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As we age, we can find our levels of Co-Enzyme 1 decrease which can leave us feeling fatigued, tired, unfocused and even depressed. Sounds a little scary, doesn’t it? But doesn’t need to be.

You see, our bodies naturally produce energy Co-Enzyme 1, in fact it fuels more than a thousand metabolic processes in our bodies. But, like other things it declines as we age. So, knowing you could prevent that – or manage it, wouldn’t you?

Of course, you would. Let’s look at this product a little more closely. And, you don’t need to be science expert to understand this either. Too often there are products that promise the world without having the ability to have the consumer understanding why. And that, is a lot of times of equal importance.

About Enada NADH

Described on the Coenzyme product website, are four (4) different types of low energy;

  1. The Caffeine Addict
  2. The 3:00 p.m. Napper
  3. The Ex-Exerciser
  4. The Moper

Knowing where you align best, will help you determine which patented formula of Enada Coenzyme 1 is best suited for you. Because, all things are not created equal, including lack of energy in our bodies.

Perhaps you are a student, a mother, a high level professional or a tradesman. Whatever the case is – replacing this Coenzyme 1 in your body, or better yet, enhancing it is an optimal choice.

Increase Your Energy. Change Your Life.

There are already thousands of people taking Enada NADH and are seeing incredible results in their energy levels. There are a variety of benefits associated so let’s look a little closer at some of the highlights.

This product, Enada NADH is 100% natural. It already exists in your body and in fact, in all living things. Which, is why it is designed solely to replenish the body as it decreases. An important note as well, is that the reason for lessening isn’t solely based on age – which makes this product suitable for most people.

Meaning, you may find yourself a post-secondary student who suffers from fatigue as a result of a heavy work load – this could be a result of a decline in the Coenzyme 1.

What Does Enada NADH Do?

Loaded question. But here’s the short of it. This product is designed for the creation of ATP in the mitochondria. Basically? It is responsible for your energy. Lack of energy – replace what’s missing. And, do so without stimulants or additives. Those simply ‘mask’ the underlying problem – where Enada NADH Co-E1 starts at the root.

There are no reported side effects in the use of this product and it does not contain and addictive qualities like other products on the market do. In fact, this product is also verified as ‘dope free’.

Who Created Enada NADH?

The brains, so to speak, behind these products are Professor George Birkmayer, M.D., PhD. He was the first to identify the importance of this coenzyme in the cellular development and energy in our bodies.

He became the leading force in this arena and Enada NADH is the proud leading supplier of his findings by way of energy supplements and energy pills.

Enada NADH Products

There are three (3) products available in this category of Co-Enzyme 1;

  1. Enada Co-E1 Vitality
  2. Enada Co-E1 Performance
  3. Enada C1-E1 Mojo

The Enada C1-E1 Vitality product is best for those who are looking for an energy boost, mental clarity, heart health and overall are feeling like they have a lack of energy. This product starts at $22.50 and is available in larger quantities as well.

The Enada C1-E1 Performance product is ideal for those who require all the things contained in the Vitality pack and more. More being; Increased brain performance, relief of jet lag, sleep deprivation, sports endurance and like the other in need of a daily energy boost.

This product starts at $32.50 and is also available in larger order quantity if desired.

Lastly, the Enada Co-E1 Mojo product is designed to help all the benefits of the Vitality and Performance product but also focuses on athletic energy and executive thinking energy. Overall, the Mojo product covers all bases that you could possibly need when it comes to restoring that lost or declining energy.

This product starts at $39.50 and like the others, is also available for purchase in larger quantities should you require so.

The Enada website is equipped with a virtual way to submit any questions you might have as individual results may vary.

Enada NADH Review Summary

If you are ready to replenish your lost energy, naturally – the Enada Energizing Coenzyme is appearing to be, an ideal place to start. Because here’s the thing, you already produce this coenzyme. You are not putting anything in your body that it is not already familiar with. The only problem is, it’s declining – and it needs its own energy boost.

For a more detailed and scientific explanation (if that’s your thing) you can find a detailed video along with personal stories from consumers on their website. And while you’re there – why not order today – and start changing your life.



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