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Epoch Essential Oils Review

Epoch Essential Oils is an essential oil product lineup created by NuSkin. The network marketing company offers dozens of essential oils purported to support various health goals.

Learn everything you need to know about Epoch Essential Oils today in our review!

What Are Epoch Essential Oils?

Epoch is a product lineup created by NuSkin. The essential oils were introduced in March 2015.

NuSkin is a network marketing company which sells a range of health and beauty products. Key products include NuSkin ageLOC, spa systems, face and skin care products, and nutritional supplements.

By branching into essential oils, NuSkin aims to diversify its product lineup and capitalize on the rapidly-growing industry of essential oils.

How To Use Epoch Essential Oils?

Epoch Essential Oils work in a similar way to most essential oils: Enter the body in one of three ways:

— Applied To The Skin (Topical Application)
— Inhaled
— Ingested

After entering the body, essential oils are purported to encourage a number of natural healing processes within the body. They help you relax and sleep better, for example, and may lower your blood pressure. Many people use essential oils to relax physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Popular essential oils include tea tree, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, frankincense, and oregano.

Topical application and inhalation are the two most popular ways to consume essential oils.

The third way, oral ingestion, is not typically recommended – although it does occur. In France, for example, physicians and pharmacists will sometimes prescribe essential oils. Nevertheless, you should only ingest essential oils under the direct supervision and care of a physician. Otherwise, you could do serious damage to your organs and liver.

How Do Epoch Essential Oils Work?

Epoch Essential Oils should work in a similar way to other essential oils on the market today. Here’s how essential oils work:

— Essential oils are made up of minute molecules that can easily be absorbed by the body

— Different oils – like lavender and frankincense – have different chemical compositions

— Typically, chemicals differ in terms of esters, terpenes, oxides, alcohols, phenols, ketones, and aldehydes

— When these chemical compounds enter the body, they interact with different bodily systems in different ways

— Some essential oils stimulate the immune system. Others encourage healthy cell growth, or eliminate toxins, kill bacteria, etc.

— Some essential oils also work by stimulating your olfactory glands in your nose. These glands have special receptor cells that send signals to the limbic system of the brain. The limbic system is the center of memory and emotion – which is why a certain smell can bring back such powerful and immediate memories.

Epoch Essential Oils Products

NuSkin has announced a total of eight different essential oils and oil blends, including all of the following:

— Lavender
— Peppermint
— Move
— Unwind
— Burst
— Lemon
— Assure
— Brisk

Epoch hasn’t announced how each essential oil works or what the benefits may be. However, the marketing sales copy for Epoch Essential Oils says the following:

“Connecting with people and the world around you: Our modern lifestyles can detract from meaningful connections with the world, leaving us feeling unbalanced.”

By ingesting essential oils, you can become more balanced.

Some of the essential oils are easy to figure out: lavender, peppermint, and lemon essential oils will likely contain lavender, peppermint, and lemon.

The other essential oils – like Burst, Assure, and Brisk – are more mysterious. They contain a blend of different essential oils. The goal here is to maximize the benefits of specific essential oils by combining multiple oils together.

Interestingly enough, NuSkin will donate 25 cents of your Epoch Essential Oils purchase to the NuSkin “Force for Good Foundation”.

Epoch Essential Oils LSO Package

Epoch has announced a Limited Sales Offer (LSO) package to push the launch forward.

That package includes all of the following features:

— $415 USD (price includes tax and shipping)

— 350 PSV, 360 CSV

— Includes 3 single oils, 5 oil blends, 1 topical blending oil, 1 mist diffuser, 1 mini mist diffuser, 1 roller bottle, 1 spray bottle, 10 1mL sample bottles, and 1 Epoch Essential Oils brochure

You can also save money by buying in bulk. If you buy 3 Epoch Essential Oils LSO packages, it will cost $1,199 (includes tax and shipping) and give you 1050PSV, and 1080 CSV.

Clearly, NuSkin doesn’t just want to make money from essential oils sales: it also wants to sell mist diffusers and roller bottles. In any case, these starter packs give you everything you need to showcase the product, advertise its benefits, and convert a few new customers.

Final Thoughts On Epoch Essential Oils

Ultimately, we don’t know enough about Epoch Essential Oils at this time. The product is still in its extremely early days of launch. As the launch moves forward, and more customer reviews pour in, we’ll be able to see how Epoch’s Essential Oils hold up in the competitive – and fast growing – essential oils industry.

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  1. My diffuser won’t work, and as we are 2 months past the one year warranty, Nu Skin won’t do the right thing and provide a replacement. Interesting that most companies that sell diffusers, also have a Life-Time Warranty. Save yourself the aggravation and buy a diffuser from another company that stands by their products.

  2. I haven’t read anywhere what method is used to extract the oils from the plants. This is a key factor that should be posted somewhere in your information. Most essential oils also indicate in more detail specifically what the oils are used for, for example, what oil would you suggest for headache relief, stress relief, anxiety, depression, fatigue, help in focusing, sleep aid, allergy relief. I think you understand what I am getting at. It wasn’t clear which oils in particular I would use for specific reasons. People are looking to treat certain conditions. They are looking for more natural solutions other than pills and medications. I think you need to provide more information on your oils to compete with the leading essential oils out there.

  3. I am new to Essential Oils. I was introduced by my company Nu Skin in the launch this past April 2015. I just love them! at first I did not like the smells, but I began defusing them and also using them with the Nu Skin carrier creams all over my body and hair.. and the results are so wonderful. There are many uses, my favorite is a roller bottle that I put about 15 drops of MOVE and fill the rest with our Blending Oil. I use this for the stress I get on my neck from too much computer work, or head aches as well. It is so much better than ingesting a pill… who knows what damage the pills do to our livers and kidneys and rest of our body!? But I know these oils are safe and natural and the best quality on the market!! I have a little arsenal of oils that I always take with me.. The roller bottle with MOVE, a spray bottle with Lavender, and my Mini Mister with Brisk! AWESOME!!

  4. A review should be about a product we actually use and we tell our experience and opinion. I do not think this review is written by someone who actually has used these oils. If you haven’t used, what opinion can you have?

    I have been using these oils for the last 2 months and they are different than anything else out there. Not a matter of guessing, but they actually smell better, and it maybe because they are more pure and the aroma is more pleasant.

    Nu Skin does not recommend ingesting oils. I find that putting on my pillow few drops of Unwind, I sleep better and wake up more restored. Assure helps me focus, when working intellectually, and Peppermint is wonderful for a boost of energy, and helps me with mental fatigued and revives me immediately.

    The blends are wonderful and unique, formulations of Dr. Paul Cox, he is a top ethnobotanist, probably the best int he world, bringing us ancient wisdom with these p blends, they are not random, everybody needs to try.

    • hi julia,
      can you share with me more experience regarding epoch essential oils? Its just been launched in the philippines and am an executive distributor. id like to learn from your experience on this topic. Are you also a distributor? thanks and more power to you.

  5. It is my understanding that the NuSkin testing methods were employed on the two major Essential Oils companies and much to their surprise NuSkin’s 6S process found mercury and pesticides. Dr. Cheng shared his findings with the other companies. The new definition of “Pure” is now called “Epoch” as NuSkin only market oils from raw materials that CAN pass the 6S process.

    • Hi Ginger,

      Can you direct me to the source of the information you stated above? I’m interested in reading more. Thank you!

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