1st Phorm Thyro-Drive – Stimulate Thyroid & Boost Metabolism?


Thyro-Drive is a supplement that helps you lose weight by triggering the process of your thyroid to help you lose weight.

The formula is available directly through the company’s website, giving you what you need for a month’s worth of treatment.

What is Thyro-Drive?

Losing weight is a struggle for anyone who wants to slim down their waistline, but some people have more trouble than others.

If you’ve been trying for an extended amount of time to lose weight with no success, you may have another issue that needs to be corrected.

Most people that get stuck at this plateau think that they’re doing something wrong in their routine, when the actual problem is that your thyroid is not functioning properly. That’s when the Thyro-Drive formula comes in.

Thyro-Drive helps you to improve the overall function of this gland, stimulating the release of the chemicals that break down the nutrients you consume.

It helps to address the stress in your body that causes this body part to target the issues you’re facing, so that your hormones and insulin production can handle all your fat-burning issues.

By improving the functioning of your thyroid gland, you can trigger weight loss like you never have before, finally finding the way that you can lose weight for good.

If you think that there’s an issue with your blood sugar or metabolism, the first place you probably will stop is the doctor.

He will be able to provide you with testing the determine if that’s the issue, but he will probably prescribe you a medication to balance out the issue.

However, if your doctor is unwilling to perform this test, you could end up pursuing one fad diet after the next, in search of the remedy.

Your fitness goals shouldn’t be flippantly thrown around, which is why you may need to help your own body with Thyro-Drive.

How Does ThyroDrive Work?

The interesting part about the ThyroDrive formula is that it only uses a few important ingredients to get the right reaction out of your body. You don’t need much of it, but you will need to take it regularly.

This formula includes:

  • Chromium
  • Vitamin B12
  • T3 Reactant
  • Thyro-Flux Matrix (Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketones, Cayenne Pepper, Coleaus Forskohli, Evodiamine, and Diiodo-L-tyrosine dehydrate)

Read on below to find out more about these substances.


Chromium is only necessary to your diet in small amounts, but it has a lot of power. It supplies your body with the substance needed for your metabolism, helping you to regulate your blood sugar to prevent sudden mood swings and excessive weight gain.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 gives necessary support to your blood cells for a healthy circulation. It also supports the general function of multiple organs, so you need to make sure you consume enough in your day to prevent a deficiency.

T3 Reactant

This proprietary blend includes ingredients like kelp and bladderwrack. All the substances in this blend are typically used to stimulate your thyroid gland and improve your metabolic processes, which are both necessary functions to help you lose weight.

Thyro-Flux Matrix

This matrix is rich with different substances that help you to lose weight and improve your metabolism. With green coffee bean extract, you get more energy and improves your appetite.

The cayenne pepper gives you antioxidants and eliminate inflammation in your body. The raspberry ketones are another popular contributor to weight loss, since it has been theorized to help with weight loss.

Using ThyroDrive

The most important part about the Thyro-Drive formula is that you need to take it on a specific schedule to gain the benefits.

You will need to take the formula twice a day, which should occur four to six hours apart. However, the website warns against using the formula after 5:00pm, since it contains stimulants that could keep you awake. The latest dose you could possibly take for your first one of the day is 1:00pm.

Furthermore, this formula should not be used daily the entire time. Instead, you should use it for five days in a row, and then take a break from the formula for the next two days.

You can return to the regimen after the break, but the intensity of this formula requires that break.

This formula is not for anyone under the age of 21.

Pricing for Thyro-Drive

To make the Thyro-Drive supplement into a regular part of your routine, your total cost will be $54.99.

The product is sold directly through the 1st Phorm website, but no subscription option is available.

As you consume this supplement, you will need to make sure to purchase the next bottle of the supplement about a week before you run out.

Contacting the Creators of ThyroDrive

With all the information provided on the website, you may still have questions about personal use or your recent purchase.

While you aren’t able to reach the customer service team with a phone call or email, you can fill out the online form to receive a phone call from the company.

ThyroDrive Review Summary

Thyro-Drive is a great way to stimulate the natural processes that should be occurring in your body, but they are at a standstill right now.

You can’t expect success from your diet if you’re unwilling to make some changes, and this change is something you can handle.

You may be able to keep pushing yourself harder to lose the weight without help, but you will end up driving yourself crazy. Instead, you can use Thyro-Drive to make the difference that you need to make.

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