EcoDrink – Complete Multi-Vitamin Nutrition Supplement Drink?


There are hundreds of sports drinks and stimulant beverages available on the market today, with most saturated with sugars and artificial flavours to an extremely unhealthy level. It can be difficult to find a sports drink free from additives, and even harder to find a sports drink company with an environmentally conscious production method and packaging.

Ecodrink turns the sports beverage market on its head by being the first company to offer sports drinks with absolutely no sugar, no carbs, no sodium and no caffeine with natural flavors and colors.

Bottled and shipped in reusable, eco friendly materials, EcoDrink is the complete opposite of the energy drinks that are commonly available, with an all natural, organic modus operandi. In this article we’ll take a look at the Ecodrink and provide an analysis of its key features and ingredients to help you find out if the Ecodrink is as wholesome as it claims to be.

What Is The EcoDrink?

EcoDrink is an organic, all natural sports supplement drink that offers a convenient way to get all of the recommended daily intake of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Available in several flavours, EcoDrink is up to five times more powerful than leading mainstream vitamin water brands and contains up to three times more electrolytes. With no calories whatsoever, no sugar, no sodium, no carbs, and no caffeine, the EcoDrink is without a doubt the healthiest nutrient supplement drink available on the market. Ecodrink is free of natural flavors, preservatives or color additives.

The Ecodrink comes in powdered sachet form, and is mixed with water to create a healthy, nutritious drink. Ecodrink provide a reuseable, eco friendly BPA free bottle with every box of Ecodrink.

Regular drinking of Ecodrink helps to promote a healthy cardiovascular system as it contains high levels of Vitamins B6, B12, C, E, Folic acid, calcium and magnesium. Other ingredients in Ecodrink contribute to healthy eyes and vision and strengthen bones, in addition to enhancing the immune system.

Who Makes The EcoDrink?

Ecodrink is the creation of SGN Nutrition, a Canada based sports health and nutrition supplement company. Stating their business goal as the creation of high quality nutritional supplements that utilize scientific research to deliver their effects, SGN Nutrition is focused on providing healthy, effective supplements delivered through a eco friendly and environmentally sound packaging process. Dedicated to reversing the effects of the rapidly declining nutritional content of readily available modern food, SGN Nutrition develops and manufactures proprietary formulas aimed at helping consumers easily acquire critical nutrients and optimize their health.

The founder of EcoDrink, Jan Lovejoy, is both a clinical herbalist and certified clinical nutritionist and is the author of several books on the science of nutrition, including “Get Balanced – A Natural Way to Better Health with Superfoods”.

Lovejoy founded Ecodrink in 2002, inspired by the struggle to assist her mother gain the correct dietary nutrients. Lovejoy’s mother was suffering from a wide range of health complications including diabetes, fatigue, edema, and post-pacemaker surgery. After struggling through many different diagnoses from many different doctors, Lovejoy applied her nutritional knowledge to create a custom blend of nutrients in a supplement she called ‘Emerald Balance’ to help increase her mother's dietary intake.

Packed with superfood extracts, vitamins, herbs and minerals, the Emerald balance supplement created by Lovejoy led to the speedy recovery of her mother and reduced the total amount of medications she needed to take for her various conditions, as well as enhancing her overall health.

Lovejoy decided to take her life changing product to market, and Emerald Balance is now widely available and enjoyed as a supplement by thousands of people across the United States and Canada. SGN Nutrition is still a family business, and has made the Emerald Balance formula available in sports drink format through the Ecodrink brand to make nutritional balance easier and more accessible than ever.

The EcoDrink Ingredients

The EcoDrink formula contains a huge range of critical nutritional elements that cover almost every dietary requirement of the human body. Beginning with Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B6 and B12, EcoDrink provides a comprehensive supply of vitamins that are critical to the daily function of the body. These vitamins promote healthy cell growth and boost the immune system as well as enhance natural healing ability and improve the overall health of the cardiovascular system and heart, reducing the risk of heart disease.

Other ingredients in the EcoDrink formula such as green tea extract have been demonstrated to have fat-burning qualities that inhibit the release of enzymes that suppress the natural thermogenic, or fat removal capacity of the body. Also included are elements such as folic acid, which helps prevent the growth of cancer in the body and assists in the maintenance of cells, and zinc, which is used to promote healthy hair and nails. Herbs such as Acai Berry extract are included to remove toxins from the body by increasing antioxidant levels and promote skin health, in addition to assisting the digestive process.

EcoDrink Pricing & Availability

EcoDrink is available to order from the EcoDrink website, and is available in three different flavors- original, peach mango and blueberry pomegranate. All flavors of EcoDrink are sold in 30 sachet boxes, each retailing for $36.99 USD, which works out to just $1.23 per individual EcoDrink, far cheaper than your average sugar rich sports drink. EcoDrink also offer the original Emerald Balance nutritional supplement formula via their website, in addition to accessories such as reusable EcoDrink bottles and vitamin supplement sticks

EcoDrink Review Summary

Overall EcoDrink is an extremely well balanced, all inclusive natural health products with a myriad of different positive health effects. Far cheaper and tastier than taking a huge amount of supplements daily through a mix of powders and pills, EcoDrink simplifies the process of maintaining a nutritionally balanced diet and is an excellent way to get all of your daily macronutrients in one hit. If you’re looking for an all in one supplement solution, EcoDrink is definitely the right choice.

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