Cornish SeaWeed – Organic Fresh Seaweed Product Benefits?


There's no denying that there's rising demand for superfoods all over the world. From the Acai in Brazil to the Quinoa from Peru and the Asian Coconut, nutritionists and food experts have without a doubt left no stone unturned in their quest for health foods. But there's a new entrant in the market – the Cornish Seaweed.

This is the same ingredient that forms at least 90% of the Organic Cornish Seaweed supplement that has taken the fitness and dieting world by storm. But how exactly does it fair in comparison to other superfoods-based supplements?

Cornish SeaWeed Review Summary

1. Harvested From Scotland And Cornwall

The native seaweeds that form a bulk of the ingredients used here originated from Scotland and Cornwall. And it is only recently that they started to appear in a majority of top restaurants and a variety of supermarket shelves.

2. Aids Metabolism

The Cornish Seaweed is a naturally rich source of iodine. Iodine is known to aid metabolism, and it is also very rich in protein and fiber. Being conventionally a seaweed, it implies that it can consume either cooked or raw depending on one's tastes and preferences.

The manufacturers behind the production and marketing of this product have been at it since early 2012. This means that they have had over five years to develop, refine, and aggressively market this seaweed. It is no wonder that they have it possible to source the finest quality, sustainable and affordable seaweed to your dinner table.

3. An Array Of Recipes Can Be Sourced From This Organic Seaweed

Using this Seaweed as the foundation, several recipes can be realized or concocted from it.

Typical examples include:

Fresh Organic Sea Spaghetti

This is one of the perfect organic vegetable snacks that you can have at the height of summer. Not only is it brimming with nutritious goodness, but also laden with a zingy and healthy crunch that characterized both cooked or raw dishes. As far as the taste goes, it bears almost the same palate as seasoned asparagus, crunchy and fresh with a mild aftertaste. Overall, it is not very ‘Seaweedy,' instead, it is more of raw salad-like.

Mixed Flakes

These mixed flakes are derived from a combination of Dulse, Sea spaghetti, and Kelp which come down to an easy and fab intro to general seaweeds. You will still need plenty of seasoning or flavoring stock to keep it going. Overall, it is beefy, salty and hearty with the lingering of a deep Umami taste.

Sea Salad

It is a beautiful and vibrant array of sea greens, dulse, and nori who offer a simple but unforgettable introduction to general seaweed palate. As much as you can consume it straight as a raw dish, it can also be sprinkled evenly over a cooked delicacy.


Also known as Kombu, it is used a lot in general Japanese cooking and, it being oriental, means that it is not a surprise that it has once again found its way back here. This is, by all means, a profoundly rejuvenating and detoxifying potent sea vegetable. The deep Umami taste coupled by a smokey, salty and sweet combination comes together to give rise to this delicacy.

Cornish SeaWeed Review Summary

This is without a doubt one of the most affordable and available superfoods in the market. What's more, there's a whole lot of recipes that can be realized through it.

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