Benevolent Nourishment Liquid Melatonin – Fall Asleep Faster?


Formulated to alleviate difficulties falling asleep, Benevolent Nourishment Liquid Melatonin augments existing melatonin levels within the body to promote relaxation and induce sleep.

Please read on for more about this natural sleep aid.

What Is Benevolent Nourishment Liquid Melatonin?

Lack of sleep is linked to a host of health disadvantages such as increased stress and cortisol levels, weight gain, higher inflammation throughout the body, and might even contribute to degenerative disease.

In an effort to produce a high quality, natural sleep aid Benevolent Nourishment developed Liquid Melatonin, a tincture bottle containing the naturally occurring hormone.

With its main function in the sleep cycle, melatonin is typically released in the body as a response to darkness and in sync with the body’s circadian rhythm to signal when it is time to sleep. Its levels slowly decrease throughout the night to allow the body to wake up.

By increasing the amount of melatonin in the body before bedtime, symptoms of sleepiness become stronger so that users fall asleep more quickly.

How Does Liquid Melatonin Work?

Users are directed to take 30 drops about half an hour before bedtime and can re-administer servings through the night as required. Each serving includes 3 mg of melatonin.

The formula is stabilized with a mix of deionized water and vegetable glycerin for a potent tincture suitable for all ages. Used in place of alcohol, this chemical matrix allows for quick absorption of nutrients and compounds into the bloodstream.

Based on online reviews, customers seem to agree that Benevolent Nourishment Liquid Melatonin is effective in increasing relaxation and sleepiness for decreased time needed to fall asleep, though some users recommend experimenting to find the appropriate dose for individual bodies.

It might be useful to note that some studies indicate that prolonged melatonin supplementation might decrease the body’s natural ability to produce it.

Liquid Melatonin Function

Primarily a hormone with the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, this means that Melatonin goes directly into the brain where hormones are most active and effective to prompt changes throughout the body.

In the case of melatonin, those changes include sensations of sleepiness and relaxation, resulting in less time required for the body to fall asleep. As an indirect antioxidant, this compound is efficient in finding and eliminating free radicals while stimulating other antioxidants for increased protection against oxidative stress.

Melatonin also boosts cognitive capacities such as dreaming and memory, and is even sometimes administered as an antidepressant for the role that regular sleep plays in mental health.

Benevolent Nourishment Liquid Melatonin is made with non-GMO and gluten-free, natural ingredients and without the addition of fillers and parabens.

Benevolent Nourishment Liquid Melatonin Pricing

Through the Benevolent Nourishment website, one 2 oz bottle is available for $15.97.

Should You Use Benevolent Nourishment Liquid Melatonin?

As a naturally occurring compound produced in the body, supplementing with melatonin might offer a more conservative alternative to prescription sleeping pills, which are associated with dependency risks.

Melatonin appears to be a more natural and non-habit forming method of inducing sleep and users report mostly positive results with Benevolent Nourishment Liquid Melatonin. Further information about this product can be found at:

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