X Pro Garcinia Cambogia is a weight-loss formula that helps to target existing fat, while preventing additional inches from being added to your waist. While limited information is available about the particular composition, the main ingredient has proven to be an effective substance in other supplements.

What is X Pro Garcinia?

With millions of people becoming victims of obesity in America, it makes sense that these consumers want to lose weight. Being overweight comes with many different complications, affecting everything from the clothes you wear to the activities that you can partake in. Once you see the problems you are truly facing, you are able to create a weight loss plan that caters to your particular issues.

However, if you want to increase your odds of successfully losing the weight, you should check out some of the supplements in the industry, like X Pro Garcinia Cambogia.

This impressive product is one of the four different formulas offered by X Pro supplements, and its main purpose is to help you lose weight. There are multiple ways that the main ingredient helps to achieve this goal, which includes regulating your serotonin levels to prevent stress.

A surprisingly high number of consumers, who want to lose weight, tend to go for solutions that seem much easier to them, like liposuction or gastric bypass surgery. However, these methods only eliminate the results of your poor eating habits, rather than fixing them. When you take a supplement like this, you are challenged to let go of the lifestyle you were participating in before, to gravitate towards a healthier one. If you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off, then the X Pro Garcinia formula is the way to go.

How Garcinia Cambogia Works

The main ingredient in this formula is Garcinia Cambogia, which targets your fat in two ways – by suppressing your appetite and by limiting your body’s absorption of fat. These are two natural effects of using this formula, since it has a 60% concentration of HCA.

Suppressing your appetite is a great way to reduce your fat, because it helps with multiple problems. First of all, with a smaller appetite, you won’t be consuming as many calories, which researchers have shown to be the cause of weight loss. However, a weakened appetite also helps emotional eaters to abstain from eating when they aren’t actually hungry. By controlling this aspect of your body’s daily needs, you can break bad eating habits, why encouraging your metabolism to burn fat.

When the formula prevents fat from being absorbed into your body, this formula helps to keep you from gaining more weight. However, this attribute also means that you have to rely on stored fat for energy, which helps to eliminate it from your body.

Using Garcinia Cambogia

When you purchase Garcinia Cambogia from XPro Supplements, you are given a bottle of 60 capsules, which should last you about a month. From that set of instructions, you can assume the daily required dose will be two capsules.

Since the dosing information is not specifically stated on the website, you may have to refer to the bottle when you receive it. If you would prefer to have this information ahead of time, the customer service team would be your best resource.

Pricing for Garcinia Cambogia

At this time, pricing for this supplement is not available on the website. Instead, you are required to speak with a customer service agent to get any information about pricing or purchasing.

Though there is no indication of what communication method needs to be used to order, it is in your best interest to call to minimize your risk of losing security of your financial information.

Contacting the Creators of X Pro Garcinia

Since this specific Garcinia Cambogia product is relatively new in the supplement industry, you may still have some concerns about taking it. X Pro Supplements has a customer service department, which is able to handle all of your inquiries by phone or by email.

To speak with a representative directly, the best choice is calling (800) 720-XPRO, which is a toll-free number. The department is open exclusively on weekdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST. However, if you are not able to call during these hours of operation, then you should probably email your inquiry to [email protected]

XPro Supplements is also responsible for producing and selling the following treatments, which all help consumers to lose weight quickly:

X Pro Garcinia Cambogia Conclusion

Garcinia Cambogia is not a new ingredient to consumers who focus on weight loss. In fact, the solitary ingredient has been featured on a number of talk shows, and is almost always included in the recipes for other fat-burning products.

This formula is about the same as the others, featuring a 60% HCA concentration. If you want to eliminate the weight that you’ve been carrying around, and to release yourself from mindless eating, then the supplement is the way to go.


  1. I can’t find the initial e-mail I was sent regarding my trial. I want to cancel and stop any reoccuring charges. How do I do this.

    • Denise,
      As you may know this site is not owned and operated by X Pro supplements. I am not sure who runs this site, but they are not anyway associated with us. If you need help please contact us at (800) 720-XPRO
      Thank you

    • Vikie

      As you may know this site is not owned and operated by X Pro supplements. I am not sure who runs this site, but they are not anyway associated with us. If you need help please contact us at (800) 720-XPRO

      Thank you

  2. Same thing happened to me. They pull you in by thinking you will trial the product for 4.95 but then they charge you the full price at the end of the trial period for the product you used. Luckily I emailed them and canceled before they automatically sent out another shipment and charged me for it too. Reading the fine print will be something I do from now on. They also sent 2 other products to me and tried to charge me for them. They did end up refunding me for them.

    • Ebony

      The answer to your question is YES, our products have helped many people across the nation as well as our 7 day meal and work out plan that is provided with our products. Feel free to call one of our weight loss experts today to have a free consultation over the phone. (800) 720-XPRO

  3. If you read the “terms and conditions” it states you will be charged 79.95+4.95 (shipping) if you don’t cancel you order before the 14 trial ends and you will keep getting charged that every month until you cancel

  4. Same thing with this company… I only authorized the original 4.95, got charged twice and they send me more. They won’t let you ship back the product either. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

    • Julie

      I am sorry you feel this way. The reason we do not allow product to be shipped back to us is that it is unsanitary, and we hold a high quality standard with our products. We wouldn’t send anyone product that’s been opened or sent to someone else previously. If you feel your account has not been settled please feel free to call us at anytime.

