YEVO Organic Health Foods – Another Nutritional MLM?


YEVO Review

YEVO Global International is one of the most recent food opportunities to hit the market, and it has been steadily increasing in popularity throughout the last few months. YEVO, which was created by Peter Castleman, is a company that is specifically designed to produce high quality food products that are supposed to be healthy, organic, and natural.

What Is YEVO?

Although this company is still currently in its prelaunch phase, this fact has not stopped it from being constantly talked about in the network-marketing niche.

Currently, YEVO’s main selling pitch is pointing out the flaws in how we eat and offering products that will help to fix these flaws. According to YEVO, its food products contain all 43 major nutrients that humans are supposed to consume every day in order to live healthy lives, and they are all natural and do not contain any GMOs.

This company’s main goal is to reform how we, as a society, eat, and to provide us with food products that will help to reverse the negative effects that processed foods have had on our bodies.

YEVO Launch Information

Although it is hard to know full details because YEVO has yet to be officially launched, we currently know of several different opportunities for individuals to become involved and start selling YEVO products.

As of now, there are four different packages that are available for purchase, and they are currently known as:

— Starter Pack
— Silver Pack
— Gold Pack
— Platinum Pack

These packages range in price from $50-$560 dollars, and each one comes complete with a variety of different things. Essentially, the more money that you spend on a package, the more food that you will then receive, as well as other things, such as marketing and sale materials.

Selling YEVO Products

If YEVO is something that you interested in testing out, there are more than enough ways for you to give it a try. In regards to how to sell YEVO products, it is completely up to the individuals that purchase the products and sell them for the company. While YEVO does provide its own sales pitch, individuals that sell on its behalf are by no means required to use it.

Instead, it is up to you to decide how you would like to go about selling the products, and if you would like to focus on either the nutritional content of the food, or instead focus on the quality and cultural aspects of eating.

Benefits Of YEVO Products

Thus far, the main benefit to YEVO is that the products are perfect for everyone and they are very applicable to today’s world. With the recent health craze that has been occurring, and the backlash that GMO foods have received, it should come as no surprise that consumers are interested in purchasing foods that are natural and organic.

Because of this, YEVO will most definitely be relevant for quite awhile. This means that people that choose to work for this company will be sure to have consistent work opportunities for an indefinite amount of time, and that the market will also prove to be very lucrative.

Final Thoughts On YEVO

YEVO official launches in February, and everyone in the network-marketing world is impatiently waiting to see how the company does. With all of the different work opportunities it provides, the high quality products that it sells, and the strong sales pitch that is has been using so far, there is very little doubt that this company will wind up doing well. If you want to make some extra money or completely revamp your main source of income, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for YEVO officially becoming open for business!

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  1. After going through the article and seeing what is in it ; I see that if you want the “43” nutrients you can get most of that in a Carnation instant and then eat decent food. Also if people just eat right then would not need to spend a thoughsand dollars a month. Save maybe $600 a month. Also in general man modified products tend to be cancerous.

  2. How can you ask the question in your title “Another Nutritional MLM? “And give no data indicating they have a multi level marketing structure anything more than a GNC retail outlet? If the company is in launch phase as you say they sure would have their sales and marketing and payout structures in place to draw comparisons to any of the many MLMs out there. That’s what I look for in an article.

  3. Reading all of these comments and looking at the Yevo website and comparing it to what I use. There is no comparison. I’ve been with same company 18+ years. Products continue to improve each and every year. I’ve never found anything better. I’ve tried many things as comparisons. The price points, the business model. Please enjoy your Yevo.

    • If you don’t mind me asking what company you use. I’m looking for a good product and honesty in advertising . I’m curious to here what you use. I have health issues and want to get healthy again and not scammed. Lol please emaile at

      Thank you so much for you time!

  4. It tastes good. That’s a great start for a product that one chews before swallowing.

    I’d like to know more about the source of the ingredients, and some substance on the amounts of each nutrient (i.e., how did they decide how many mcg, mg, since there is a range of each offered out there in the world), whether they recommend that we stop other supplements we might be taking, etc.

  5. Regeneration USA has the most powerful compensation plan in the industry coupled with a great Organic Product Line!

  6. I know several distributors pushing this crap! They have been doing this for years with every mlm they have been in. If you want to lose money, time and friends, by all means join Yevo (what a jack a** stupid name) or any other mlm scam out there!

