PR Breaker Materia

Before we get into the nitty gritty of discussing PR Breaker Materia, we should first address what a pre-workout supplement exactly is.

With the advancements made in science, we now have a host of fitness related products that can help us optimize our innate capacity to build muscle mass and increase our strength levels. Pre-workout mixes are one such class of fitness supplements.

They usually come loaded with amino derivatives and stimulant agents which help in the revamping of our inner metabolic channels.

Via an increase in the transfer of key fats and lipids into our energy centers, these supplements are able to aid in the faster breakdown of fats and increase the rate of energy production within our bodies.

Thus, these supplements can be of great benefit when coupled with a controlled dietary intake as well as a regular workout regime.

From a compositional standpoint, pre-workout mixes usually contain amino acids and potent stimulants like citrulline malate, creatine and caffeine.

All of the aforementioned compounds have been found to revamp the inner working of our metabolic pathways, so that we are able to increase our energy production rate as well as improve our overall focus and concentration levels.

Lastly, due to the stringent laws that exist these days in relation to product quality. Supplements now have to undergo various quality control measures that ensures only pure, legal ingredients are being added to these fitness products.

Thus, users can be assured that they are not ingesting anything harmful.

What Is PR Breaker Materia?

PR Breaker Materia is an all new ‘pre workout mix’ which as the name implies is a workout supplement. It helps in the release of timely energy so that users can exert themselves to the max, and thus achieve faster muscle gains.

A key aspect of PR Breaker Materia is its composition, there are many natural components in the mix which have been found to not only deliver fast results, but also help in the increase of one’s stamina and endurance levels.

All of the ingredients have been clearly delineated, thus users can read up on them and see if the product is the right choice for them or not.

PR Breaker Materia Key Benefits

Muscle Pump:

There are many active agents in the mix which help in the dilation of our circulatory channels. When there is good blood circulation, key active agents within our bodies can be distributed more easily.

This allows for faster muscle development as well as increased muscle pump.


As mentioned earlier, there are many stimulants in the mix. These compounds are known to heighten the working rate of our cellular mitochondria, thereby assisting in the release of large amounts of energy during the course of one’s workout.

This directly leads to faster gains as well as an increase in our strength and power levels.


One of the key aspects of Materia is its ability to increase the user's stamina and endurance levels. This is essentially achieved via a reduction in fatigue based signals from our muscles to our brain.

Similarly, the components of the supplement have been clinically found to prevent lactic acid buildup in our calves, muscles and spine. This results in the lowering of fatigue based syndromes.


Due to the presence of potent ingredients like caffeine and citrulline malate, the supplement is able to greatly enhance the neural working of our Central Nervous System.

These compounds are known to activate certain pathways within our neural network, thereby allowing for a faster transfer of stimuli and responses within our bodies.

This means that users can a visible increase in their overall focus, awareness and attention levels.


This is an important aspect of all workouts, but often seems to get overlooked. Materia has many ingredients that target the flow of oxygen and other compounds within our bodies.

Through this increased nutritional transfer, our muscles are able to receive more nutrition, thereby allowing for faster recovery after an intense/grueling session at the gym.

Purchasing PR Breaker Materia

PR Breaker Materia Pre Workout comes in the form of a powder. Each container possesses 20 servings of the blend and is priced at $34.99. In terms of flavor, the only variant available is Cotton Candy.

All purchases can be made directly from the online shopping portal.


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