PAGG 2.0

Fitness supplements are known the world over for producing fast and effective results. Most people who employ these capsules and pills typically see results in around three to four weeks, although for some other people it may take as long as three months to get the most out of them.

There are a variety of natural and man-made products to choose from, so it is often hard to settle on a given brand at any period of time. The good news is that there are some supplements have been on the market for a decent amount of time, and their reviews are impressive enough to find themselves a spot on this website.

One supplement that has earned itself a reputation in the world of fitness supplements is PAGG 2.0, or otherwise known as PAGG from Pareto Nutrition. These supplements have been made in the United States and feature the convenience of free shipping worldwide.

What is Pareto Nutrition’s PAGG 2.0?

Pareto Nutrition claims that PAGG 2.0 is the secret weapon that you need in order to accelerate your fat loss journey. PAGG 2.0 comes from the same company that developed the successful ‘The 4 Hour Body’ book, which allegedly contains some unconventional workout methods are guaranteed to get your burning fat faster than ever before.

Since introducing the original PAGG product nine months ago, the company has reportedly shipped thousands of bottles containing its formula. The company also states that PAGG 2.0 is an improvement on its original formula, allowing the user to swallow far less pills per day to get the same effect (from 16 pills per day down to only 4 pills per day with PAGG 2.0)

The company has also word to improve their formula in other ways, such as refining the quality of their ingredients and finding new and innovative ways to lower the user’s side effects and to increase their results.

It is apparent that Pareto Nutrition is so confident with their new PAGG weight loss stack that they are offering their customers a 110% satisfaction guarantee. What this means is that if you are not satisfied with the pills for any reason, the company will refund you your original investment, as well as any shipping and handling costs to send it back to Pareto Nutrition.

Benefits of PAGG 2.0

The company claims a number of benefits that can be expected from taking the PAGG stack from Pareto Nutrition, and they have been summarized below:

  • The PAGG stack uses capsules only for their increased bio-availability of its delivery to the user’s bloodstream. The capsules also feature optimized absorption and ingredient protection, ensuring that the user can get the full effect from the capsules. It is claimed by the company that tablets simply cannot offer the protection for the ingredients to one’s body when you need it the most.Most tablets on the market have Enteric coatings that are designed to pass through one’s stomach before being absorbed. The pills do not always work as intended however, leading to a waste of precious ingredients.
  • The main muscle building element to the PAGG 2.0 is its inclusion of ALA, which is a molecule that is vital to supporting your body’s metabolism. There are actually two types of ALA that can be found in most modern supplements: Sl-ALA and R-ALA.R-ALA is apparently 22 times more powerful than S-ALA and can only be found in nature.For this reason, the company took S-ALA out from its formula entirely, leaving you to enjoy 150mg of pure R-ALA for best results.

PAGG 2.0 Review Summary

The PAGG Stack 2.0 are part of the latest edition of supplements that are designed to control your metabolism to burn fat fast, as well building lean muscle mass in a short span of time.

The supplement can be found on the company’s website, as well as through some selected retailers that can be found online.


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