    • Patrick …get an education …
      A fool is quick to speak and
      Slow to listen…If you haven’t done your research…you may feel really stupid later…
      There is already too much evidence and proof to back up the claims of this companies product…Unfortunately often
      The greatest critics to any successful venture have absolutely nothing to offer
      Those around them…The Difference between success
      And Failure is one more try…
      What are You Personally doing that works??
      I Tried it, it Works!!!

    • This is so 100% a scam. The founder of this company has done these before and his other companies have been found to be scams. There is nothing new under the sun. Except unfortunately the suckers born every minute. I don’t mean to insult, but it’s true. These people count on you only looking at and finding their research. I say protect yourself and never get involved with an MLM. If the products were good and worth it. They would be sold through regular channels. Not these crazy friendship destroying schemes.

      “Paul Myhill co-founded LifeVantage, the company that a team of people here have thoroughly exposed as a scam.”

  7. This product is not produced by YEVO.It is produced by Nutrient Foods in Reno,NV.I have been to the plant prior to opening. This was just starting up and they were looking to start producing soon.Have not heard anything else..stay tuned I guess

  8. Ripoff and scam. Who in their right mind would pay $4.95 for a serving of oatmeal?! Any schmuck can start a MLM company these days.

  9. This is a pyramid scheme, or should I say mlm. From the same shady upper echelon management of Herbalife and Anway currently under federal investigation for their practices. Same cukt following, make their sellers go broke unless they gain new recruits, no money off the product. This company will face the same fate. Whoever wrote this article… Is PR for YEVO or obviously did no background research and is a complete lazy incompetent idiot

    • Amway is pure evil. It’s a dangerous cult. If those people are running this, I’m definitely begging him to get out before we have to go through all the financial stuff again, and possibly destroying our marriage for good. He was involved with them back in the late 79 and early 80, and then again in the early 90’s. Both times, we nearly lost our house and our marriage. The first time they caused the loss of our second child by ordering my husband ‘get your wife in line’ or ‘you can’t do this without your wife at your side. It cost us a child, we almost lost our house, and our marriage. The second time, he conned two people to join up and again we made nothing, but almost lost our home and our marriage. And with this – I’m not interested in going through it again especially with our health issues and age.

  10. My husband just signed on as a distributor and I’ve been researching the ingredients and company all morning. I don’t want him to get screwed again. My main concern right now is the cost of the products and how families can justify spending a third of their grocery allowance on one box of oatmeal that would feed an average family for one meal.

    • Hi Becky, hope you see this post. If your husband is a distributor I’m sure you have found the ingredients listed on the box as well as in the back office. Our family purchases the 15 pouch pack to get the best price per meal. This helps cut the cost considerably.

  11. I am currently trying a packet of the Hot Rice cereal I purchased from a vendor.
    The directions read to add HOT water and let it sit for 5 min. I added BOILING WATER let it sit longer than 5 minutes, and I was not soft..couldnt chew it. So I put it in the microwave (im sure I just killed everything that may be good about this product) for 3 minutes, and It still is not completely chewable. at this point I am concerned with what is in the product. As there are no ingredients listed on the package itself. I has flavor. Like cinnamon or nutmeg, and a buttery flavor. The package just says hot flavor, so I would not have expected it to taste the way it does. The Flavor is not BAD by any means, just not expected. Overall I would not purchase the product if It does not get soft like is actualy hurting my teeth, trying to chew it, and getting stuck in my teeth. Im throwing the rest away. As a new company, I think they have some issues to work through.

    • I’m eating my first bowl as I type this. I measured the water and let it sit for more than five minutes. A lot is soft, but the crunchy parts aren’t altogether disagreeable. I think it would be best if the water content would be increased to a cup. 2/3 cups of water is not enough for the contents of the package. I like a soft and creamy texture to my hot cereal. Otherwise, it tastes awesome. I would like to know the specifics of the contents. Saying ‘no bad stuff’ does not win me over. A lot of products have said that and come to find out it does indeed contain bad stuff.

    • The products are vegetarian, but not vegan. They do contain dairy products. Unfortunately, they are not available in South Africa at this time. If I can answer any other questions for you, please let me know.

  12. Hoe can you market yourself as a health food company and sell coffee. Coffee is acidic, and bad for the body. My mother died at age 51, coffee ate,they her colon and she died in less than 48 hours. Someone at YEVO did not do their homework. You would have a decent concept without the coffee. I hate to say it but it has to be the worst non-rewarding compensation program I have seen. It looks as if we have turned back 25 years. The co,p plan is old, stale and where is your check-matching program. When I see these 2% payout levels I just have to shake my head.

