Dymatize AMINO PRO – BCAA Muscle Recovery Electrolyte Powder?


What Is Dymatize Amino Pro?

According to pretty much anyone who is involved in fitness, BCAAS are the most important supplement for you to take if you’re serious about fitness. Apparently, taking the best BCAAS is one of the best feelings in the world. And it can be difficult to select the right Amino Acids since there are so many out there in the world.

Dymatize is rated as one of the best as far as reviews go. The reviews for this BCAA are averaged around 9, with the lowest being 8.4 and the highest being 10.

How Does Dymatize Amino Pro Work?

The BCAAS work as an amino pump as they put it. And they added citrulline which people apparently like considering it provides you with a boost of nitric oxide to your body. Nitric oxide in the muscles helps with muscle energy and increases pumps as they put it. And on top of that, Citrulline gives the body the ability to recycle arginine back into the body.

The basics of BCAA Supplements is very well researched. And it’s definitely one of the best products on the market if you’re looking for a simple way to immediately improve performance. Each serving of Amino Pro has 2.5g of BCAA’S and is vaunted to 2:1:1 ratio.

Apparently that’s really good. Most experts recommend taking 5g of BCAA’s during their workout. So you should plan taking 2 servings of Amino Pro if you use it as a workout supplement.

What Are The Ingredients In Dymatize Amino Pro?

Dymatize Amino Pro also contains Taurine, which is apparently one of the greatest amino acids available on the market. There is about 2g of Taurine per serving and 1g of Citrulline per serving. Taurine promotes cell volumization. That naturally gives the body the ability to draw more nutrients into the cells.

Along with that, it also helps with nutrient delivery to the muscles for better recovery. And it enhances muscle growth by helping the body with protein synthesis. Which is basically the body’s ability to absorb protein and helps stop muscle cramps.

Apparently the flavor of Amino Pro is great too. And since it’s a low price point, that’s also very handy. The taste is said to be refreshing, and you should probably take 2 servings of it if you are taking it as an intra workout supplement. The lemon lime flavor seems to be the most popular of the flavors available. Dymatize also has L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine.

Where Can I Buy Dymatize Amino Pro?

You can buy the amino acids on the company website or a full range of other websites online

What Is The Cost of Dymatize Amino Pro?

The price point of the BCAA’S is about $30-35 depending on where you go. Which really isn’t that bad. It’s a lot more affordable than many of the other amino acids on the market. On some websites you can even find it cheaper.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Dymatize AMINO PRO?



  • Takes about 2 scoops to get the full dose of BCAAS
  • Foaming at the top, (Normal for BCAAS)
  • Doesn’t mix completely

The Bottom Line on Dymatize AMINO PRO

Since it has a good price point and a lot of ingredients you can’t find in other BCAAs, it’s a pretty good buy. Although you have to take 2 scoops per serving in order for it to work correctly. Really, the price is about average as far as BCAA’s go. One of the biggest selling points of the supplement is it’s taste. It is said to be one of the best tasting supplements on the market

And the added ingredients are great for helping oxygenate the blood, put in Nitric Oxide into the body as well. According to a lot of these reviews, the blood flow factor of this really stands out from the crowd of other BCAA’s available. Amino pro is probably one of the better amino blends on the market that is ideal for intra-workout and you can stack it with anything.

As far as I could see, there is no harmful side effects from taking it. So final verdict, if you’re serious about getting in shape, and want to take your performance, health, and strength to the next level then Dymatize AMINO PRO is probably a great supplement for you to choose from.

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