Slender Popcorn – Protein World’s Nutritional Low Calorie Snacks?


What is the one thing that adds fun to movie nights and passes for a snack when struck by hunger pangs? Popcorn.

Whether after a meal or as something to prepare your tummy while you make your favorite cuisine, popcorn is a sure way to curb hunger. However, most people abstain from popcorn claiming that it contains too much cholesterol, which is not good for overall health.

What Is Slender Popcorn?

Well, there’s no excuse now thanks to Slender Popcorn. Prepared using only four ingredients, slender popcorn is a sure way to ensure that you retain your cholesterol levels if not dwindle them and is a welcome addition to any diet. This snack provides your body with much-needed nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and saturated fats just to mention a few.

Slender Popcorn Ingredients

As stated earlier, Slender Popcorn is prepared using four ingredients; namely, low-calorie popped maize, sugar, salt, and rapeseed oil. Here’s a deeper look at these ingredients and their nutritional benefits.

Rapeseed Oil

Rapeseed oil has half the amount of saturated oil found in olive oil. Also, it has the lowest levels of saturated fats for all culinary oils currently on the market. Aside from the low-fat levels, rapeseed oil also has essential omega oils (ten times more than olive oil), which are usually found in fish. As a result, this oil not only protects your organs but also provides the body with essential nutrients.

Rapeseed oil also has high levels of monosaturated fats and is an excellent source of Vitamin E. By using canola oil slender popcorn makers made this snack suitable for all diets including vegetarian, halal, and gluten-free just to mention a few.

Low Calorie Popped Maize

The fact that slender popcorn uses low calorie popped maize is enough to make health enthusiasts opt for this snack over any other on the market. Health benefits of this ingredient range from enhanced digestion to the stripping of excess cholesterol levels, cancer prevention, weight loss, and regulating blood sugar.

Low calorie popped maize also contains powerful antioxidants which come in handy when trying to counteract the effects of aging. Yes, slender popcorn can help fight free radicals, which cause wrinkles, weak muscles, a decline in your cognitive function, and in severe instances, cancer. This ingredient also helps prevent hair loss and can contribute to avoiding diseases such as Alzheimer and dementia.

The sugar and salt used to complete this delicious snack add flavor to make slender popcorn the ultimate filing and light snack. This product is also soy, gluten, and lactose-free, which comes as good news for people who have diabetes.

Slender Popcorn Conclusion

Very few snacks have the ability to help you maintain a toned physique. Slender Popcorn not only helps you maintain but also achieve your fitness goals. Not to mention, it is very affordable and leaves a delicious taste in your mouth that will leave you craving some more popcorn.

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