Cycflix Netflix Cycling

Cycflix is a workout training system that forces you to cycle to keep watching Netflix.

The system was created by Irish student Ronan Byrne, who was struggling to find the motivation to stay active during the summer.

With Cycflix, Byrne hooked up an exercise bike to his Netflix account using an Arduino Nano micro-PC and a custom Python script on a connected PC. Next, Byrne set the workout type, including speeds, sets, rest periods, and active time. Finally, he chose his Netflix video using his Firefox browser, then began the workout.

In order to keep Netflix playing, Byrne needs to keep pace with his pre-set fitness goals. If he ever falls below that target, the Netflix show is automatically paused.

In other words, it’s the perfect training system for unmotivated millennials, or anyone who’s been spending their summer binge-watching all 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother while ignoring the gym.

Want to setup Cycflix for yourself? Byrne has posted his process to Instructables, including a step by step guide on how to setup the system in your own home.

The only reason Byrne didn’t call his system “Fitflix” is because it was already taken. You’ll need some equipment to setup Cycflix in your own home, including any Arduino, a PC, a USB cable, a 10K resistor, wires, copper strip board, a stationary exercise bike, and two nuts and bolts. Byrne doesn’t guarantee the system will work with all bikes.


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