Epiq 3X Lean Muscle – Triple Action Strength & Power Booster?


About Epiq 3X Lean Muscle

Epiq 3X Lean Muscle is a daily supplement formulated to help men and women strengthen their muscle mass. Not only will this supplement lead to stronger muscles but it will also help bulk up muscle mass for a more sculpted physique.

By combining Betaine and Peak ATP, Epiq aims to offer consumers one of the best muscle building formulas currently available on the market. Please read below to learn more about Epiq and how to purchase products.

What is Epiq 3X Lean Muscle?

Men and women who are looking to improve their body’s physical ability by adding lean muscle mass will want to consider trying this product by Epiq. Users of 3X Lean Muscle have been able to add muscle mass quickly and improve not only their arm size but also their bench press capacity. Utilizing a clinical dose of Betaine and Peak ATP, 3X Lean Muscle promises to deliver visible strength gains within six weeks of using this supplement.

Consumers will be very impressed that this supplement will increase their strength by up to 147% in a twelve week period. Additionally, this supplement contains 350 milligrams of nitrates which helps support muscles in utilizing oxygen more efficiently to improve athletic performance.

How Does Epiq 3X Lean Muscle Work?

Works by combining a mix of powerful ingredients that support lean muscle mass development. By offering a 1,700 milligram muscle building complex in each two capsule dose, 3X Lean Muscle gives muscles the nutrition and supplemental support they need to grow in strength and size quickly. Takers of this supplement will see and feel a difference within the first six weeks of using this supplement.

Researchers believe that users who take a supplement containing Peak ATP get such great results due to the ingredients ability to stimulate the anabolic mTOR pathway.  By controlling this pathway muscles can better control the ionic flux during muscle contractions so muscles can recover faster and get nutrients pumping through the body more effectively.

Users should take two capsules twice daily on training days roughly thirty to forty five minutes prior to working out. On non-training days users still take four capsules but it does not matter when as long as they are taken on an empty stomach.

As with all supplements it is wise to consult a doctor or healthcare professional prior to use. This is especially true for consumers who have pre-existing medical conditions or are taking medications.

Epiq 3X Lean Muscle Ingredients

What makes this supplement so effective at promoting lean muscle mass is the inclusion of Betaine and Peak ATP. Users of Peak ATP have reported gaining over 147% in their overall strength within twelve weeks of using this ingredient.

Additionally Betaine helps increase muscle strength and size quickly as well. In clinical studies users of Betaine have reported packing on over three pounds of pure muscle within six weeks of use. Consumers can view the full product ingredient listing on the Epiq website or the product listing on Amazon.

Who Makes 3X Lean Muscle?

3X Lena Muscle is part of a comprehensive workout supplement line manufactured by the company Epiq. Epiq aims to give people the nutrition and supplemental support their body needs to develop muscle, lose weight, and improve strength.

Aimed at giving consumers clean products that actually deliver results, Epiq offers a wide range of powders and capsules that are guaranteed to be free of artificial colors and dyes as well as all banned substances.

Epiq also offers consumers stack recommendations to help take the guesswork out of which supplements will help people reach their fitness goals. Interested consumers can learn more about the full product line by visiting the company’s website at www.epiqresults.com.

Epiq 3X Lean Muscle Pricing

Epiq products are available for purchase online through Amazon, GNC, and Bodybuilding.com. This specific product can be purchased online through Amazon. Each 120 capsule bottle is available for $67.77 and ships for free.

Epiq 3X Lean Muscle Review Summary

Consumers who are working hard in the gym but just are not seeing the results they want in their muscle strength or look may want to consider adding a muscle builder to their supplement routine.

Epiq 3X Lean Muscle gives users the extra support their body needs to take their workouts to the next level. Epiq products are guaranteed to be free of all banned substances making them a company people can trust and feel good about using. Additional information can be found on the Epiq website at www.epiqresults.com.

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