Emergen-C – Healthy Fizzy Sip Drink Mix For More Energy?


As the weather begins to get colder, the yearly rounds of colds and flus starts to spread. From sick children spreading it school to sick adults spreading it at work, these epidemics may not be too serious, but they definitely put a damper on the season.

And for those who are busy with their social lives and work, the annoying headaches and sniffles that come with these sicknesses are enough to make getting through the day extremely difficult.

Because colds and flus are so common, there are hundreds of thousands of treatment options on the market designed to treat them. However, in recent years, more and more people are realizing that the vast majority of these medications are actually made to treat the symptoms of the cold and flu, instead of actually helping people get over them.

Cold and flu medications often claim that they can suppress coughing, sneezing, and fevers, while providing a temporary pain relief. And while temporary relief is great, when the symptoms kick back in stronger than ever, people are left feeling just as miserable as they were before taking the medication.

The key to truly fighting off colds and flus is to have a strong immune system to start. When the body has all of the support it needs to be its healthiest, not only is it less likely to get sick in the first place, it is also strong enough to get through the sickness faster.

With a strong immune system, two weeks of headaches, fevers, and sneezing can be cut down into a few days of the sniffles. For those who have busy lives, this can be a true life saver.

Emergen-C is a vitamin drink that was designed to help users strengthen their immune systems so they don’t have to worry about cold and flu season as much.

Providing the body with all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs to remain strong throughout the autumn and winter, Emergen-C is the perfect solution for those who don’t have time to be sick.

What is Emergen-C?

Created in the 1970s, Emergen-C is a vitamin drink powder that can be mixed with water or other liquids to provide the body with the support it needs to stay as healthy as possible.

Coming in a wide variety of forms and flavors, Emergen-C offers a long list of formulations that are able to naturally boost the immune system. By using Emergen-C, those who are usually more susceptible to colds and flus will have the support they need to fight off the germs that cause these sicknesses.

The power behind the Emergen-C drink powders is found in its ingredients. The body is a complex balance that requires a wide range of nutrients in order for it to stay as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, due to the modern diet, most people aren’t getting the levels of nutrients they need to reach optimal health.

When cold and flu season comes around, this means that people are more likely to get sick. Emergen-C works by not only providing the body with the nutrients it needs, but by giving it even more than it needs, so it is more able to fight off sickness.

While Emergen-C comes in a variety of forms, most of its drink mixes contain a high dose of vitamin C, which has been found to help prevent colds.

Most versions of Emergen-C comes with more vitamin C than is found in about 10 oranges. In addition to the high dose of vitamin C, Emergen-C drink powders also contain zinc, B vitamin complexes, and even electrolytes.

All of these nutrients work together to support the immune system, while also allowing the body to stay naturally energized during flu season. When the weather turns colder, Emergen-C is the perfect tool for those who want to protect their health.

Benefits of Emergen-C

The biggest benefit of Emergen-C is found in its main ingredient: Vitamin C. For years, researchers and medical professionals have been praising the amazing benefit vitamin C has on the health and wellness of the body.

The vitamin has been found to boost the immune system, support heart health, aid in tissue repair, and work as a powerful antioxidant in the body. However, human bodies are unable to product vitamin C on their own, which is why they need a supplemental source, like that found in Emergen-C products.

The majority of Emergen-C products contain at least 1,000mg of vitamin C, making it the perfect source to give users all the amazing benefits that come with the powerful vitamin.

Many medications focus on one or two aspects of a sickness. However, Emergen-C wanted to make sure as many people as possible had the support they needed to stay as well as possible. Because of this, Emergen-C has grown its product line to include drink powders that can help with a wide range of issues.

From mixtures made specifically for children for those that will naturally support people during the night, Emergen-C products vary enough to offer everything users need to stay healthy.

While the main goal of Emergen-C is to provide the body with what it needs to fight the colds that so often spread during the colder months, the product is able to offer many more immune boosting benefits.

One of the products offered by Emergen-C is called Immune Defense. Still containing the high amounts of vitamin C that has made Emergen-C so beneficial, Immune Defense also contains other vitamins and minerals that are important for enhancing the functions of the immune system.

This means that even after cold season is over, Emergen-C can help keep users healthier.

The form that Emergen-C comes in is also very convenient. It’s never fun to swallow pills or take shots of thick, syrupy medications. Emergen-C comes in a powder form that can be mixed with water or other liquids to make a tasty drink.

By coming in liquid form, Emergen-C is able to be absorbed by the body better. However, it also makes it easier for even the pickiest person to take on a daily basis.

In addition to the points described above, there are several other benefits that come with using Emergen-C. A list of these benefits can be found below.

– Supports Cardiovascular Health

– Contains Strong Antioxidants

– Supports Joint Health

– Mixes with Hot or Cold Water

– Uses Quality Raw Ingredients

Most importantly, Emergen-C is able to help those who want to stay strong during sick seasons the support they need to protect their health.

Purchasing Emergen-C

As mentioned briefly above, Emergen-C has expanded its line from its original formula to include several other options for those who want immune support.

A list of the different options available for purchase through Emergen-C, as well as a brief description of each, can be found below.

Original Formula – A vitamin C complex that boosts the immune system, enhances energy levels, and replenishes with electrolytes.

Emergen-C Immune+ – A more potent version of the original Emergen-C that contains key nutrient complexes to support the immune system.

Emergen-Zzzz – A nutrient filled, fruity drink complex that promotes restful sleep and fortifies the body through the night.

Emergen-C Super Fruit – Using real fruit flavors, these products are filled with antioxidants to support overall nutrition.

Emergen-C Kidz – Formulated specifically for children, these products provide blends to help the unique needs of growing bodies.

Emergen-C Specialty Formulas – Targeted nutrient support products for those who need a little extra boost for their health.

Emergen-C Chewables – Citrus flavored health boosters that help protect and restore the immune system.

All of the products found in the different categories above can be found on the Emergen-C website (www.EmergenC.com). The website also provides information on how to purchase the various products offered by the company.

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