Advantra Z Bitter Orange Extract – Synephrine Citrus Aurantium Benefits?


Advantra Z can be described as a potent ingredient used in weight loss supplements. It contains extracts of a certain Bitter Orange herb called the citrus aurantium fruit. It is believed that the Bitter Orange herb enhances the technique by which the body’s metabolism transforms food into useful energy. It was initially concocted in the year 1996. It is an ingredient considered to be the next generation with regard to diet, fitness, and energy.

Through both manufacturing and harvesting techniques that are rigorous, its creators were successful in preserving and cultivating a synephrine isomer. It should be noted that bitter orange is known for the synephrine chemical. The synephrine isomer produces only the positive effects linked to the substance. The bitter orange plant can either be applied to the skin or taken through the mouth. The juice, fruit, leaf, flower, and peel are utilized to make medicines and supplements.

Advantra Dosage

The recommended and safe dosage of Advantra Z bitter orange extract is 100 – 120mgs on a daily basis. This dosage should always be spread out to cover 2 servings or even 3 servings in the course of the day. Bodybuilding or athletic users should use a slightly higher dosage than the 100 – 120mgs on a daily basis.

Advantra Z Bitter Orange Extract Benefits

There are several benefits associated with Advantra Z Bitter Orange Extract. The notable ones include the following:

  • It is used for energy and weight loss. This is mainly because it provides users with an energy boost, suppresses appetite, has a positive effect on the metabolic rate, and is ideal for promoting caloric expenditure. Boosting the metabolic rate is a popular goal in the highly profitable weight loss industry on a global scale. This is because more fat is burned, and this directly translates to more energy production.
  • Advantra Z is known to significantly promote lipolysis. This is the process by which the body breaks down fat. Furthermore, it promotes thermogenesis as well as the production of body heat in fat and muscle. Its effectiveness stems from its ability to effectively support activity of the beta-3 adrenergic receptor types. Advantra Z similarly has adrenergic amines that support the resting metabolic rate, and it achieves this without influencing sensitive beta-1 receptor, beta-2 receptor, alpha-1 receptor, and alpha-2 receptor. These have the potential of initiating changes in cardiac function and blood pressure.
  • When Advantra Z Bitter Orange Extract is used together with a weight-training program of moderate intensity and a high protein intake, it promotes amino acid availability in the body to change to protein in order to build desirable lean muscle mass. In addition, there is enhanced physical strength. Advantra Z does more than just provide the body with extra energy, it helps the body to use the additional energy stored in fat more efficiently.

The above benefits of Advantra Z Bitter Orange Extract are not exhaustive, as there are many more.

Side Effects

Advantra Z Bitter Orange Extract has a few side effects that are linked to its use. They include the following:

  • It can cause rapid heartbeat in some users. This is without engaging in any vigorous physical activities.
  • Advantra Z is known to increase the body temperature significantly. This is due to the alkaloids found in it such as N-methyltyramine, tyramine, octopamine, hordenine, and synephrine.
  • Some users of Advantra Z Bitter Orange Extract experience nausea after they take it. This is dangerous, especially for users who work with heavy machinery on a daily basis.
  • Irregular heart rhythms are also a possible side effect of the bitter orange extract.
  • There have been a few cases of liver damage because of its use.

It should be noted that these side effects can be worsened if it is combined with other kinds of stimulants like caffeine or even certain herbs. The side effects or bad reactions can be avoided altogether if the dosages are kept low enough during use.

People who have health conditions that are pre-existing should not use any form of the substance before consulting a healthcare professional to ensure that it is safe for use.

Advantra Z Bitter Orange Extract Review Summary

Advantra Z is undoubtedly a potent weight loss ingredient that is widely used by numerous supplements. The body of the user employs it as an effective metabolism booster that burns fat as well as increases the quantity of energy produced. It is available in variations that are of four different potencies due to synephrine in quantities of 5%, 6%, 10% and 30%. It is a natural product that is safe for human consumption. People who are losing weight as well as those who require an energy boost will find this product to be particularly useful to them.

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