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Canny Drinks Review

Canny Drinks is a new hemp-infused beverage lineup that promises to use fresh ingredients and cannabidiol-rich hemp to provide a new drinking experience. Here’s our Canny Drinks review.

What are Canny Drinks?

Canny Drinks is a lineup of hemp-infused drinks. The entire lineup promises to use fresh, natural ingredients.

In addition to hemp-infused energy drinks, there’s a hemp-infused beer called Canny Pils as well as “Canny Water” and Canny Cola.

The drinks are produced in Germany. Thus far, the company’s website is extremely basic and features mostly German text when describing the different drinks. Nevertheless, thanks to the magic of Google Translate, we’re able to explain exactly how these hemp-infused energy drinks work.

The drinks are available to order online from You can also purchase the beverages from “upscale restaurants and commercial restaurants shortly”, according to the official site.

Types of Canny Drinks

There are currently five different types of Canny Drinks available, including Canny Pils, Canny Water, Canny Ice, Canny Cola, and Canny Lime. Here’s a brief overview of each drink:

Canny Pils

Canny Pils was made in cooperation with the renowned monastery-based brewery “Neuzelle”. The recipe is based on a classic German lager. However, this claims to be the first hemp-infused beer in Germany – so it probably doesn’t abide by the Bavarian Purity Law. The beer is flavored with “natural hemp seed flavor” and has a “slight scent of honey”.

Canny Water

Canny Water is a mineral water that has been infused with flavors of hemp. The goal of the water is to provide you with all of the benefits of mineral water – like your daily recommended trace minerals – while also using the flavor of hemp to make things more interesting.

Canny Lime

Canny Lime is a lime-infused energy drink that features low calories and a similar taste to a mojito. The creators of Canny Drinks claims that Canny Lime tastes particularly good when mixed with vodka or rum.

Canny Ice

Canny Ice consists of different types of tea and hemp aromas. It features a fruity and “not so sweet” taste. There are no additional sweeteners, flavoring compounds, or artificial colors. Basically, this is an iced tea infused with hemp aromas.

Canny Cola

Canny Cola contains hemp flower extract that promises to offer exceptional flavor and harmonious taste.

How to Buy Canny Drinks

Canny Drinks are exclusively available online at Unfortunately, only the Canny Pils is available for sale as of December 2015.

Most of the other products are currently in development or are in their pre-launch phases. As mentioned above, the company has the goal of getting their products added to marketplaces and upscale restaurants across the world.

Here’s how much you can expect to pay for the Canny Drinks Canny Pils:

— 6 Pack: €17.90 (€5.97/L)
— 20 Pack: €39.90 (€3.99/L)

Are Canny Drinks Legal?

The company’s online shop lets you ship Canny Drinks anywhere in the world. Literally every single country in the world is on the ordering form – so there doesn’t appear to be any legal restrictions on the Canny Drinks side of things.

However, you may have trouble getting Canny Drinks into your country. Most countries have not legalized marijuana, and even hemp products containing no THC (but rich with cannabidiol) are often banned from the marketplace.

This is one of those transactions where we recommend that the “buyer beware”. Canny Drinks does not mention any return policy or guarantees – so you may simply lose your purchase.

About Canny Drinks

Canny Drinks was founded with the goal of creating a lineup of tasty, healthy beverages that also promote the positive health effects of cannabidiol.

At the Canny Drinks About Us page, the company cites studies performed by Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen, who found that cannabidiol soothes the body, acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic, anxiolytic, anti-psychotic, and blood pressure lowering compound.

The company was founded by Ali Kurt, who continues to be the managing partner of the company. Ali claims to bring “15 years of experience as a sales manager for various companies” to the company.

Kurt believes that the increased legality of cannabis across North America will present an enormous opportunity for companies like Canny Drinks to begin selling their products on the market.

You can contact the company by filling out this email form here:

The company is based in Hamburg at the following address:

Timmweg 13
22415 Hamburg
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