Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil – Quality Vegan Omega-3 DHA + EPA Fatty Acids?


Testa is an omega 3 oil that is completely fish free and ideal for vegetarians. They encourage people to use their omega 3’s to help with the protection of the oceans. Read this review to find out more about Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil.

What is Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil?

Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil is an environmentally friendly product that is full of DHA and EPA fatty acids. They are completely all natural CO2 neutral grown, not like fish. They are not contaminated with hazardous heavy metals and substances like chemicals that are found in many fish.

A lot of substances like dioxins and PCB’s are found within many different fish oils. Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil is said to be free from any harsh substances that cause illnesses like cancer.

It’s a completely 100% plant based, fish free oil. It does have the same active ingredients as fish oils, but without any animal products. Each package of Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil helps save 38 fish from death. And there is free shipping from American warehouses. The organization is completely dedicated to helping replace products that are harmful to the ocean. They are also to completely sustainable resources and creating better quality products.

How Does Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil Work?

Omega 3 fatty acids contain DHA and EPA. They are ideal substances for taking care of the heart. They also help lower the risk of coronary disease and heart disease. They improve cholesterol levels in the body and can even help to improve situations like attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity and even depression. Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil is considered to be one of the best supplements for people to take.

There is also a lot of clinical studies that have shown that Omega 3s helps lower triglycerides and reduce the chance of heart attacks. Any type of abnormal heartbeat and strokes can be reduced by taking Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil.

Other problems like high blood pressure can also be lowered by taking Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil. Unlike fish oils that can harmful effects, Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil does not have the same effects. People who take heart transplants should also consult with a doctor prior to taking omega 3 oils.

What Are the Ingredients in Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil?

Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil has oils derived from algae. The oils are composed of DHA, EPA and ALA’s. The Omega 3 oils, are good for the brain, heart and eyes. The body is unable to product Omega 3 itself. They get it from natural supplements. Fish oil is not sustainable and actually very unhealthy. 87% of the oceans are overfished, and now contain a lot of harmful substances and hazardous materials. They contain things like dioxins and PCBs.

They are 100% fish free and replace a lot of products that fish are used to create. Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil is seeking to improve the biodiversity of the oceans. If more people will use Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil, more fish will be able to be saved. They are looking to replace a large percentage of fish oils with Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil within ten years.

Since it is 100% plant based, no animals are harmed during the creation of the Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil. It takes 38 fish to make one bottle of fish oil capsules. It is completely sustainable and will help to save the oceans of the world. There are more than 90 billion kilograms of fish caught each year from the oceans of the world. Testa believes that there are more sustainable ways to collect omega 3 oils, like through the use of Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil. Along with using animal free oils, the packages that Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil are shipped in are 100% bio-degradable. And the packages are also packed in a social workplace.

At Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil, they are seeking to protect the ocean. They also care about what the public thinks. So they encourage people to give any tips on how they can improve their company and help the oceans.

What is the Cost of Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil?

One package of Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil, costs $24.95. Each order contains 60 capsules and will replace your standard fish oil capsules without harming any fish. They really promote helping protect the environment and keeping the oceans safe. Even though they are located in the Netherlands, they ship from the United States and also give free shipping.

What are Customers Saying About Testa Omega 3 Algae Oil?

Of 248 reviews, they received an average of 5 out of 5 stars which is very rare. Out of a possible score of 10, they received 9.5 out of 10. Customers are very happy with the results of the pills. One of the only complaints people give is that the pills are possibly too big. Even though they complained about the pills, they still gave the company a 5-star rating. Other than the pill size, customers make now suggestions for the company.


  • Completely safe and free from toxins
  • Safe for the environment and animals
  • Packaged in environmentally safe pacakges


  • Pill size is too big for some
  • More expensive than fish oil

Should I Use Testa Omega 3 Alagae Oil?

Yes, according to reviews, there are no reasons to not take Omega 3 Oils from Testa. And since they are good for the environment, that is another reason to take them.

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