Orgazen Gold 5000

Sexual enhancers for men have made a considerable impact on the world of supplements as a whole.

There are now more sex pills and libido enhancers than ever before, and that number is set to rise with men in increasing numbers turning towards these boosters to increase their power in the bedroom.

Sexual enhancers come in all different shapes and sizes: from natural fruits and herbs that can reportedly boost one’s sexual stamina, to manmade sex pills that are loaded with artificial compounds.

With so many brands and choices of delivery available, it can be difficult to settle on a particular remedy.

The good news is that there are some valid sexual enhancers on the market, such as Orgazen Gold 5000, a supplement that has earned itself numerous positive reviews on shopping sites such as Amazon.

What is Orgazen Gold 5000?

As seen above, Orgazen Gold 5000 is a sexual enhancer that is made in the United States. The supplement reportedly offers the best of both worlds from science and nature: a 100% natural supplement that apparently delivers fast and effective results.

Users are claimed to enjoy extreme stamina in the bedroom, as well as Orgazen 5000 being a fast acting and long lasting supplement for anyone to enjoy.

Men could also enjoy rejuvenated prostate health, and without the usual symptoms of headaches of dizziness that are often attributed to sex enhancers.

Details of of Orgazen Gold 5000 by Nutra Vita Co

Orgazen Gold is a male sexual stimulant that focuses on enhancing the man’s pleasure, hardness, and stamina when between the sheets.

For best results, users are directed to take one capsule every day for three days. Nutra Vita Co’s Orgazen should be taken as a dietary supplement and not as a direct replacement for a sexual health regimen. Therefore, the results when using this supplement are not guaranteed.

It is suggested to take the capsule at least one hour before sexual activity along with a large glass of water.

It is not recommended to consume more than one capsule per 60 hours, nor is it suitable or people who are under 18 years of age.

Ingredients of Orgazen Gold 5000

The supplement contains:

  • 280mg of Epimidium Sagitatum
  • 200mg of Saw Palmetto
  • 100mg Tribuls Terrestis Extract
  • 100mg Cnidium Monniere Extract
  • 100mg Damiana Extract
  • 100mg L-Arginine
  • 60mg Vitamin E
  • 20mg Vitamin B-1
  • 20mg Vitamin B-2
  • 20mg B-6

Orgazen Gold 5000 Review Summary

It is hard to say conclusively if the claims made by the company are true. However, it can be said with a degree of certainty that the ingredients have shown some positive use in the past with men who have used similar supplements.

It should be noted that there is no money back guarantee offered with Orgazen Gold, so shoppers should carefully read the reviews posted by other shoppers before making a firm commitment to purchase.

One can easily find Orgazen Gold 5000 on Amazon for $12.99 plus another $5 or so for shipping depending on where you live.


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