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While Priority One Vitamins lacks an official About page on their website, they do appear to be an established company. Their FAQ page addresses an array of questions and confirms that all products, unless noted otherwise, are gluten-free and that most all of them are vegetarian. While they don’t carry any vegan products, they do make high-quality supplements that are up-to-date with the FDA’s labeling guidelines.

Some consumers are upset that they no longer offer expiration dates on their packaging, although they say that is due to new stability testing requirements. They also explain that they have not changed their formulas, but long-time users of Priority One Vitamins may notice more ingredients in the products they are using since the FDA recently required all supplement manufacturers to fully disclose everything that goes into a product, no matter how minute, which is good news for consumers.

While they are not a certified vegan company, they have addressed the issue of Genetically Modified ingredients. Confusingly, they state all of their products carry the non-GMO label although they are still “working diligently with our o=sources to establish this status” which can be seen as quite misleading. In their words, they say they are actually 99% GMO free since they can’t verify the GMO status of the other 1% of ingredients. Additionally, they explain that a few of their products contain soy only because of how they source ingredients. They say a component of an ingredient may contain a small amount of soy, but they do not add it themselves. They also list all eight major allergens when their products contain them.

They seem to have a large range of products, although consumers have adjusted a couple problems with some of their most popular. For example, they offer a Complete Daily vitamin that lacks any Vitamin C, which they explain is because they couldn’t fit a daily dose of Vitamin C into the capsule along with everything else. Priority One Vitamins does do heavy metal testing for all of their end products, testing for arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. They say they have a third-party lab carry out these tests.

Their FAQ section seems to be primarily oriented towards consumer questions regarding ingredient and packaging changes, but they assure everyone they have not made any changes to the actual products, just updates to how they list the contents.

About Priority One Vitamins

Priority One Vitamins makes a variety of supplements, most of which are gluten-free and vegetarian. Their top sellers include Gaba 500, Immuno Caps, L-Lysine, Thymus, and Thyroid capsules. Prices range from $16 a bottle to $70+ a bottle. They display the complete Supplement Facts for each product on their website in addition to describing what the potential uses are. They also tell you where certain ingredients are sourced from, some coming from France, others New Zealand, along with a variety of other places.

They do not have an actual reviewing system on their website, nor a testimonials page. They are easy to reach and link to all their social media presences, which seem to be fairly active and somewhat popular. At the time of writing, they listed multiple upcoming events on their Facebook page and had fairly recent posts to their social media accounts. Their Facebook page seems to be another way to reach them directly if you have an issue you’d like resolved. While their page isn’t exactly popular, they do have a few thousand followers on each platform and a few people seem to be regularly interacting with the content, which is a good sign that they are a reliable company.

Since Priority One Vitamins says that quality and purity are their priority, they devote a lot of their media space to integrity and their company values. Each product catalog comes with a section devoted to this. Their mission statement is “Never trade morals for your goals” and their social media profiles say they were established in 1988.

They sell over 150 different products in all both directly on their website. They also offer an affiliate program, which explains why so many other websites have begun marketing their products through testimonials, reviews, and e-shops. Other websites do sell the Priority One name, including Lucky Vitamin and Amazon. Prices seem to be pretty comparable amongst retailers, and the Amazon reviews for their products seem genuine while slightly mixed.

For instance, their Zinc Orotate has 42 reviews averaging 4.0 out of 5 stars. 71% of reviewers gave it a full five while 10% gave it 4, 2% gave it 3, and 17% gave it just 1 star, mostly complaining that the expiration date is past due. However, as the FAQ section of Priority One Vitamins has clarified, they no longer list expiration dates because they do not have the means of carrying out stability testing. That means previous expiration dates may not have been accurate, and new stock will not have any expiration date listed at all. This can lead to problems for some consumers.

Finally, Priority One Vitamins allows people purchasing directly to setup an automated schedule every 5 to 180 days. However, you have to be a registered user in order for the “Add to cart” button to appear, although you can view all the products and their pricing without signing up. Shipping costs are unknown and may vary by region. Lastly, signing up for their mailing list may lead to coupons.

Priority One Vitamins Benefits

The benefits of supplements clearly remain unproven no matter which brand you’re buying from, however, you’ll find the overall benefits of shopping from Priority One Vitamins are extensive. First off, customer support is responsive and there are many ways to reach out if needed. Additionally, they have active social media presences and they have been established since 1988. Being that they are available in many different stores, it won’t be hard to get your hands on a Priority One branded product, although recently labeling changes have thrown off some long-time customers. They make their reference guide and catalog available on their website and they also provide an index of all the categories, which is great for locating any one of their 150+ products.

