BrainMD Restful Sleep: Wake Up Feeling Energized & Refreshed?


BrainMD Restful Sleep is a supplement that consumers can use to integrate a more consistent quality of sleep each day, using ingredients that their body already needs. Choose from either a one-time transaction or a subscription to meet the user’s needs.

What Is BrainMD Restful Sleep?

Getting the right type of sleep every day is essential to a healthy body and a healthy brain. Countless studies show the effects that minimal or low-quality sleep can have on the body, leading to weight gain, irritability, cognitive decline, and worse. The body needs to go through the REM cycle daily to get the nutritional support, but there are plenty of things that can interfere with that during a day. With sleeping pills being among some of the most commonly abused drugs available, consumers may want something more natural like Restful Sleep.

Restful Sleep by BrainMD provides the body with a “sedative effect” that helps the user to feel tired and relaxed, naturally helping them to drift off to sleep. The formula does not force rest like Ambien or other products, but it creates the balanced climate that the brain needs to enter the REM cycle.

Read on below to learn about the ingredients used to help with sleeping.

Ingredients In BrainMD Restful Sleep

There are several ingredients that help the user to relax and get the sleep that their body needs, which include:

  • Vitamin B6, which helps the various neurotransmitters in the body to balance and promote relaxation
  • Magnesium, which helps the body to stay hydrated, relaxed, and energized
  • GABA, which helps the brain to have enough support to calm itself
  • Valerian root, which has been used for centuries as a holistic method of promoting sleep
  • Melatonin, which is a hormone that naturally occurs in the body to promote a healthier sleep schedule

Each one of these substances is already critical for the body, so the support from them to improve sleep will feel natural, rather than forced.

Using Restful Sleep

Consumers need to take Restful Sleep at least 30 minutes before they plan to go to sleep, but no more than an hour. The actual dosage will vary by the consumer, but will range from one to four capsules. It is up to the participant to figure out how many capsules works the best for them.

Luckily, since this is a sleep aid and not a medication, there is no risk involved with consistent use. Furthermore, it will not give the groggy feeling that some medications cause. If the user presently has a prescription for a sleep aid from their doctor, they may want to speak with them about the use of this product beforehand.

Pricing For BrainMD Restful Sleep

To buy a one-month supply of BrainMD Restful Sleep, consumers will need to pay $39.95, plus the cost of shipping. However, if the user wants to consistently take the treatment without worrying about the next order, then they can sign up for a subscription, saving 15% on the purchase. A subscription will also give the user free shipping each month.

If the user does not get the sleep that they want to get with Restful Sleep, they have up to 90 days to contact customer service and ask for a refund.

Contacting The Creators Of Restful Sleep: BrainMD

If the information online is not enough detail to help the user make a decision about the product, they can reach out to the customer service team at brainMD. The team can be reached by calling either 888-850-5287 or 949-556-4721.

BrainMD Restful Sleep Conclusion

BrainMD Restful Sleep is meant for any adult that wants to relax more and stop allowing stress and the frustration from the day to make it hard to rest. The treatment does not have to be used for a certain duration to get the effects, but most supplements take about two months to promote a natural sleep without as high of a dose.

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