Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator – Smart Touchscreen Food Manager?


The refrigerator is a central point of family life. Food is an essential part of life in the home of any family, and as the most frequently visited feature outside of the bed or bathroom, a refrigerator is one of the most important elements for keeping in touch with loved ones and sharing news.

Fridge magnets, post it notes, shopping lists and favorite art class work, the refrigerator bonds a family together through food and communication. The nature of sharing information through the fridge door, however, hasn’t changed since the invention of coolers themselves. Despite advances in technology in almost every other home appliance imaginable, the refrigerator has remained steadfastly and stoically analogue.

About Samsung

Samsung, an international leader in the home electronics and appliance market, have taken a fresh approach to the design and implementation of new technology into this age old appliance. A refrigerator represents a significant financial investment for any family, and despite the high price point of modern fridges, they remain devoid of new features or additional value.

Samsung, in an innovative move, has modernized the family fridge with a new product that streamlines the dynamic of kitchen communication. Many families now have calendars, televisions and digital picture frames in their kitchens in order to keep each other updated on their movements, entertain guests, show off pictures and plan for vacations.

Tablets and computers are now used in conjunction with wireless speakers to cook along with recipe videos or listen to music while in the culinary zone, requiring an array of kitchen clutter than most smaller homes don’t have the space for.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

The new Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is a revolutionary and groundbreaking development in refrigeration technology that takes all of the aforementioned functions and more and combines them into a smart fridge of the like the world has never seen.

With an array of innovative functions and abilities, the Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator redefines the kitchen environment to streamline family life and communication. In this article we’ll take a close look at the design philosophy behind the Family Hub and provide a breakdown of it’s key features and benefits to help you decide whether this game changing appliance is right for your home.

Design & Construction

Constructed from high quality kitchen grade stainless steel available in either black or polished raw steel, the Samsung Family Hub is available in both counter depth or standard depth. With a 35 inch width and 71 inch height and a depth of either 34 inches in the standard size or 28 in the counter size, this family fridge is large enough to store all of the groceries and foodstuffs required for a family of any size.

The energy star rating of the Samsung Family Hub fridge provides high power efficiency that beats out almost every single competitor, lowering power bills and maintenance costs, while each individual refrigerator manufactured by Samsung is covered by an extensive warranty and serviced for the duration of the appliance lifetime by Elite Service, one of the highest quality maintenance companies in the world.

The defining feature of the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is a striking and vivid high resolution touch screen display on the exterior right door panel. Almost the size of a family television, the touchscreen panel is shatterproof and water resistant, easy to clean and smudge resistant. Families are able to access a wide range of features through this interactive feature, which defines the family communication applications of the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator.

The Family Hub can be connected to every smartphone in the family to keep everybody updated, and even has three cameras that take a picture of the interior of the fridge that can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time to help families know exactly what groceries they have, a lifesaver in unplanned grocery shopping trips and recipe planning. Complete with an ice dispenser and mounted in a sleek beveled frame, the Samsung Family Hub creates a definitive feature of opulence and togetherness in any family kitchen.

Key Features of the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

The key factor in the integration of the Samsung Family Hub is connectivity. Families are able to use the massive high definition touch screen to sync everybody’s calendar to the Hub to keep on top of each other’s actions and plan ahead, Send notes and reminders to each other both via the Samsung Hub itself and their smartphones, and integrate with popular note sharing apps like Sticki. Photos can be displayed for the pleasure of both family and guests as screensavers and backgrounds on the Hub, and users can even stream television programs, music, television programs and recipe videos to the Hub for easy viewing and listening in the kitchen.

A suite of apps provide integration directly into Samsung Hub Family Refrigerator, such as Pandora and Tunein for syncing your favorite playlists, TV mirroring apps, Internet Browser for quick access to recipes and information, and weather forecasts. Custom Flexzone cooling allows users to choose between 5 customizable cooling settings, and a triple cooling system uses three separate evaporators for precise temperature and humidity control.

The View Inside app allows family members to check the inside of the fridge from anywhere, while Groceries by Mastercard even allows the Samsung Hub to order food for your entire home without even leaving the house. Allrecipes provides instant access to millions of user and expert created recipes, and a Shopping List app allows families to create lists of groceries needed on the fly. The Samsung Family Hub is the most advanced smart refrigerator solution ever offered on the consumer market.

Samsung Family Hub – The Verdict

If you’re looking for Bugatti-level refrigeration engineering for your family at a reasonable price point, with technology that brings your family closer together instead of further apart, in a solution that streamlines family life and makes the process of meal planning infinitely easier, the Samsung Family Hub is the perfect appliance for you.

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is available from retailers both across the United States and Worldwide, with price points starting at $5,599.99 USD.


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