe for hundreds of years, and was proven in a 2009 clinical investigation to relieve menopausal symptoms[3]. Lastly, dong quai is added to the EstroRhythm formula for its proven estrogenic qualities[4].

EstroRhythm Verdict

EstroRhythm is a powerful menopausal support supplement that offers women suffering from uncomfortable menopause symptoms with a highly effective natural alternative to HRT. If you’re looking for a completely natural, side effect free menopause treatment, EstroRhythm is a great option.

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