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ClearPoint Acne Pill Review

ClearPoint is one of the most popular acne treatment products in the world today. Commonly classified as an acne pill, the ClearPoint Acne Pill relies on the power of pantothenic acid to treat and reduce acne.

What is ClearPoint?

ClearPoint is a skin care brand created by a company called Lerosett. The main product under that lineup is called ClearPoint All Natural Clear Skin Supplement. Many people refer to it as simply the “ClearPoint Acne Pill.”

That supplement comes in the form of capsulated tablets. You take the tablets to reduce your risk of acne breakouts and to treat acne vulgaris.

The product is targeted towards those who suffer from mild to moderate acne and have not had success with topical skin creams. ClearPoint promises to work effectively on both back acne and facial acne. The product also claims to work effectively against ingrown hairs.

How Does the ClearPoint Acne Pill Work?

Your skin develops acne when the sebum under the clog in the pore becomes infected. ClearPoint contains ingredients that minimize the production of excess oil within the sebum gland, which basically means it dries out your skin from within.

The main active ingredient in ClearPoint is pantothenic acid, although the supplement is also loaded with zinc, vitamin C, selenium, aloe, and other botanical ingredients like silica.

How do these ingredients actually work?

Well, a chemical compound called coenzyme A breaks down (i.e. oxidizes) the excess oil in your skin. Many people who suffer from acne have chronically low levels of coenzyme A, which is why acne-causing oils are allowed to thrive beneath their skin. By flooding your body with coenzyme A, the ClearPoint acne pill reduces excess oil and ideally heals your acne symptoms.

While coenzyme A goes to work, other ingredients like L-carnitine and zinc speed up the breakdown of the oil. According to research published on this product sales page, the body can break down up to 70% of the excess oil in the pore that forms pimples.

Finally, the other ingredients within ClearPoint, like selenium and vitamin C, speed up the healing process of your skin after you’ve taken the supplement. This helps to reduce the visible effects of acne on your skin.

ClearPoint Acne

Ultimately, ClearPoint is best described as an “anti oil” pill. It works well in combination with a good natural face wash.

ClearPoint Acne Pill Ingredients

Here are all of the ingredients included in ClearPoint All Natural Clear Skin Supplement:

How to Use ClearPoint Acne Pill

ClearPoint issues the following instructions for using the acne pill:

“Take three tablets twice a day, ideally every 12 hours with food. You can break them or add them to a juice if you have difficulty swallowing pills.”

The manufacturer also recommends talking to your physician before you use the product if you’re under the age of 18, pregnant, nursing, or taking other medication or have a pre-existing medical condition.

How to Buy the ClearPoint Acne Pill

ClearPoint is primarily sold on a website called Gunilla of Sweden. You can view more information about the product here.

Gunilla sells the pill for $39.95 retail price. It also recommends bundling the ClearPoint Acne Pill with a cream called the Lerosett OTC Acne Face Wash, which costs an additional $30. The pill is designed to heal acne from the inside out while the face wash is designed to reduce the visible effects of acne and heal your skin.

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  1. I know several people who now take CP and they would not go without it. I was the same way, my acne cleared, it took 2 months on CP, but it was pretty bad too start. I had no side effects at all.

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