360Dreams – 360 Cut’s All Natural Sleep Aid Mood Enhancer?


Depending on people’s lifestyle, work, and overall habits some people can’t always workout in the morning or during the day as they have other obligations.

Thus, many fitness enthusiasts workout in the evening after work or for parents after their children have gone to bed.

However, it has been demonstrated that working out in the evening can affect some individuals negatively in the sense that it will over-stimulate their body and disrupt their circadian cycle.

Thus, some active people sleep badly and don’t rest sufficiently.

Bad sleep is not only an issue for overall quality of life but also for fitness gains as it can undo some of the benefits provided by exercising.

In addition, people wake up feeling excessively tired and their muscle haven’t been able to use sleep to restore themselves properly degrading performance at the gym and increasing the risk of injuries.

360Dreams is a sleep formula, specifically designed to help people in relaxing and falling asleep naturally without having to turn to sleeping pills.

This supplement promotes sound and restorative sleep as well as relaxation. With this product, people will wake up feeling energized.

About the 360Dreams Formula

The 360Dreams formula is a natural and calming formula composed of powerful ingredients not only efficiently improving sleeping habits but also helping people unwind after a long and busy day.

With 360Dreams people will be able to significantly reduce their stress levels and sit back in order to start effectively recovering from their day even outside of sleep.

This supplement’s formula includes ingredients such as Valerian Root Extract, Phenibut, and Picamilon, L-theanine, Gamma Amino Butyric Acid or GABA and 5-HTP.

Valerian Root Extract a natural herb that has been known and used for centuries due to its calming properties.

This herbal ingredient promotes restorative and restful sleep ensuring high energy levels in the morning which will help people get up more easily.

Phenibut has been scientifically and clinically demonstrated to significantly enhance mood, reduce insomnia and contribute to feeling more relaxed.

This component has been used to treat anxiety, tension, and stress as it significantly helps people release some of the tension accumulated during the day. Another powerful component included in the 360Dreams formula is Picamilon.

Picamilon is a potent compound that not only improves mood, reduces stress and anxiety but also increases levels of focus.

Picamilon supports relaxation in order to help people sit back without causing lethargy so it helps maintaining energy levels minus the stress.

The calming formula of the 360Dreams sleep supplement also contains L-Theanine which is an essential amino acid and derivative of green tea leaves.

L-Theanine has many vital health benefits that go further than just promoting restful and restorative sleep as this amino acid supports healthy cardiovascular function.

It is a key compound in the 360Dreams formula as this component has been scientifically and clinically proven to facilitate rapid transition into therapeutic REM sleep.

In times of stress, GABA production decreases that is why the 360 Dreams formulation integrates Gamma Amino Butyric Acid in order to counteract that reduction which consecutively induces calming states making falling asleep easier.

5-HTP is an ingredient that dramatically helps improving mood as it is a natural amino acid responsible for serotonin production.

Serotonin is essential as it regulates mood, appetite, hormone production, body temperature, and sleep.

Thus, every ingredient found in the 360Dreams formula supports not only healthy sleep habits but also promotes mood regulation and enhancement helping people feel more relaxed and energized.

360Dreams Availability and Pricing

You can order a bottle of 30 capsules of 360Dreams online from the 360° Cut website for $39.99 USD.

360 Dreams is a sleep supplement that will help you relax, enhance your mood and fall asleep naturally.

This product will help induce a restful, restorative and sound sleep helping you recover efficiently from your day and helping restore and strengthen your muscles.

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