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What started as a vision to share the healthy qualities of green tea, along with the functionality of energy drinks, all without artificial or harmful ingredients, has turned into a label that is synonymous with great quality and taste.

Driven by a commitment to maintain a label that was clean, one that consumers would know did not contain fructose or corn syrup, Xing Iced Tea delivers a natural product with non-GMO ingredients.

They use an innovative production process to keep the natural, preservative-free reputation of their products. At Xing, they promise to produce the highest quality taste and refreshment you can buy, without losing their commitment to giving you natural products.

First introduced with their premium green teas and juices, the recently created Xing Energy was in response to the high demand for all natural, non GMO products. Now available in over 10 countries, and 40 states, these preservative free, naturally sweetened products are offered in a variety of flavors, meaning there is definitely something for everyone.

A New Age Movement

The important news here is that Xing Iced Tea has worked to maintain their reputation for being an all natural energy drink, made with powerful antioxidants found in the natural fruit juices added for flavor.

The Xing Brand prides themselves as being a New Age movement that is both original, and a healthier alternative for people who choose products that align with their values, while fuelling their active lifestyles.

Green teas are a well documented, and well known healthy drinks. The purpose is to allow consumers to have the health benefits of green tea, with clean label alternatives to unhealthy and artificial additives.

Xing Iced Tea Comes in 11 Delicious Flavors, Starting With the Originator

Just Plain Tea is for authentic green tea lovers. The base of the other flavored teas, this one leaves the fruity undertones at the door. This preservative free tea features award winning flavors.

Xing Iced Tea’s signature base comes from a unique green tea base with a hint of black tea, sweetened only using natural fruit flavors, pure cane sugar, or honey. Many green tea drinks are made without the use of green tea. Green tea “flavors” are used, which eliminates all of the health benefits of drinking green tea.

It is also available in peach, lemon, mint, pomegranate, blueberry, cherry, mango, raspberry, ginseng, and half and half (half Just Plain Tea, and half lemonade).

Xing Energy

Xing Energy is a caffeine packed drink with an added Vitamin B complex. These drinks are non GMO, preservative free, and all natural. Sweetened using plain cane sugar. Xing Energy is available in four distinct flavors: grapefruit, grape attack, tangerine, and mad melon.

Energy drinks are traditionally made with artificial flavors and preservatives, at Xing the energy drinks are made with only all natural flavors and additives. There is no guesswork when it comes to ingredients, and there are no added sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup. You will get the benefit of an energy drink, without the crash, and without any harmful sweeteners or additives.

Xing Juice

Xing Juice is an all natural juice that is loaded with vitamin C. They are preservative free, and contain no high fructose corn syrup. They come available in four flavors, each with 10% juice: strawberry banana, orange mango, fruit punch, and blackberry grape.

These all natural juices were created out of the demand for consumers who wanted all natural juices, without artificial flavors and sweeteners.

A Natural and Clean Option

Xing is giving health conscious consumers natural and clean green teas, juices, and energy drinks, giving them the energy to go out and do the things they love and helping them to perform when it is important.

Who doesn't love a great sweet iced tea? These wonderful flavor additions that create a mildly fruity taste to the already delicious green teas was a brilliant and refreshing addition to the Xing brand. Great Iced Teas quickly become favorites, and great energy drinks allow people to produce better results, even if they don’t love coffee.

Xing energy drinks are an added bonus in the market of limited energy drink options. These deliciously flavored drinks pack enough energy to give you that extra boost you need to get through a workout, a business meeting, or an exam. These alternatives to coffee are perfect for those who aren’t coffee lovers, and for those who prefer a sweeter, more refreshing boost with their energy.

The benefits of drinking an all natural fruit juice as opposed to sodas or artificially flavored or sweetened alternative are the reason Xing began making them in the first place.

Made for the active person who values their health while staying busy, Xing beverages has done what they set out to do. They have made a mark in the world of green teas and energy drinks. With a wide variety of flavors to choose from. you will surely walk away with two or three favorites.

To Purchase Xing Iced Tea

Xing Iced Teas are found at your local health food retailers. A full list of these retailers can be found on the website.


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