Andriol – Oral Testosterone Undecanoate Benefits Vs Side Effects?


Andriol (testosterone undecanoate) is primarily a replacement for testosterone among male patients suffering from low levels of testosterone, the main sex hormone among males. Testosterone in itself is a natural anabolic steroid.

The testicles are responsible for the production of testosterone as it is essential in the normal function of the male reproductive system.

More importantly, testosterone plays a vital role in the development of sperm and the promotion of secondary sexual characteristics such as hair growth and increased muscle mass. Low levels of testosterone can lead to several problems in the male reproductive system, which is why providing supplement is necessary.

Andriol is widely recommended for treating erectile dysfunction, a common condition among aging males that is characterized by a patient’s inability to erect and/or to maintain the erection of his genital. This problem is one of the most common symptoms of having low testosterone levels.

Other common symptoms include bone loss, depression, exhaustion, infertility, and poor libido. Low testosterone levels can be determined through blood testosterone measurement. After a physician’s diagnosis, a patient who has been confirmed to be suffering from low testosterone levels will be prescribed to take andriol.

Benefits Of Andriol

Andriol does not only resolve low levels of testosterone. It also comes with numerous benefits, primarily counteracting the symptoms of having low testosterone levels. Andriol helps optimize fat loss, boost mood, facilitate muscle gain, promote self-esteem, induce sleep, and improve sex drive, among others.

Andriol is mostly used by male athletes and bodybuilders who seek to boost their overall performance because it is a mild compound with minimal risks. By taking 240 mg Andriol a day, you can easily enjoy the benefits without suffering from certain side effects.

There are some andriol medications that do not pass through the liver like most anabolic steroids, making them safe to consume. There is no need to worry about damaging the liver.

Risks And Side Effects Of Andriol

Before taking any medication, one must first understand the risks and side effects associated with it. Having a clearer understanding of these things will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. This is exactly why you must first seek medical advice from your physician before proceeding to take medications, especially prescription drugs.

A physician can carefully explain these risks and side effects to a patient and pre-determine what kind of side effects a patient is likely to suffer given their medical history.

Some of the manageable side effects of taking Andriol include abdominal pain, acne, aggressive behavior, dizziness, enlarged prostate, fever with sore throat, hair loss, headache, itching, mood changes, sleep apnea, and weight gain. There are also a few concerning side effects such as black or tarry or light-colored stool, dark urine, depression, enlarged or sore breasts, high blood pressure, painful or prolonged erections, skin color changes, swollen ankles, unusual spots inside the mouth, and urination problems. Once any or some of these side effects have been observed, you should consult your physician.

However, serious medical attention is required immediately if one experiences or suffers from difficulty in breathing, hives, rashes, shortness of breath, and swollen face and/or throat. Allergic reactions can be fatal if not attended to at the soonest possible time.

Leading Andriol Products

Anadrol 50

This steroid is ideal for those who are bulking some muscle mass and developing muscle strength.

Intake Guide: 2 Anadrol pills at least half an hour before breakfast for 8 straight weeks followed by a 1.5-week break; 25 mg to 100 mg a day

Mainly, Anadrol increases red blood cell (RBC) count, bringing more oxygen to the muscles for further mass and strength development. It is a perfect workout partner as it helps replenish muscles faster and more effectively. With this product, results can be evident in as little as two weeks. Most of those who had used it noted a gain of about 25 lbs. in just a month and a half.

Liquid Anadrol

This is by far among the most potent steroids ideal for bulking up that is available in the market today. The liquid gel form, which mainly contains 50 mg oxymetholone, is perfect for those who prefer anabolic steroid over the oral supplement Anadrol 50.

Using liquid Anadrol must be done with extreme caution. You must not attempt to come up with a new steroid using this product as doing so can lead to more serious problems.

Injectable Anadrol

The third possible way to consume Anadrol is by infusion. Many users, most of whom are athletes and bodybuilders preparing for competitions, believe that injectable Anadrol provides better muscle gains than oral or liquid Anadrol. It is also said to be less harmful for the liver since the steroid is administered directly into the bloodstream.

Andriol Product Warnings

Anadrol is androgenic, which means that it affects not just the testosterone but also the androsterone. Consequently, Anadrol affects parts of the body that are hormonally affected by nature— hair, genitals, and muscles.

Potential side effects include acne, bladder irritation, genital shrinking, gynecomastia, hair loss, hepatotoxicity, impotence, insomnia, testosterone suppression, and water retention. In order to counter gynecomastia and water retention, you must take anti-estrogen supplements, which will help in controlling estrogen levels.

Regardless of what form Anadrol is used, it is also important to take note of the high liver risk associated with Anadrol. The only way to minimize the risk is to keep dosage at the lowest possible level for the shortest possible period— just enough to attain the results you are hoping for.

Taking more than what is necessary will put your overall well-being in jeopardy. In line with this, you must also avoid drinking alcohol and taking paracetamol while on an Anadrol cycle. Taking other oral steroids with it is also highly prohibited.

Andriol has a number of benefits for the human body. It has proven time and again that low testosterone levels must no longer be a worry as it is capable of providing a viable solution. However, in order to maximize these benefits, you must be cautious about your intake as well as your habits and lifestyle.

Andriol Conclusion

You must then be well aware of the associated risks and side effects in order to prevent them or to be able to manage them carefully should they occur. You must understand the importance of consulting a physician first before taking any medications.

Some would say there is no harm in trying but when it comes to pharmaceutical products, it is important to make wise decisions that are not simply based on popular opinions or intuitions. After all, health is wealth!

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