They have a wide selection and their automatic ordering feature could come in handy if you find it hard to keep track of all the different supplements you’re taking. By registering and buying directly on their website, you can save time ordering in the future by simply setting up their automatic ordering feature.

There may be coupon available in you sign up for their mailing list, and if you’re interested in reading about healthy living in general, they do have a blog where they make all sorts of relevant posts. If you’re in the area, they also list upcoming events on their Facebook page, showing they are all about community outreach and being an authority in the supplement industry.

They do advertise a couple of the doctors who formulated a few of their products, including Dr. Mona Morstein and Dr. Paul Anderson who work to make multiple formulas for Priority One. Priority One does not give an official team or founder page on their website, but they have over 29 years in the business. They do offer an affiliate program, which means some of the reviews and testimonials you find on other websites should be looked at carefully. Make sure to check if they’re using an affiliate link, which would mean they’ll make money if you buy the product through them, but that’s just a matter of doing the due diligence you’d go through buying any item online.

Most importantly, you should try the products for yourself and see if they work for you. Considering Priority One Vitamins are so popular, you shouldn’t worry about getting old stock, but if a bottle has to have an expiration date on it, reaching out to support shouldn’t be too difficult.

Priority One Vitamins Negatives

The biggest negative is that supplements cannot be proven to be accurate without further testing. This is true no matter which company you decide to purchase from, but it’s certainly something you should keep in mind as you look around Priority One Vitamins. You can likely find their brand in local stores near you and at many other sites online, and the prices seem comparable amongst all retailers—but, no money-back promise is advertised so you might want to be cautious about how many bottles you buy before you commit to more.

While the website is fully functional and allows automatic purchasing (or one-time purchasing) if you’re a registered member, there are a few minor issues. First, it looks like the questions on the FAQ page are not phrased as “Customer to Company” but rather it uses “we” in the questions as if a company head sent this to someone lower down who would be able to answer the questions. For instance, you can find the questions “Why don’t we specific which products are either vegan or gluten-free?” and “What is the correct way to answer why a product has been discontinued?” Clearly these are questions that were received by someone within the company and then rephrased and passed on to the person who wrote the FAQ section. This is no way effects the function of the website, but it does show they aren’t exactly up-to-date on the consumer experience and design.

Priority One Vitamins Review Summary

Priority One Vitamins is a well-established company with a good deal of history behind them. They are active on social media and offer many outreach events in their local area. If you’re a member of their site, direct buying will be a breeze and you can even set up automatic scheduling for your orders. If you sign up to their mailing list, you may receive a coupon every once in a while, but the prices seem comparable to that of other companies. They do display the Supplement Facts panel for every product and they also cover the source of ingredients where possible.

While their labels list non-GMO, according to their FAQ section, they can only guarantee their products are 99% non-GMO since the GMO status of the other 1% is unknown to them, although they are working to establish 100% non-GMO. They say all of their products, unless listed otherwise, are gluten-free and that most are also vegetarian. They don’t offer vegan products but they do list the major allergens to help make shopping a bit easier. If you have any questions about a product, getting in touch with customer support should be a breeze.

Priority One Vitamins offers a blog where they cover a variety of relevant topics like biofilm, supplements, and healthy living. They seem to post semi infrequently, usually about once or twice every couple months. They do share products and posts on their social media pages and they have a bit of interaction from consumers, which means among the few thousand people who follow them, they are seen as a reliable and trustworthy company that is worth supporting and interacting with publically. Although they don’t openly advertise their founders or how they came to be, they do have a slightly hidden-away section that tells a bit more about them if you go to their blog subdomain. This area explains they are a privately held and operated company.

Their slightly confusing mission statement is “Never trade morals for your goals” which is more of a motto. Perhaps a better mission statement would be their social media description: “Providing high-quality, purity, and integrity is our top priority!” which re-enforces that, as a company, they are focused on providing natural supplements that are pure and improve their consumers’ well-being. They do have a third-party testing lab with an international certificate where they do all of their hazard analysis and mitigation processes to ensure their consumers have absolute peace of mind. Lastly, they do seem to take honesty seriously. With the updated labeling standards, they now reveal every single ingredient that goes into each one of their products.

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