DIOXYME – New Zealand Whey Protein, BCAA 6:3:3 & Omega 3?


Men and women who are looking to improve their athletic performance using supplements that are free from chemicals and additive will want to consider giving Dioxyme a look.

Offering athletes the purest form of protein powders and athletic supplements that not only deliver results but also do not contain harmful chemicals, additives, or banned substances.

Whether consumers are looking for a coconut flavored protein powder or a simple fish oil supplement to enhance their workout recovery Dioxyme is worth considering.

What is Dioxyme?

Dioxyme is a US based company offering a small line of quality supplements and protein powders to help enhance athletes training progress.

One of the facts that Dioxyme prides itself on is maintaining high quality standards and ensuring each product offers maximum athletic support without containing banned substances or fillers. Dioxyme products are suitable for athletes who compete regularly or want to take their training to the next level.

The protein powders and fish oil supplements are also useful for everyday consumers who just want to improve their health by using a product they can trust.

A few protein powder flavors are offered that are more unique than the normal selection of chocolate and vanilla with Dioxyme consumers can select from coconut and even cinnamon bun.

Athletic trainers often recommend Dioxyme products for not only effectiveness but also their clean ingredient profile. No matter if users are in their twenties and at their prime physically or are in their sixties and still looking to push their limits of their body, Dioxyme products will help athletes of all levels meet and exceed their fitness goals.

Dioxyme Products

Three collections are available each focused on a different need whether it be athletic performance, workout recovery, or overall health.

BCAA 6:3:3

Utilizing the proven 2:1:1 ratio of the amino acids L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine that when consumed prior to working out will give athletes the extra burst of energy and mental support needed to push their work out to the max.

Containing 2.5 times more BCAAS than the industry standard, Dioxyme’s product may be more effective than similar pre-workouts using lower quality ingredients. BCAA 6:3:3 is available in four fruity flavors including Tangerine, Fruit Punch, Blue Razz, and Watermelon.

Muscle Protein Optimizer (MPO):

A delicious protein powder that maximizes both aerobic and anaerobic muscle growth, MPO contains no artificial growth hormones.

MPO is formulated to maximize strength gains and enhance athletic endurance and stamina. This athletic powder can be mixed with other pre-workout products to maximize performance.

New Zealand Whey Protein:

Consumers who enjoy using whey protein to support their lean muscle mass growth will definitely appreciate the care and attention to quality Dioxyme puts into this product.

Made from the whey of grass fed cows and cold processed preserving the protein structures and nutritional profile. New Zealand Whey Protein is available in five flavors including coconut, chocolate, cinnamon bun, chocolate peanut butter, and strawberry.

Omega 3 Supplement:

This fish oil supplement combines a heart healthy mixture of EPA, DHA, and other Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 supplements have proven to support workout recovery while also boosting brain and heart health.

Dioxyme Company Details

As a US based company, Dioxyme is committed to offering consumers clean products that are free of banned substances, genetically modified ingredients, and gluten. Dioxyme utilizes high quality ingredients that are processed in a GMP certified facility that adheres to strict quality guidelines.

All Dioxyme products are free of artificial colors and do not contain antibiotics. With Dioxyme products consumers know exactly what they are getting and do not need to guess with proprietary blends or hidden ingredients that mask higher quality alternatives. With Dioxyme the ingredients are the best available.

Dioxyme Product Pricing

Consumers have two choices when it comes to purchasing Dioxyme products Amazon and the company homepage.


  • BCAA 6:3:3 Each twenty eight serving container is available for $49.99 and consumers can choose between all four flavor varieties.
  • Muscle Protein Optimizer (MPO) Each thirty serving container is available for $69.99. Depending on body weight this container may last for more or less than thirty servings.
  • New Zealand Whey Protein These sixty five serving tubs are available for $69.99.
  • Omega 3 Supplement Each 120 capsule bottle contains sixty servings and is available for $31.99.

Dioxyme offers free domestic shipping in the United States with orders over $95.00.


All four of Dioxyme’s products are available through Amazon for the same prices as listed above.

Shipping charges are an additional charge.

Dioxyme products are also available for purchase at wholesale prices for small gyms and fitness stores who want to offer their clients and customers the best in performance products.

Should You Use DIOXYME Products?

Athletes of all levels can benefit by taking care of their body and giving it supplemental support to enhance muscle growth, boost strength gains, and improve overall health.

Dioxyme’s commitment to offering pure products that are free of banned substances and artificial flavors means consumers can trust this company to offer only the highest quality products that will deliver optimum performance and health benefits.

Further details about this company and their products are available at www.dioxyme.com.

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