    • Actually coffee is NOT bad for you…Yes, while it is quite acidic – if/when u add some sort of mike/almond mike/soy/coco milk, etc, that neutralizes the acidity…OR, you can just drink COLD BREWED coffee – in which the acidity is VERY low naturally!
      Now, do your homework people – before you get upset w/others!! :)

  13. As YEVO just launched on Monday, Feb 2nd and released their breakfast line they will continue to bring to market snacks, drinks, lunch and dinner items, with the goal of offering 300 products to market in the food industry.

    YEVO foods are not 100% organic at this time. They are in the process of getting their non-GMO certification and will offer lines that are 100% certified organic, gluten free, vegan etc as they scale their growth and market share. YEVO understands the importance of whole food nutrition and uses 2 processes which keep the dehydrated foods live using low to no heat and then infuse these nutrients into every meal.

    Look forward to fully licensed OTC expansion into Mexico, Korea & Japan in the coming months with specific foods for these cultures and marketing, offices, merchandising, legal, etc on the ground in every country to assure proper field support and stable success.

    These foods are not prepared using any preservatives, they offer each cell the basic building blocks for repair, regeneration and health. They also provide a simple to prepare, highly nutritious and convenient meal for our busy lifestyles.

    • Dan,
      I WOULD RE DO YOUR WEB PAGE AND MAKE THAT CLAER THAT,YEVO foods are not organic at this time. Doesn’t mean you can advertise that. Its false advertisement.
      Just saying. Its best if you tell the whole truth. No where on your site says anything about what you just responded.

      • Hello Heather, sorry I did not see this reply until today and wanted to clarify that my statement above says that YEVO meals are not 100% organic at this time but the company will have a 100% organic line in the future.

        In no way am I trying to mislead. As a team leader, I work very closely with corporate and as you know YEVO has just launched but will offer 100% certified lines as well as gluten free, kosher, vegan, etc for every dietary preference and need. Their goal is to be 3-500 options strong in the next 3 years with lines for every person. The foods never contain any preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, additives, fillers etc. The patents on infusing and live drying are exceptional and aid in our bodies ability to absorb the nutrients. Should you ever have any questions feel free to contact me. Thank you.

        • There is no nutritional benefit when you are using genetically modified foods! You need to have nutritional facts on all labels. What type of testing is done on the raw materials? Is the company 3rd party certified? Main nutritional source is REAL food people need to eat and secondary should be nutritional supplements from a qualified, tested and researched based company.
          Who backs your products, Doctors? Who makes your food?

      • Hello Terry, to become a part of YEVO and join us on this mission please contact me as I always like to speak with future business partners before you enroll.

  14. I had a look at their Facebook page, the food is dehydrated (has a shelf life of up to 3 years) – no thank you, food is not meant to be taken this way!
    Who the hell in their right mind will eat a packaged meal up to 3 years old?

  15. Thanks for the info…I was on a distributor website and it had no product pics and it was unclear what the product was.My big question also was do they manipulate the food…is it genetically modified?

    • Susan-

      I can answer your questions for you. I’d love to spend a little time with you going over this remarkable product. To answer your initial question, no gmo’s and the only ingredients come from REAL WHOLE Food. Please email me and I’d love to answer more questions and talk to you about the products – food just like what you have in your cupboard.


      • I would like to see the nutritional labels for the foods. I like to know precisely how much of each macro I’m consuming (and recommending to others). Also, a comment was made about “infusing” nutrients. If these are whole foods, why do they need to be infused?

        • The way they do it is they take source like oats they what nutrients are in oats and then add the ones that are missing. Therefore infused.

          • This doesn’t answer the question. We with health issues and on medications need to know how much of each is ‘infused’. Especially with the mocha coffee. I know my doctors keep track of specifics, including all vitamins and such.

  16. I have been a student of mlms for 50 years and was introduced to Amway in 1963 when they were 3 years old and doing 500,000 dollars per year I didn’t do anything with them they now do over 7 Billion dollars worldwide I am sure Yevo is going to do the same because they have the three legs , Successful management, Strong financial support. Unique consumable products. That is a formula for success.

    • Carl, Question: I know as a company Amway is super successful but I have yet to find a single Amway Rep that makes enough money on a monthly basis to afford to live (and pay a mortgage) in SO Cali….. I think Amways success is through their all of their Reps buying/using the products!!!

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