Sleeping Beauty Diet – Dr. Michael Breus Healthy Eating Plan?


What Is the Sleeping Beauty Diet?

The Sleeping Beauty Diet is a fad diet that majorly focuses on sleep. The idea behind this approach is that one needs to sleep for long periods. During sleep, one cannot eat.

The diet program helps one to avoid consuming a lot of calories that lead to weight gain. The plan recommends one to try to sleep as much as possible. Instead of eating food, just go to your room and have some sleep.

The sleeping beauty diet is not a diet as one may think. It does not recommend the diet one should eat to avoid gaining weight. Rather, it prescribes a general avoidance of eating and a whole lot of sleeping. The weight loss program recommends the use of sedatives, but most of the medications require a prescription from a qualified medical doctor.

The problem with this recommendation is that if one feels hungry, they will hardly fall asleep. The hunger is also likely to disrupt the sleep. Individuals can also use sedatives to help them sleep longer. The use of sedatives is however associated with many risks such as over-reliance which may lead to abuse.

The overuse of sedatives can also lead to some health problems such as brain damage. Many people who intend to lose weight have turned to the sleeping beauty diet because of its ability to force the body to burn calories that are stored in the cells.

However, there is limited scientific explanation on the safety and effectiveness of the sleeping beauty diet. It may also lead to interference with an individual’s social life in a negative manner.

How To Follow The Sleeping Beauty Diet

The Sleeping Beauty Diet involves two approaches. One of the approaches involves trying to catch sleep as much as possible. During sleep, one cannot eat calories that may lead to weight gain. However, this may become a problem when one tries to sleep on an empty stomach.

The other approach involves the use of sedatives to help one sleep for longer hours. Sedatives will also help the person to catch sleep faster. However, many health issues are associated with regular use of sedatives. One of the most common effects of prolonged usage of sedatives is brain damage.

Research has been conducted to find out the relationship between sleep hormones in the body and weight loss. The sleeping beauty diet is explained based on this relationship. However, there is not sufficient scientific literature to support the claim.

Benefits Of The Sleeping Beauty Diet

The sleeping beauty diet will force the body to burn the excess calories that are stored in the body. When the excess calories get burnt, one gets to lose the excess weight. One does not consume calories during sleep, and there is no hassle of counting calories.

The sleeping beauty diet also enables one to catch sleep that they have been missing. The use of sedatives allows one to fall asleep faster and for longer hours.

The sleeping beauty diet allows one to lose weight without having to attend the gym. One only needs to sleep to cut the excess weight.

Risks Associated With The Sleeping Beauty Diet

The use of sedative pills is known to be harmful to the body. Forcing oneself to fall asleep on an empty stomach may also lead to adverse effects on the body. The type of sedative medications that are recommended can be potentially harmful to the user. The diet does not clarify on how long the pills should be used to get results.

There is no scientific backing of the effectiveness of the diet. There are claims made about the diet without any proof. The inability to fall asleep on an empty stomach and the potential addictiveness of the sedative pills makes the weight loss diet a poor diet.

One is likely to start abusing sedative pills once they develop tolerance to their effects. Abusing sedatives is associated with addiction and causes other harmful effects to the body.

The sedative pills are only recommended for short-term use due to the adverse effects associated with them. Physical dependence may develop which is harmful to internal organs such as the liver and brain. Scientifically, no medical allowance permits the use of these pills with the goal of preventing hunger.

Studies have also linked oversleeping to medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and increased risk of death. Other studies have also linked sleeping too much to obesity. Although the Sleeping Beauty Diet is designed to help one lose weight, there is still an issue with serious health problems including the potential of becoming obese.

WebMD likens the sleeping beauty diet to an eating disorder. According to WebMD, eating little to no food could lead to short-term weight loss. However, the risks that may result from this method outweigh its benefits.

The sleeping beauty diet leads to an interference with the normal sleep-wake cycle. The sedative pills interfere with the proper functioning of sleep hormones, and one may experience headaches, visual hallucinations, and loss of balance. One may also develop mood swings and an impaired speech and cognitive ability.

The diet does not have any nutritional value to the user. It requires the body to rely on nutrients such as proteins and fats that are stored in the body.

The sleeping beauty diet is also associated with social implications to the user. Sleeping all the time limits an individual’s time to see friends and live their normal lives.

Sleeping Beauty Diet Review Summary

There is very limited information that describes the sleeping beauty diet. The origin of the weight loss diet is still unknown, and its considerations are not well known. The information about the source of the diet is questionable.

The only source of information is a novel that talks about people with eating disorders. The dieting method just requires one to sedate themselves with either sleeping pills or force themselves to fall asleep.

Scientists have revealed that fasting slows metabolism and it can lead to weight gain in the long run. The weight that is lost during fasting results from water weight and muscle. The method does not encourage the breakdown of fats.

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