Rio Tropical Drinks – Real Fruit Juice Sparkling Spring Water?


Even with all the beverages we have available in the market, it is still nearly impossible to find one that is not simply loaded with sugars and carbs. The quest to find a drink that is not only tasty, but also contains good nutritious qualities is hard to come by. To give you an example of what the present scenario is like, let us look at a regular bottle of coca cola. This bottle contains 600 ml of the solution and contributes nearly 200 calories to our bodies upon consumption.

While this number looks fair, if were to delve in a bit deeper and see specific compositional values, we can see that a single serving of this beverage contributes towards more than 60% of our daily sugar needs. If we think about it, that is really risky, because during the course of our day, we tend to snack on countless sugary items. Therefore, by the end of the day, we usually end up exceeding our sugar, fat, carb intake in excess of 200-300%.

This is where ‘health oriented beverages’ come in. They aim to serve not only as source of good taste but contain within them fruit extracts, minerals, vitamins to help compensate for any internal deficiencies that might have developed unknowingly in an individual's body.

Also, many of the high quality products in this segment refrain from using too much sugar. Instead, the often employ sucralose, glucose extracts which are more easily digestible, and can be harvested much more efficiently by our internal systems.

About Rio Tropical Drinks

Rio Tropical Drinks is an all new range of ‘health based soft drinks’ that aim to not only provide good taste but also contain within them special extracts that have been found to optimise the inner workings of our bodies.

All of the added agents have been found to be clinically safe, and users may wish to check out some studies that have been done in relation to the various ingredients to get some peace of mind. Some of the key features of all Rio variants include:

  • Natural: as mentioned earlier, the beverages contain within them freshly extracted fruit solutions, light sparkling water and essential vitamins and minerals. The aforementioned compounds are all highly ‘biocompatible’ with human bodies, and thus can provide almost immediate benefits.
  • Safe: unlike other soft drinks which are loaded with sugar, Rio has been consciously crafted to possess low sugar content. Thus, parents can be a bit more carefree when serving this beverage to their kinds.
  • Quality: all of the manufacturing is done in units that have been certified by relevant authorities. Similarly, the facilities are governed in accordance with the international guidelines set forth by the GMP.

Rio Tropical Drinks Range

Rio Tropical

As the name suggests, this drink contains a whole host of tropical fruits that are accustomed to growing in sunny, humid conditions. The primary ingredients include Guava, Apricot, Mango, Orange and Passion Fruit. All of the aforementioned fruits have been clinically studied and found to possess amazing antioxidative qualities.Thus, users can reap a host of cleansing benefits through the use of this beverage.

Lastly, there has been vitamin C added to the mix. Vitamin C is essential for the maintenance of our internal systems, as well as increasing our overall productivity. 24 cans of 330ml capacity each have been priced at £15.70

Rio Citrus

As is evident, this mix has a zesty/ tangy flavour that has been formulated through the use of natural lemons and oranges. It is a highly impactful flavour which apart from being tasty, also has its medicinal benefits. Some of the core uses of this potent combination include increased detox capacity, enhanced toxin removal, better skin, enhanced complexion.

The solution has been prepared in ‘lightly sparkling water’ which allows for a bubbly sensation, and creates a sense of fullness within our tummies. Like the Tropical variant, a container (24 cans) has been priced at £15.70.

Rio Tropical Light

This is just a lighter variant of the aforementioned ‘Tropical Flavour’. It contains all of the goodness of many fruits like orange, mango, guava without the extra punch of flavour. It is lightly sweetened, and is perfect to sip upon as an appetiser or along with a meal. 24 cans of 330ml each are available for £15.70.

Rio Tropical Drinks Pricing and Availability

The pricing has been clearly described above, however in terms of order placement. Users can purchase Rio Tropical Drinks and quantity though the manufacturers website.

There is free delivery within the UK, and payments can be done using a host of safe means like PayPal, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB, Visa.

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