Energize Reds: Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory SuperFood Drink?


What Are Energize Reds?

Energize Reds is a brand-new health food supplement that is designed to help you reduce the effects of inflammation in your body. In case you haven’t heard, inflammation is one of the most common ailments that people suffer from without even knowing it. It’s basically the body’s natural way of dealing with injuries.

Inflammation can occur from any type of injury or illness. It could be from an infection, actual injury, or a disease even. The body requires inflammation to survive many ailments. It’s necessary to ward off intruders, invaders and malignant cells.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know when they are suffering from it. They also have no idea about what to do when the inflammation becomes too strong and they can’t stop it. If it gets out of control, inflammation can start to affect every cell in your body.

When inflammation starts to get out of control, too intense and you can’t turn it off, it can actually become lethal. That’s because too much inflammation will destroy cells, kill tissue and cause serious illness, disease, pain and sometimes death.

And the older you get, the more delicate your tissue becomes. Regardless, you need to help keep it balanced so inflammation doesn’t cause you any harm. It can even hurt your immune system and hurt your chances at stopping any foreign invaders like viruses from entering your body.

How Do Energize Reds Work?

The health supplement is meant to help protect your body against certain diseases and illnesses. There are dozens of different ways they benefit you, but the three most important ones are:


This common ailment is a form of inflammation that occurs on the joints. There are almost fifty-two million Americans who suffer from it in one form or another, with 23% of them being adults.

There are two major forms of Arthritis, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Both of them include excessive inflammatory responses. The uncomfortable disease is caused by different membranes swelling and causing pain. You can treat it with NSAIDS, but they tend to be hard on the gastrointestinal tract.

Allergies & Asthma

Eight percent off all Americans or roughly 18 million people live with allergies like hay fever. There are another 18 million or roughly 8% that also suffer with asthma. Both happen because of a type of overreaction caused by the immune system.

The result of this is oftentimes inflammation. Symptoms can cause watery eyes, congestion in the respiratory system, leaky nose with nasal congestion and dry throat. Most allergies are due to environment.

Cardiovascular Disease

There are nearly 600,000 people that die from this disease each year in the United States, that means one in four. Inflammation is one of the reasons people die from heart disease. If it wasn’t for inflammation, things like cholesterol may not even pose a threat of any kind. Inflammation is what causes cholesterol to get trapped in the first place.

These are just three of the dozens of diseases that are common and have been killing people off in the millions. Supposedly, scientists have found a formula that can reverse the effects of inflammation. Inflammation has been one of the modern day silent killers.

What Ingredients are in Energize Reds?


This is a type of cherry that holds a high amount of Vitamin C. It’s also able to be absorbed by your body easier than other compounds that hold Vitamin C. The fruit also works as a powerful anti-oxidant according to several studies that have been done.


These tasty little fruits are more than a healthy snack. They also are free from sodium and cholesterol. Plus, they are packed with vitamins and nutrients as well as fiber. As if that isn’t enough, strawberries also have a large number of anti-oxidants in them to help remove free radicals from your body.


There is a compound called punicalagins that can only be found in pomegranates. They are especially good for the heart and veins. Thee antioxidants in pomegranates also help to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Along with that, they help remove plaque from your arteries.


These amazing little pieces of fruit carry high levels of phenolic flavonoids. Studies have also shown that they are rich in antioxidants and are one of the healthiest foods a person can eat. They help reduce inflammation and have powerful neuro-regenerative diseases.


They’re rich in a flavonoid called quercetin, a potent compound that naturally reduces inflammation. Cherries also help stabilize blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease. And they contain anti carcinogenic compounds as well to help protect your organs against damage.


These little fruits have a high ORA or oxygen radical absorbance capacity. The acid stored in blackberries is an anti-fungal, anti-viral, antioxidant that is used to treat may different ailments. They’re easily one of the healthiest foods a person can eat.

As if the above ingredients weren’t enough, it’s been proven that C3G, a compound found in a few of the listed ingredients has shown to improve night vision. That may not seem very important, but failure to see at night is one of the leading reasons for car accidents in the United States. Also, quality night vision is a sign of good eyes.

Energize Reds has the right compounds to ensure that your eyes function properly. But not just your eyes, they help every part of your body and mind when consumed on a daily basis. Using Energize Reds every day is a guarantee that your health will improve, and inflammation will be reduced in your body.

They’ve taken all of the needed ingredients from fruits and put them in one convenient powder to help you improve your health with ease.

Energize Reds Conclusion

For anyone who wants to improve the health of their heart, then Energize Red is one of the best supplements you can take. It is made out of completely all-natural ingredients and healthy for people of all ages. You can learn more about it at EnergizeReds.com.

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