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Sunrider International is a top company in the manufacture of some of the finest herb based products. The company aims to nourish and empower the world where people can lead a life of well-being and balance. The company believes that every person is capable of success and its aim is to provide you with the opportunity to succeed in life.

The company has grown over the years and has offices in several parts of the world as it looks to provide a personalized customer care support across the world. There are offices in Asian, Middle East, Oceania, and America. The company was founded in the year 1982 but has since grown and spread its services to several parts of the world, where it aims to create an impact in the lives of people. The company has its main offices in Torrance, California. The company is privately owned by the founder Dr. Chen, being the chairman.

Sunrider Corporation has thousands of franchise stores across the United States and tens of thousands of distributors across the world who help sell the company’s products. The company specializes in the manufacture of products in the areas of beauty, health, food, and house hold products at its four main manufacturing plants in China, Singapore, Taiwan, and Southern California. It is a pretty big country with over 22 offices across the world and in business with over 42 countries.

The founder of the company Dr. Chen is a Taiwanese herbalist born in Utah, United States. Chen would later move the main offices to Los Angeles where the company grew and opened branches in several parts of the world. However, everything has not been rosy throughout the years as Sunrider International. Its owners were found guilty in the year 1995 for orchestrating a massive tax evasion scheme and sentenced to a year in a maximum security prison. Dr Chen’s wife was also sentenced to six months of home detention. The company paid over $100 million in tax penalties and interest.

However, in 2007, the company diversified its business by purchasing a Holiday Inn Asiaworld hotel in Taipei and had plans to buy more hotels.

What Exactly Does The Company Do?

The company is currently known as a multi-level marketing company that specializes in the sale of herbal products, health snacks, teas, and diet pills all aimed at improving our daily lives. As per the year 2009, the company had over 300,000 distributors and an annual revenue of over $700 million. However, there were still claims that the company made outrageous medical claims and most of the distributors did not have proper qualifications to sell their products. In 1992, a woman who had taken the company to court claiming the products from the company affected her settled for $650,000 in an Arizona court.

In the hotel business, the company has bought several hotels across the world that they now call the Sunworld Dynasty. They have one of the largest hotels in Taipei city. However, we will focus our review more towards the products the company manufacturers as we look at their benefits and side effects.

The Manufacturing Line

The Sunrider Corporation researches, develops, and manufactures the entire line of their products without engaging in any form of outsourcing. The company takes serious steps in the products in manufacturers by buying raw herbs materials, cleansing them, refining, concentrating, and packing them ready for sale. All the manufacturing process takes place in the four plants located in Southern California, China, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Despite facing some legal actions, the company has been on a steady rise over the years and has a fifth plant under construction currently in Kunshan city in China. The company has to put more emphasis on improving the sanitary conditions of their products and making them more marketable to the Jewish and Islamic communities. The company so far manufactures over 415 award winning products that are aimed at solving your beauty, health, and household needs.

Every single product made by the company is carefully formulated by the owners and manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure safety and hygiene. Their plants have some of the best state-of the-art facilities that guarantee safe products for human use.

Why Are Sunrider Products Important?

The company’s products are crucial and will help with the daily problems we face regarding beauty, health, and households needs. The company’s herbal foods are well-known for their unique taste and quality and will make a great addition to your diet. Most of their diets contain natural antioxidants that will help with the natural cleansing of the body. Products like VitaShake help nourish and cleanse the body, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, re-energized, and completely new.

Their herbal concentrates are among the best and will make you feel healthier and younger. They are safe and made from naturally occurring ingredients that do not have any serious side effects. Other products like the MetaBooster help your body perform at its peak, which works well for those that are trying to lose weight or maintain weight. These products are tailored to the day-to-day problems we face in society, making them ideal for use.

The company has not left the beauty area behind as more people look for ways to enhance their beauty. Sunrider International beauty products are much needed as they help cleanse, nourish, and balance the skin, giving people a beautiful, young, radiant face. The products remain highly recommended as they show immediate results. These are specifically designed products for your healthcare, hair care, and spa needs.

The Benefits Of Sunrider Products

The benefits of each product manufactured by the company will be cdetailed under the category of products made. Some of the available product categories and their benefits are:

Sunrider’s Beverages And Herbal Foods

Sunrider manufactures beverages and herbal foods of the highest quality possible. The foods and beverages have delicious tastes, making them a great pick. Examples of their bestselling beverages include the Fortune Delight and Calli. These two are filled with antioxidants that work to help the body fight free radicals and help with the cleansing process. Other products under this category like the VitaShake and Vitalite bar are filled with ingredients that help nourish your body and cleanse it.

