Dietary intake is the most important element of maintaining long term health. Following a diet that provides the body with a diverse range of healthy, organic ingredients is essential, but the busy nature of modern life can make it extremely difficult to find the time to create a comprehensive and nutritious meal plan for yourself and your family.

Between work, family, and social commitments, it can be almost impossible to find the time to carry out all of the tasks that go into creating a nutritive, varied, and delicious range of meals for your family. Researching healthy recipes, creating ingredient lists, shopping for groceries, preparing food, cooking, and cleaning up all take up critical hours that many individuals just don’t have time for.

The difficulty in finding the time and energy to create nutritional meals is made even harder by the fact that much of the food that is available from grocery stores in the United States is made with GMO ingredients. GMO foods are foods that have been altered with genetic engineering, making them resistant to specific diseases or pesticides.

There has been a significant amount of public outcry in the last few years over the widespread use of GMO ingredients in American food, as many clinical investigations have demonstrated that they cause a wide range of serious health conditions such as infertility, digestive disorders, brain cell death, metabolic syndrome, and even cancer.

The pesticides that GMO ingredients are created to tolerate are just as damaging, with chemicals like Monsanto Roundup permanently altering the composition of the internal organs, causing cancer, and contaminating the environment permanently. Avoiding GMO foods and pesticide treated products is extremely important to your health and that of your family.

One of the most frustrating aspects of eating clean, healthy, GMO free, chemical free organic food is the high cost associated with organic grocery shopping. Organic foods are generally more expensive than chemically treated foods, making it extremely difficult to balance both your bank account and your health.

A new food solution, however, is providing health conscious, time poor families with the ability to dramatically cut down on their grocery costs and create delicious, healthy, nutritious, GMO free recipes at home incredibly easily and quickly. Wildtree is a revolutionary new food preparation system that harnesses the power of sharing and community to drastically cut down on the time it takes to make a week’s worth of organic meals.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Wildtree concept and find out how it works to help you decide whether getting on board with the WIldtree system is right for you.

What is Wildtree?

Wildtree is a revolutionary new food sharing and food preparation system that focuses on making clean, natural, GMO-free products available at affordable prices, while cutting down on the amount of time it takes to prepare an entire week’s worth of meals.

The Wildtree concept is the brainchild of Leslie Montie, who founded the platform. As a busy full-time mother, Montie has a family with extensive and complicated dietary restrictions and limitations. Unable to serve most of the instant food options available on the market but in dire need of an instant food solution, Montie set out to create an easy way to prepare a large amount of unprocessed, delicious, varied, organic, and GMO free food that could be cooked and served quickly.

With the end goal of creating tasty, nutritious meals in just minutes, Montie enlisted the assistance of her parents, and together they came up with a unique and incredibly cost-effective solution. By preparing all of the ingredients necessary to create a meal in advance and storing them in recipe sized bags, the Montie family created what was to become one of the biggest food prep sharing platforms in the world.

The Wildtree Difference

All of the products that Wildtree offer are created with the premise that food should be free from artificial additives and as close to nature as possible, while being easy to prepare and stress-free. The WIldtree range is completely free from MSG, artificial food dyes, GMO’s, or any other kind of synthetic ingredients.

The farming processes used to create the Wildtree range all incorporate sustainable techniques that minimize environmental impact, and don’t use any pesticides. The end result is a wide selection of responsibly sourced organic products that are provided by reputable suppliers. Wildtree use strict quality standards to ensure that the ingredients used in their range are as pure as possible and free from any potential contaminants.

The Wildtree team work with professional dietitians that review the products they offer, assessing nutritional content and ensuring that they meet a wide range of dietary requirements to offer 100% dietician approved solutions that are supported by direct assistance regarding allergens and nutritional questions.

All of the products offered by Wildtree are USDA certified organic, and are certified by QUAI. Wildtree participates in the National Organic Plan, and maintains a completely gluten-free production facility specifically for their gluten free range, which creates products that are certified as gluten free by the Gluten Intolerance Group.

Additionally, Wildtree practice extremely stringent allergen control techniques that incorporate superior manufacturing techniques that maximizes the safety of customers with allergens that fall within the top 8 most common allergic conditions, making Wildtree the ideal solution for families with specific dietary requirements or allergies.


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