Wim Yogurt

With all of the “do it yourself” gadgets on the market, the online videos of how to make your own everything, or even the tried, tested, and true methods of our grandparents; everyone loves the idea of simple, sustainable methods of having some of our favorite things. Frozen Yogurt being one of them.

The Wim appliance will allow you to have a single serving of frozen yogurt, with the press of a button.

Too Good To Be True?

This quiet, intelligent freezing technology allows you to create a single serving of delicious frozen yogurt without refrigeration or pre cooling required. Not only is it super quiet, but it works with its own bowls, with no cleaning required. Whether you’re making it or enjoying it, frozen yogurt should never be hard.

You Can’t Beat Fresh

Each Wim Yogurt bowl is frozen on the spot, making it creamier, smoother, and better tasting than store bought brands, that may have sat in freezers for months. You are guaranteed to have no freezer burn, or carton taste in your bowl of super fresh frozen yogurt. What you are left with is the freshest and most delicious frozen yogurt you have ever had.

Organic Ingredients in Wim Yogurt

The beauty of making your own food is that you can control what goes in it. You can choose from the freshest ingredients, because that’s what you choose to use. In addition, the prepackaged flavors included contain such a variety, there is surely something for everyone.

Aside from your choices in additions, the base recipes actually contain 100% organic dried yogurt from Hawthorne Valley Farm in upstate New York. If you haven’t heard of them, take a look. They are essentially a five star resort for cows.

A Lot Less Sugar

The recipe’s included are slightly sweetened with natural honey, so they contain much less sugar than what you would buy in the store. What many people don’t realize, is that store bought frozen yogurt brands come with an astronomical amount of sugars, defeating the purpose of making it a healthier choice.

Yes, it has Probiotics

Each Wim recipe contains 1 billion cfu of Ganeden BC30, a probiotic culture added to support your immune and digestive health. An important component to anything yogurt, is to ensure there are probiotics included.

A Sustainable Model

The Wim Yogurt bowl can and should be recycled indefinitely, just rinse and use. A recycled bowl can save as much energy as running three hours of television.

The amount of energy saved from not having it sit in a grocery store freezer for months is immeasurable. Along with the delivery freezer trucks, or other shipping methods, it’s just a win/win for everyone.

Additional aluminum bowls and parts can be purchased through the website.

Freezing of the yogurt happens quickly, and at the moment you want to enjoy your favorite, healthy treat. Pair this with the recyclable and reusable parts, and you’ve got a beautifully sustainable model to work with. Which additionally will leave you with more energy to eat it.

The Wim model of frozen yogurt making just simply could not be any easier. With an uber simple and sustainable model, paired with organic and probiotic ingredients, you couldn't ask for anything more.

With 10 flavors to choose from, including Original, you will never get tired of your Wim appliance. Variety has been a key element in the production of the Wim frozen yogurt making appliance, and the selection was carefully chosen to offer every person a chance to meet the taste they prefer.

How To Purchase Wim Yogurt

You can order you Wim frozen yogurt appliance online for $299.00, which comes with a free starter pack. This pack includes the Wim appliance, plus 5 flavors of yogurt for the appliance. These flavors are pre chosen for you: Original, Raspberry, Brownie Batter, Strawberry, and Milk and Cookies.

Additional Wim Yogurt Flavor Packs

Additional packs can be purchased in 5, 10, and 20 pack increments. You can choose from Banana Bread, Brownie Batter, Milk and Cookies, Original, Raspberry, Strawberry, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, Cinnamon Toast, or Passion Fruit. The more you purchase, the lower the cost as well.


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