Bolthouse Plank Protein Milk – Healthy Pea Protein Beverages?


What is Bolthouse Plank Protein Milk?

The drink is a vegan source of plant milk protein. It’s non-dairy and ideal for vegetarians who are having trouble getting their daily protein allowance. It’s also perfect for people with an intolerance to lactose. It’s creamy and comes in four different flavors that are each said to be delicious.

What Ingredients Are in Bolthouse Plank Protein Milk?

The non-dairy Bolthouse Plank Protein Milk was created by farmers. Each bottle contains what is said to be a delicious milk derived from peas.

The new Bolthouse Plank Protein Milk is made with pea protein and has tons of other high-quality nutrients in it. You’ll be able to get more than 50% of your daily calcium requirement and another 10 grams of protein per serving. Almond milk only has 1 gram per serving, so it’s a high-quality source of delicious protein.

And better yet for everyone is the fact that it’s 100% vegan. And its lactose free, has no dairy, nuts, soy or gluten in it and is said to taste delicious. It also has a smaller impact on animals and the land. There are four flavors to choose from. You can get it in original flavor, vanilla, chocolate or unsweetened. And as Bolthouse Farms says, it’s the future of milk.

The company started in 1915. So, with more than a century of experience in growing plants, they have some of the best sourced ingredients in the world. As they say, farmers are not a fan of talking about themselves. They’d rather listen to other and pay attention to nature. They have a deep understanding of the soil, the sun and the seasons and how to use each to grow the perfect plant for making their protein milk.

They pay extra close attention to details and put in the extra work so everything is grown to perfection. They care about their customers, which is why they wake up early each morning. They promise to deliver the perfect drink each time.

They have more than a century worth of roots as they put it. And in 1915 they started growing carrots. The company started in Grant Michigan. By 1950 the company was the largest supplier of carrots in the Midwest. And they have always upheld a reputation of purity and quality. Now, they have farms in the Central Valley of California as well. They are dedicated to making better choices to help support the planet.

They keep soil health at optimal levels so their food is packed full of the vital nutrients you need to sustain quality health. Along with that, they minimalize waist. They’ve designed their farms to make use of every part of each plant they grow. And everything is processed and juiced while fresh to ensure a great flavor.

They even use renewable sources of energy like solar power to help generate power for the irrigation systems and provide water to their crops. Everything they do has the planet’s and the people’s best interest in mind.

They don’t cut corners, use harsh chemicals or pesticides and are devoted to making the world a better place while providing people with everything they need to sustain their health without having to eat meat.

Where Can I Buy Bolthouse Farms Products?

You can buy Bolthouse Plank Protein Milk at

The Bottom Line on Bolthouse Plank Protein Milk

These plant-milk-proteins are some of the healthiest drinks in the world. If you’re a vegan and want to improve your health, then Bolthouse Plank Protein Milk is likely a food product you’ll appreciate. And it’s safe for the environment so everyone wins.

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