Blue Star Nutraceuticals Power XD – Pharmaceutical Grade Creatine?


If you’re looking to boost your diet and workouts in an effort to gain lean muscle mass faster and more efficiently, you’ve undoubtedly either tried or considered using creatine. Creatine is a naturally-occurring acid that facilitates energy conversion in muscle cells.

By supplementing it into your diet, it’s possible to see improvement in strength and recovery time. It’s become wildly popular among bodybuilders, powerlifters, and among the general public who work out regularly.

Creatine monohydrate, on its own, aids in protein synthesis and muscle rehydration. This is scientific fact; the issue, when it comes to supplements, is often in the delivery. Simply adding the substance alone to your pre-workout intake is often not enough. That’s because, as mentioned, creatine naturally occurs in the body. It’s not meant to be ingested and then absorbed through the stomach in order to do its job.

Inevitably, that means a lot of it is going to waste and a lot of it is going to the wrong place. That’s where Power XD tries to differentiate itself from other creatine products available today.

About Blue Star Nutraceuticals Power XD

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Power XD pharmaceutical grade creatine formula is a new way to supplement your creatine. It’s been clinically validated on humans, and its pharmaceutical grade ingredients are more refined and more pure than many of its competitors’.

The core ingredients are tailored to specially deliver creatine directly to muscles, saturating them and ensuring a strong pump and enhanced muscle-building.

Is Blue Star Nutraceuticals Power XD Healthy?

Yes, as far as we can tell, the Blue Star Nutraceuticals Power XD has no known side-effects. Many users of off-the-shelf creatine monohydrate report stomach cramping or bloating as a common side-effect, but this is not reported by users of Power CD creatine.

This is likely due to the pharmaceutical grade ingredients, but could also a result of the Power XD formula and/or delivery system.

Who Produces This Creatine?

A company called Blue Star Nutraceuticals is the creator of the Power XD pharmaceutical grade creatine formula. They also produce a number of other dietary supplements geared towards the health and workout market, including amino acid compounds, glycogen recovery aids, and more.

With Blue Star Nutraceuticals Power XD they’re offering a considerably more robust creatine formula with no apparent side effects than most of their competitors. It comes at a price that will be a little higher than for basic creatine monohydrate power, however.

Does Blue Star Nutraceuticals Power XD Deliver On Its Promises?

In human trials, users reported improved muscular endurance, an increase in power of up to 18%, better recovery, and no side effects. Not everyone experienced any or all of these results, but nearly everyone reported at least some.

Especially when combined with other supplements (such as intra-workout hydration boosters), Blue Star Nutraceuticals Power XD does seem to deliver on at least some of its promises, and for some people all of them.

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Power XD Review Summary

Blue Star Nutraceuticals appears to have brought a fairly advanced and reliable creatine product to market with their Power XD formula.

With no apparent side effects, clinical human trials verifying its effectiveness and its pharmaceutical grade, and a chemically engineered delivery system that ensures none of its going to waste, Power XD is likely some of the best bang for your buck when it comes to creatine today.

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