These are just a few of the beverages and herbal foods offered by the company. You can always find more on the company’s website and get the full benefits they offer.

Herbal Concentrates

The company’s herbal concentrates are among the best cutting edge herbal products in the market that help deal with common ailments we suffer in the world today. Examples are the Bella and Veros that help balance out the body’s five systems. You can start your day with any of the company’s herbal concentrates and be in for a good day ahead.

These herbal concentrates are highly beneficial to the body and will make you feel more energetic, younger, and healthier. The concentrates are just what you need to have a good day where your performances will be at the peak. Most of these herbal concentrates will provide you with important nutrients that the body lacks, improving your general health.

Active Lifestyle And Weight Management Formulas

If you’re looking to lose some weight or lead an active lifestyle, then the Sunrider’s active formulas will help you. The company has formulated some of the best formulas that will boost your metabolism levels and help you perform at your peak. Products like the MetaBoost and Vitalite SportCaps will help you remain active throughout the day without suffering from the late afternoon sugar crashes.

These products are also ideal for individuals looking to either lose weight or maintain their current weight. They will help you make a smooth transition to your healthier lifestyle. These products are among the best in the market and play a vital role in our lives. They help us lead a peaceful lifestyle where we don’t have to worry of our performances dropping late in the afternoon.

Beauty Products

The company has a wide range of products that aim to solve issues with our skin, hair care, personal care, spa needs, and much more. Simple beauty products that work effectively and deliver smooth skin that is radiant and shiny. The special skin care treatment formulas are 100% safe as they are made from herbal extracts combined with vegetable based ingredients.

The products will make you look beautiful from head to toe, delivering results within the shortest possible time. If you want to feel beautiful, healthier, and young, then giving the Sunrider products a chance will go a long way in helping you manage your beauty needs.


For women that are conscious of the products they use on their face, the company has a solution for you in the form of natural color cosmetics made from the finest natural ingredients. Examples of their ingredients come from jojoba and squalane oils, making the products 100% safe on the skin. The Kandesn color cosmetics are known worldwide and work well with almost all type of skins types, ethnicities, and tones.

The cosmetics do not change the way you look but work to enhance your natural beauty, helping you look more beautiful. You can choose from this category and get more cosmetic products to achieve the beautiful results you want. You will love them from the very first moment as they smell natural and make you look stunning.

Household Products

The company is also known to produce a whole variety of household products that meet the needs of people in the best way possible. These products are among the best, and you’ve probably used some without even noticing who the manufacturer was.

These common household brands include Sunbright, SunSmile, and oral care, all of which are known for their great performance and safety. These households’ products are effective and help improve our lives on a daily basis by delivering amazing results in the kitchen and other parts of the house where they are used.

Overall, the products from the company are effective and work as described. The company has been on a steady growth trend, always looking to make the finest products that are not only effective but also safe for use. After years of battling with the law on tax evasion cases and claims of chemicals in their products, the company has gone ahead and redeemed itself by improving the manufacturing standards from the acquisition of raw materials to packaging, storage, and transportation of their products.

Their products seem to have passed the test of time and continued to impress as they gain access to several parts of the world. Some products might be missing in certain parts of the world, but the company is on a steady growth and making its presence felt across the globe.

You can also be a member of the company and start earning today by becoming part of the consultants and distributing the products in your region. The company since its inception in the year 1982 has helped thousands of people across the world become financially stable by given them an opportunity to market its products.

What Are The Side Effects Of The Company’s Products?

Like most herbal products, there are minimal side effects since the ingredients used are 100% natural. The company has worked tirelessly and helped reduce any chances of chemicals or toxins getting into their products. They manufacture all their products in their four plants that are fitted with the state-of-the-art facilities. Their hygiene levels have also drastically improved, delivering safe products for humans use.

For herbal concentrates, foods, and beverages, it is always good to check the list of ingredients included and see if you’re allergic to any of them. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should also consult with their doctors before taking the herbs, pills, and supplements from the company.

Overall, there are minimal side effects with most of the products working well.

Sunrider International Review Summary

Sunrider International remains one of the best companies when it comes to the provision of products that help solve issues to do with our health, beauty, and household items. Despite facing a few legal challenges here and there about the safety of their products, the company has remained steadfast in showing the effectiveness of their products.

Their products are renowned across the world and are among the top brands. You can order yours today or become a distributor with the company and make some extra cash.


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