Affect Health Daily Balance – Organic Loose Leaf Tea Herbs Blend?


Affect Health Daily Balance is a supplement that encourages healthy energy levels, while eliminating the toxins that can interfere with the digestive process. The formula is available in a tea for consumers to relax as they get this morning boost.

What is Affect Health Daily Balance?

Keeping up energy levels throughout the day is difficult for some people, even when they get a full night of sleep. Coffee is not enough to keep the body active all day, and it tends to have a laxative effect after the first cup. Sometimes, consumers want a better drink that helps manage their digestive health during the day, which is exactly what Daily Balance offers.

Affect Health Daily Balance is contained within a tea that offers multiple ingredients to eliminate toxins and create a healthy environment for digestions. The tea is meant to taste fruity and crisp, which primarily comes from the raspberries and guayusa. It gives a sweet aroma in the morning, ad helps the user to cleanse their body, while boosting energy levels.

Caffeine is a crucial part of anyone’s morning routine. It stimulates the blood flow and helps the brain focus with greater ease. There are plenty of different sources of caffeine, but the use of tea to nourish the body offers many more benefits than coffee.

Without toxins and other substances clogging the connections in the brain, anyone can keep up their energy and focus sufficiently. As stated above, the ingredients involved in the blend are the reason that these treatments are so effective.

How It Works

The reason that this treatment is so effective is due to the different ingredients included in the blend. Those ingredients include:

  • Schisandra berry
  • Green rooibos
  • Raspberry
  • Jasmine green tea
  • Apple pectin
  • Rose hips
  • Stinging nettle
  • Guayusa

The Schisandra berries effectively balance out the stress in the body, while improving the immune system. Green rooibos combines with both the stinging nettle and rosehips for an impressive level of antioxidants and skin nourishment.

Raspberry is rich with fiber and antioxidants. Jasmine green tea and guayusa work together to keep the mind calm while energy levels are up. Apple pectin is another form of fiber, and has been shown to help with cholesterol levels.

Using Affect Health Daily Balance

The key to getting the desired results from the drink is to brew it properly. The treatment is available as a loose-leaf tea, so consumers will need a tool to strain out the leaves.

To prepare the Daily Balance tea, consumers will first need to steep it for about four or five minutes, using water that is near-boiling. Strain the leaves from the mug before drinking.

Affect Health Daily Balance can be consumed up to three times daily to keep up the user’s energy.

Pricing For Affect Health Daily Balance

A single bag is available for $14.00, and it offers 45 servings. There is no subscription to keep up with the regimen, but consumers can order a new shipment whenever the tea runs low.

There is no return policy listed right now, but consumers can reach out to the customer team.

Contacting the Creators of Daily Balance

Even though there’s information online about Daily Balance, some consumers may want to learn more details to make their decision. The customer service team is available by phone or email.

Affect Health Daily Balance Conclusion

Daily Balance is meant for consumers that want to be more alert in their day, while still nourishing the needs of their digestive system.

There are plenty of ways that consumers can boost their energy with other products, but none of them offer the balance in the body that consumers need to reduce the risk of digestive upset. This loose-leaf tea is more than just a drink to boost the energy levels – it is a tranquil and nourishing experience.

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