Divided Labs IsoVide

Before getting into the product at hand, we should start by learning why Whey concentrate and isolates are so good for us. From a compositional aspect, we can see that Whey isolates are obtained by making milk and other such protein sources go through processes that allows for the removal of carbs, fat and lactose from “regular unprocessed whey”.

This extraction process is highly advanced and is scientifically referred to as the “ion exchange” method. This purification process allows us to obtain highly pure protein concentrate. Users will be shocked to note that the “concentrates” that are obtained are 80% protein and the “isolate” derivatives can contain 90% protein.

About Divided Labs IsoVide

Divided Labs IsoVide is a ‘protein supplement’ that has been designed to help users obtain a variety of muscle development related benefits. The product combines rapidly absorbable “cross-flow cold infused microfiltered whey protein isolates & whey protein hydrolysates” to deliver users with a host of medicinal and fitness related benefits.

Apart from this, the manufacturer has also looked to deliver in the taste front of things. The supplement comes infused with incredibly delicious dessert inspired flavors.

Upon further investigation, we can see that each serving of Divided Labs IsoVide supplies our bodies with 25g of whey protein. This is achieved through the use of a unique enzyme complex to ensure maximum absorption and easy digestion.

When Should I Consume It?

  • According to the manufacturer, Isovide should be taken in the morning. Alternatively, for people who lead busy lifestyles, they can choose to consume these pills between meals, or immediately after exercise.
  • Users should remember that supplement should not be used to completely take care of our protein needs. A controlled dietary regime should be maintained in order to reap optimal benefits.
  • When used on a regular basis, users have the potential to obtain benefits such as promotion of lean muscle mass, fat loss, and recovery. All this while satisfying and person who has a sweet tooth.

Why Choose Divided Labs IsoVide?

Unique Complex Solution:

Each serving of this product contains a specialised blend of Whey Protein Isolates and Hydrolysates. These aforementioned nutrients are of high quality which offer whey proteins that rapidly absorb to build lean muscle and burn fat.

Digestive Enzyme Complex:

Through the use of carefully selected digestive enzymes, Isovide has been shown to help enhance digestion so as to reduce stomach bloating and gastric discomfort.

Deliciously Unique Flavors:

As mentioned earlier, the manufacturer has also worked to deliver good taste to the supplement. There are many delicious dessert inspired flavors to choose from. Not only do these powders taste amazing, but they are also very easy to mix

Multi Action:

Studies have shown that when taken daily, Isovide can help users with workout recovery, performance, and strength.


The supplement is priced at a sum which is much lower than other similar products in this segment.

Where Can I Buy Divided Labs IsoVide?

Each container of Divided Labs IsoVide contains 30 servings of the powder. A single container is priced at $44.95 and can be ordered directly from the manufacturer's official website. In terms of flavour options, the available variants include Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Brownie and Salted Caramel.

Also, for purchases over $90, users can avail of free delivery options. Payments can be made via a host of safe transactional methods which include PayPal, JCB, Discover and Visa.


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