Biogredia – 100% Natural, Science Based Supplements?


Within the last 10 years, we have seen an explosion of the growing popularity for the need to eat healthy, live a healthy lifestyle,and use products that contain natural ingredients.

Millions of people worldwide are rallying for a healthy alternative solution to synthetic additives and chemical ingredient saturated products that have negative long term health effects.

Both the cosmetic and nutritional industries have responded to this consumer need for natural alternatives by offering products that provide beauty and health from within.

Consumers today have access to a huge range of products, from daily health supplements to skin care solutions that are formulated with natural herbal extracts or botanical ingredients.

Borrowing heavily from traditional medicinal systems to source natural health enhancing elements that are beginning to be supported by clinical science, these products provide an overall holistic balance in the body that enhances both overall health and beauty.

From moisturizing lipsticks to cleansing juices, one common factor in the creation of these natural products is the source of the herbal extracts.

Purity and quality are exceptionally important in the manufacturing process, and a new company, Biogredia, aims to deliver natural organic ingredients that conform to the most rigorous production standards possible.

Delivering premium ingredients to the European healthcare industry, Biogredia adheres to a philosophy of science and nature in perfect harmony.

In this article we will take a close look at Biogredia, who provide natural science based functional nutritional supplements as well as nutraceuticals, food and beverages, skin care and cosmeceuticals.

What is Biogredia?

Biogredia supplies high quality Nutritional Supplements and Nutraceuticals, food and beverages and skin care and Cosmeceuticals to the European healthcare market. Founded by Dr. Bengt Hansson, a Norwegian PhD graduate and entrepreneur, Biogredia aims to offer the highest standard in functional and effective natural ingredients.

Offering products that combine a vast knowledge of pharmacology with the marvels of nature to form a science based pharmaco-nutrition solution, Biogredia assists natural healthcare and cosmetic brands develop innovative solutions to achieve better health and improved quality of life for people around the world.

Biogredia not only offers nutritional supplements, but also represent a number well-known companies that do the same, handling their manufacturing process to ensure products of the highest quality are created.

One of the companies represented by Biogredia is the Kerry Group, the creators of Wellmune.

Available in more than 60 countries and is a 100% natural food and beverage supplement ingredient that is clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system.

Not only is it safe for everyday consumption but it is also known to be Kosher, Halal, non-allergenic, GMO-free, gluten-free, and Informed-Sport certified.

Wellmune is able to offer comprehensive dietary requirement support and flawless quality by taking advantage of Biogredia’s advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Another multinational organisation represented by Biogredia is Gencor Pacific, who have a rich history of creating natural pure botanicals products, notably the Gencor range.

Gencor products are derived from botanicals that are grown by Biogredia under the close supervision of their technical team and according to strict quality-assurance processes call Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic botanical production methods originated in Ancient Indian medicinal systems, and follow 6,000 year old tradition.

Gencor products, supported by Biogredia, offers herbal ingredients have been clinically studied and shown to be effective in scientific trials.

Another notable organisation Biogredia is partnered with is Genosa.

Genosa was founded in Spain in 2001 and dedicates significant resources to the production of their high quality natural extracts.

They are a worldwide innovator and pioneer company in the production and commercialization of olive oils and the natural hydroxytyrosol derived from olive fruit.

Marketed under the brand name Hytolive, it is used as a functional ingredient in food & beverages, dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Biogredia is partnered with a fourth company, Gnosis. Established in 1989 in Italy, it is a biotechnology company specializing in the fermentation of raw materials used in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, veterinary, and agricultural industries.

The last partner company of Biogredia is PLT Health Solutions. As a leading ingredients innovator, with their network of strategic partnerships all around the world, they have an unsurpassed mix of resources, expertise, and services.

By partnering with such great companies, Biogredia is the biggest name in natural extracts and the most trusted producer of high-quality, scientifically-supported ingredients and supplements that helps enhance our daily lives.

The Biogredia Difference

One of the main product ranges Biogredia creates are nutritional supplements or dietary supplements. Nutritional supplements are intended to provide us with nutrients that may otherwise not be consumed in a sufficient amount due to the poor nutritional content of modern food.

Aimed to boost the everyday intake of essential vitamins and minerals, it’s important that the supplements you take are in a form that is bioavailable, or easily digested by the human body.

Biogredia creates nutritional supplements in their most bioavailable form, taking the least energy to break down and providing the greatest health boost possible.

Another product that Biogredia offers are nutraceuticals- supplements that can be added to food and beverages to deliver health-giving secondary effects or medicinal benefits.

Offering a dynamic solution to the diverse and evolving nutritional needs of consumers, the nutraceutical ingredients created by Biogredia are used in everything from baking, dairy, meat, and savory food products, to dietary supplements, beverages, and infant nutrition.

These supplements are meant to deliver healthier, better tasting, and more attractive products that are easy and cost efficient to make with the use of less raw materials and energy.

Is Biogredia For You?

Lastly, Biogredia also deals with products for Cosmeceuticals- which refers to the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products combined with biologically active ingredients purporting to have positive medical or drug-like benefits.

Dermatological research suggests that the bioactive ingredients used in cosmeceuticals have benefits beyond traditional cosmetics. The “cosmeceutical” label means that the product is applied topically, such as creams, lotions, and ointments.

With the consumer need to promote overall systemic health, organizations and product manufacturers worldwide are rapidly racing with each other to formulate cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals that are nutritional and have long lasting effective health enhancing properties.

Biogredia is at the forefront of this new wave of health enhancing products, providing high quality ingredients and ensuring that the products you buy are made from best components possible.

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