  5. Ordered a free sample and agreed to pay the $4.95 shipping. A couple of days after getting my product (3 days) I saw a $79.95 charge on my account. Called the company and dealt with a disrespectful representative who spoke over me repetitively and offered me only a 50% refund. I told him that I was submitting a dispute with my bank the next day after the charges finished processing. He told me he needed to speak to my bank. I told him that was not okay with me that he didn’t have any right or need to speak with my bank and that sort of thing is a security risk and the punk told me “it’s not a security risk, it’s 3-way calling”. He then offered me a maximum 25% refund. I told him I would get 100% refund at my bank and thanked him for his BS customer service.

    • Taran

      I apologize you feel this way, but our terms and conditions are clearly stated at the checkout page. We hold a high standard here, and have always helped customers within reasoning. Reading through the notes and calls you made it seems you were issued a full refund, and that you were satisfied with your results. If there’s anyway we can help you out further please let us know.


  6. I also had the same issues. No where when I ordered the “free trial” did it state that I was going to be charged $150 if I didn’t call within 14 days. I expected that they were going to sign me up for auto shipments but knew enough to call to stop those. The customer service was horrible and completely rude! I talked to 3 different people and none of them were very helpful or understanding. This is a scam! Purchase your product someplace else!

    • Kristy I apologize you feel this way, we hold a very high standard in our customer support. I looked over your notes in our system and it is said that you’ve been completely refunded and that you were satisfied with your results. If there is something further we can help you with please feel free to call us back. Thank you

  7. All of the above plus more. I ordered the Garci Slim Prom for $4.95 shipping only and received as ordered. Then on 10/11/16 I had $89.31 and $87.47 deducted from my bank acct debit card. On 10/24/16 another $79.95 and 69.97 was deducted the same way. I never ordered any of this and did not know until I received my bank statement yesterday. I could not find contact info anywhere I checked. Then after talking with my bank I found a phone number listed by each transaction on my statement. I called and after much holding plus 30 minutes and raising hell with about 5 different people as well as threatening to sue them (I work for a group of attorneys) they went from 30% to 50% to a full 100% refund. This is pure fraud and I am reporting to BBB and anyone else I can speak with. Following are the numbers I got from my bank statement: 1-844-298-7531 and 1-800-398-0450. These are the numbers I got help by calling. Also, the following numbers were listed by 2 of the debits: 1-800-931-0691 and 1-844-965-9136. I have received emails advising that full credit for all 4 debts have been issued today to my bank. If they do not follow thru with credits then I will see them in court and I could tell they do not want that. I have not received any items from them except the initial one I ordered…So they are billing for items never shipped. I hope this helps someone else as this seems to be a very fraudulent company.

    • Ramona, I am curious if you got your 100 refund they promised you? Also, did you order the product through Xpro Supplements. I am asking because I tried to contact them and told them about a customer who posted something online about how she was able to get a 100% refund and they said that she probably bought it from another Company.

    • Wrong product Romona you did not make a purchase from us

      But if you are interested in losing weight you may call us at (800) 720-XPRO and one of our weightloss specialist will help you start shedding some of that weight.


  8. I sent an earlier response and just to add to that I called them again and asked for the address so I could contact the BBB and they told me the best they could do was refund in full minus 12.00 for getting rid of product. So considering before they told me just 50 percent It was a deal I don’t mind losing 12.00 Thanks to the fact that I told them I was getting in touch with the BBB they sure changed their tune. Hope this helps others to get most of their money back

  9. I placed an order for the free 15 day supply for $4.95! Immediately they charged me for 2 other products that I did not order. I immediately called and had that taken care of. I told them that all I authorized was the $4.95 on my credit card!! Well when I got my credit card bill, they had also charged me $79.95!!!! I was livid!! I called and they told me because I did not call during the 14 day trail period that they charged me full price of $79.95. I continue to try and talk with them. That associate got the supervisor on the line and she would not do anything but credit me for half the $79.95. I am still not satisfied and plan to try and get this matter resolved and the complete $79.95 credited. As I told them in the beginning, I DID NOT authorize anything but the $4.95. So I plan to do whatever I need to so that this matter will be resolved and I am credited the remaining balance!!!

    • The Same thing just happened to me they told me that the free trial started the day I ordered it. I told her how can you charge me for something I didn’t have yet? So all they did was refund half of the 79.95. I am getting in touch with the BBB to see if this can be resolved

  10. It was the same way the company got my money. The application in website made me order accidentally. I am waiting to see if they ship the products to me or not. Otherwise I will report.

  11. I accidentally order 1 other product from them and immediately after my order was placed i got email order confirmation, I replied to the email asking them to cancel the order i didn’t and got a order cancellation with hrs of my first email and my money was cedited by to me. All you ppl giving bad reviews use your common sense and look at your order receipt it tell you exactly how to contact them. ? ? ? costumer service!

  12. How do I contact you!
    You shipped me one item I did not order and there is another unknown charge on my card
    Please respond within 5 days or I will report your company as a fraud and rescind these charges

  13. Its pretty bad when you order from this company and the email address they give you does nothing, and the phone number they give you, along with times they are supposed to be available, only gives you options of things to purchase. No way to notify or contact anyone. If this isn’t fraud I don’t know what is….

    • Cathleen,

      This is not true, we send each customer an order confirmation email with our toll free #, our hours of operation, and an email address which is monitored 24/7 by a live agent. If you feel you have not been properly cared for please feel free to give us a call so we can handle this matter for you.



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