Are you like most men and looking for that Six Pack shortcut? Well, a new product claims to have the solution for you.

What is Test Reload?

Test Reload is a dual-action testosterone booster that works to increase testosterone, or test, in the body, while also lowering estrogen levels. Unlike the illegal boosters on the market, Test Reload is an all-natural supplement that helps the body increase its production by itself.

Why is Test Important?

Test is considered the most important hormone for building muscle and burning fat. It’s thought that high test levels in men is vital for them to create muscle mass and increase their strength. In addition to the importance of these things, Testosterone is also known to burn body fat, which makes it perfect for getting lean and ripped quickly.

How Test Reload Works

Test Reload has five very distinct stages, each aimed at getting the most out of the supplement, so users can cut back on their fat and increase the amount of muscle and strength they gain.

The five Test Reloading Stages are:

1 – Reload and Restore

This stage aims at increasing the Testosterone levels in users, so their bodies are prepared for the next steps.

2 – Estrogen Slash

To prevent the test from being converted into estrogen, this stage works on controlling and balancing estrogen levels in the body so that the test is being used to its full potential.

3 – Test Kick Starter

At this stage, the test will ease into being used, so the body become accustomed to the new Testosterone levels and the fat burning abilities of the supplement.

4 – Test Upload

In the fourth stage, Test Reload will increase the T-boosting powers in the body.

5 – Full Body Activation

Finally, the body will reach its peak performance level. The Test Reload will be working throughout the body to burn fat and increase muscle mass, making gains easier to accomplish. Once this stage has been reached for several weeks, it’s best to stop the program for a few weeks, and then start again. This will assure the best, consistent results.

Ingredients in Test Reload

Test Reload has several important ingredients, however, four of them are key to boosting test levels and increasing the amount of fat the body can burn.


This plant is vital in helping users boost their serum test. So often, serum test is lost from the body, which is why fenugreek is important, as it prevents the serum test from leaving the body. The herb allows test to flow through the body better, allowing it to be used to create muscle and burn fat.

Fenugreek has been associated with increasing energy levels, boosting testosterone levels, and leading to great muscle size. In addition to make muscle mass bigger, it also helps increase the strength of these muscles.

— D-Aspartic Acid

An amino supplement, D-Aspartic Acid stimulates the brain, causing it to release more hormones, which in turn increases how sensitive the body is to test. This leads the body to being more efficient in its muscle building abilities.

D-Aspartic Acid has also been associated with creating solid muscle mass and boosting the sexual drive in men.

— Maca Root

This root has become extremely popular in recent years for its many benefits relating to the male reproductive system. Maca root has been known to increase sperm count, as well as increase testosterone levels. Not only will this herb help increase test, it will also keep the test running at a higher rate.

— White Button Mushroom Extract

Because testosterone levels don’t matter if it’s being converted into estrogen, this mushroom is vital to the effectiveness of Test Reload. This mushroom has been known to balance out estrogen levels, specifically in men. While this may not be an issue for most people, for those trying to cut fat and increase muscle mass, it’s important to get the most out of their test. This mushroom will keep the increased testosterone levels from turning into estrogen, allowing most of it to be used for creating the wanted muscles and strength.

Purchasing Test Reload

Test Reload is being sold on the Six Pack Shortcuts website. Here, potential customers won’t just find more information on the product, they’ll also find current specials and deals.

Test Reload is sold as a subscription, so users never run out, because a new bottle is mailed every 30 days. This subscription is easy to cancel, users just need to reach out to the company, whose contact information can be found below.

Usually Test Reload costs $97 for a month’s supply, however there is a current special that has greatly reduced the price. Now, Test Reload is being sold for just $67. This discount can be claimed on the website.

The purchase of Test Reload also comes with a guaranteed 60 days money back guarantee. If for some reason users find that Test Reload isn’t meeting their expectations, they can return the remaining product and receive a refund, no questions asked.

Test Reload Bonuses

Not only is Test Reload being sold at a discounted price, but it is also being sold with a bonus.

Building muscle is a complicated, and sometimes disheartening, process. Thankfully, the creator of Test Reload understands this struggle, so he’s offering his muscle building program as a bonus with any purchase of Test Reload.

Monster Mass is a muscle building program that can help users get the results they want, as fast as they want. Combined with Test Reload, this program will help users gain muscle on the chest, shoulders, arms, legs, and anywhere else they want.

Monster Mass focuses on using Monster Sets, a system that greatly increases the amount of real muscle gained. And all this comes as a free bones with any purchase of Test Reload.

Contacting Six Pack Shortcuts

For those who have questions or would like to cancel their subscriptions, Six Pack Shortcuts can be reached at [email protected]

For users who prefer to speak with people, Six Pack Shortcuts can be reached at:

— U.S. Toll Free: 1-800-655-8576
— International Toll Free: 1-855-520-7596


Before taking any supplement, users should consult their doctor first. This supplement should only be taken as recommended and the recommended dose should not be exceeded.

If you want to see more information about this, you can go to the official homepage here.


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