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The Achievable Body Review – Right For You?

The Achievable Body is a weight-loss regimen that is based on a cycling method of eating, which is designed for any consumer. This is our review.

What is The Achievable Body?

As you get into your 30’s and older, your body doesn’t function the same way it used it. You are far from having the same flexibility you had as a child, and your energy levels have begun to deteriorate. All of these factors make it impossible for your metabolism to keep up with a sedentary lifestyle. In order to maintain a healthy weight in your teenage years and your 20’s, all you had to do was get involved with sports or enjoy one of the current fads for fitness. However, now that you’re older, you don’t have the same abilities or drive, but you still need to remain healthy. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what The Achievable Body is all about.

Many weight loss programs nowadays are geared towards people that are older, which is due to the growing number in obesity in America today. However, The Achievable Body focuses on working out in a cycled way, giving you the advantage over your body. Using the regimen described below will allow you to customize your weight loss.

How The Achievable Body Works

The main focus of The Achievable Body is using your genetic history and your current lifestyle to your advantage. The program is adaptable to your particular body type, and the maker understands that everyone has different needs and goals in their weight-loss journey.

In order to create such a highly adaptable system, the maker focuses on a study from Cornell that describes cycling your diet and fitness. This process keeps your body from hitting a plateau, and keeps your metabolism working harder to keep up with the extreme changes.

Based on the Cornell study that The Achievable Body cites, you are able to give yourself three days of “moderate” splurging on your diet. While that may seem like the worst way to maintain your weight loss, it actually motivates your metabolism to keep working.

The books include 20 different techniques that help you to boost your metabolism, which were created by Mike Whitfield’s experience as a fitness instructor. Surprisingly, the methods involve very little exercise or nutrition. The books are all about the small changes you can make in your life to achieve a body that functions more effectively.

In your books, you will also find out about your four “metabolic hot zones.” There is no information about these zones on the website, but they seem to center around the ability to keep your metabolism going the rest of the day.

About Mike Whitfield, the Creator of the Achievable Body

Mike Whitfield is the creator of the weight-loss program, and has been acknowledge for his drive in fitness by Men’s Health. When he started the program, he aimed to be able to find an effective workout routine for consumers that are over age 30, since your body doesn’t distribute fat the same way by that age.

By combining his knowledge of nutrition and the human body, Whitfield created this program that is safe and effective for all bodies.

 Contacting the Company

If you have questions for Mike about the company or the methods used for weight loss, you will need to fill in the online form with your name, email, and your inquiry. You should receive a reply via email, but the company doesn’t state how long it will take to get a response.

Pricing for The Achievable Body

Right now, it seems that The Achievable Body is marked down from the standard price of $97, giving a promotional price of $37. The company capitalizes on this limited-time offer, urging consumers to order soon to get the lower pricing. The Achievable Body is not a subscription-based program, so you should only be charged one time.

When you purchase The Achievable Body, you receive a whole package of products that are designed to help you achieve the body you want. The package includes:

  • The Achievable Body blueprint (which is the original book)
  • The Achievable Body Motivation and Rapid Success Formula
  • The Achievable Body Hot Zone Formula
  • 21 Unusual Secrets to Speed Up Your Metabolism

The website for this product shows no discernable difference between the collection of books, and also offers no description of what you will find in each one. However, you get the entire bundle for only $37.


The Achievable Body seems to be a good way to help keep your body healthy and actively burning fat. However, the only thing that consumers should be cautious of is the way that the regimen is not really described in the website.

The website states very little about why these methods are safe for everyone, and does not list one way that it helps you lose weight. The information given seems to rely on the fact that consumers will want to lose weight blindly, regardless of what they have to do to achieve it.

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